In an attempt to continue her nearly 20-year reign in the U.S. Senate, Lisa Murkowski formally announced plans to seek reelection in 2022, despite strong opposition from her own party in Alaska.

Murkowski’s Nov. 12 opening campaign ad claims that while “political winds sway back and forth,” she represents “strong, principled leadership – a one-of-a-kind senator who understands our needs.” These claims will likely come under serious scrutiny given that Alaska Republicans have already rejected her candidacy, citing a betrayal of conservative principles.

In March, three quarters of the Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee voted to censure Murkowski for a litany of grievances indicating she has drifted far from the mission and vision of the GOP over the past two decades.

In the past year alone, she voted to impeach President Trump, opposed efforts to protect women’s sports from transgender biological males, voted to confirm a radical LGBTQ activist for Health and Human Services and joined Democrats to confirm anti-oil-development Deb Holland as Interior secretary. She’s also an enthusiastic supporter of Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda, which includes the right to kill unborn babies at any time and for any reason.

Despite opposition from most Alaska Republicans, Murkowski initial campaign ad asserts she has “earned the respect of her colleagues in both parties,” and claims she is committed to “cutting through the partisan gridlock and disfunction in Washington.”

Kelly Tshibaka

Murkowski has shown to be an increasingly reliable vote for Democrats in the evenly split U.S. Senate, often times breaking with nearly all Republicans to support radical federal judges, abortion and massive left-wing spending measures like President Biden’s $1.2 trillion so-called “infrastructure bill.” She’s also the only Senate Republican to side with Democrats in support of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, a bill that would allow left-wing activists to utilize the courts and Department of Justice to stop any state or local election authority from enacting voting laws to ensure vote integrity. It would also grant the federal government the ability to interfere in political precincts and eventually federalize state and local election protocols.

Murkowski’s campaign ad makes no mention of her vote to confirm the anti-oil Holland as head of the Interior Department, but it does say Murkowski works to combat climate change while “expanding energy production” in Alaska.

As the ad draws to a close, Murkowski issues a thinly-veiled attack against her chief challenger – the self-proclaimed conservative and pro-life Kelly Tshibaka.

“In this election, Lower-48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s senate seat for their partisan agendas,” Murkowski quips. “They don’t understand our state, and frankly they couldn’t care less about your future.”

Perhaps in an acknowledgement of her shift to the political left over the past 20 years, Murkowski ends her ad claiming she will “work with anyone with either party to work to advance Alaska’s priorities.”

It’s increasingly clear, however, that Alaska Republicans no longer wish to work with her. A Change Research poll from this summer showed that 59% of Alaskans and 84% of the state’s Republicans have an unfavorable view of Murkowski.

Former President Trump has thrown his support behind Tshibaka and plans to fundraise and visit Alaska to help her defeat Murkowski. While Gov. Mike Dunleavy has not formally endorsed either candidate, he has hinted at backing Tshibaka. In March Dunleavy called Tshibaka smart and hardworking. As for Murkowski he added: “Myself and others don’t always agree with some of the decisions the senator has made.”

Whether a break with Republicans will ultimately derail Murkowski’s bid for a fourth term remains to be seen. Many believe that Alaska’s new ranked choice voting scheme may benefit her, as it does away with all party primaries in favor of a nonpartisan scheme in which the top four candidates go on to the general election. This allows Murkowski to avoid a Republican primary challenge and gives her the chance to draw upon Democratic, Independent and Undeclared voters in order to advance to the general election as one of the top four vote getters.

Once the top four candidates make it out of the primary, voters will then vote on their first, second, third and fourth place choices in the general election. If one candidate wins a majority of first place votes, they are the automatic winner. If, however, no candidate wins a majority of first-place votes, the candidate with the fewest first place votes is eliminated and all their second-place votes are doled out to the remaining candidates. This process continues until one candidate wins a majority of votes.

In such a scenario, Murkowski could draw a considerable number of second choice votes from Democrats and other liberal leaning voters to cobble together a majority. To date, Murkowski has won three terms as a U.S. senator without ever winning a majority of the vote. She took 48.6% of the vote in 2004, 39.5% in 2010, and 44.4% in 2016.

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Murkowski’s 1st campaign ad brags about working with Democrats

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Greg in Homer says:

    Murkowski is a Democrat at heart. She does not represent the majority of Alaskans and should lose in next year’s election. Unfortunately, Alaska agreed to use the complicated “Ranked Choice” voting system in our elections, so it is certain she will get reelected. She will likely be everybody’s last choice in the ranking but thru the same miracle of election dis-integrity that was used in the 2020 presidential election, she will probably win. Donate to Kelly Tshibaka and let’s hope Kelly does well enough to overcome the coming election irregularities. The only way to keep Dems from stealing an election is to have an overwhelming number of legal votes for the opposition candidate. Make it hard for them to steal!

    • john otness says:

      I truly do not believe Alaskans voted in Ranked choice… Dominion decided that fate.

      • Arctic Blast says:

        John, I agree with you 100%….. the BM # 2 was rigged….. the whole way it happened with it failing , then a narrowing margin, then a small flip…. with a total number of votes cast more than Biden + Trump combined … it is beyond suspicious… it was fraud for any unbiased intelligent person to conclude… I am sure it was “passed” for exactly this reason to get Murkowski re-elected. BTW, the Dominion software & Machine purchase was made under the direction of Kevin Meyer & AGAINST the advice of the SOA IT Department. Little wonder he never addressed my evidence of vastly inflated voter roll …. more registered voters (Including minors / PFD recipients than there are residents in the state….

      • Elizabeth Henry says:


      • Vonda Sanders says:


  • john otness says:


  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    To distribute VOTES to other candidates is UNCONSITUTIONAL ! When will our ASC rule as such ? They have already rule on Voting Rules in 2020 that allowed no witness of absentee votes , usurping legislative requirement(s) unlawfully ! Lisa MUST GO AWAY ! So should some ASC Judges !

  • Theresa says:

    God have mercy on us, we need to Oust Murkowski!

  • Penny Seliger says:

    Just the headline tells me something about her that I already knew! I don’t need to read it as she is a DEMOCRAT, but won’t admit to it because Alaska as a whole does not support Democrats. GO KELLY TSHIBAKA! We need you in the Senate working for the hard working Alaskans!

  • Dean says:

    Comments are turned off for her video. I wonder why? For Lisa Murkowski “advancing Alaska’s priorities” means to attract and direct as much Federal money into the state of Alaska as possible– regardless of the strings, no matter the societal cost. I have no doubt she “will work with anyone, from any party” to ensure this happens. Alaska is not a state in Lisa Murkowski’s mind; Alaska is a colony of the Federal Government. And she will do whatever it takes to keep her place and to ensure Alaska’s diverse citizens are beholden to the same people she is.

  • Dee Cee says:

    I’d vote for Kelly just for her hair!!! That woman makes me want extensions! An ass-kicking’ pro-lifer who makes it look good. Boo yah!

  • john otness says:

    The hammer of Special Prosecutor John Durham is falling on the Steele Dossier lie devised by Hillary Clinton, The Communist within our Govt
    are sweating Bullets… First was Micheal Sussman Perkins Coie Attorney. then Igor Danchenko Charles Dolan and Jake Sullivan all Hillary Henchmen Obama is in this thicket of. evil also. But this all leads to Hillary and once the demon Queen falls then the undercover communists
    that feigned as Republicans will all be arrested and charged,,, Take heart Alaskans this evil is being purged.

  • steve says:

    What happens in Rank Choice Voting if everyone refuses to choose a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice?

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    “In this election, Lower-48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s senate seat for their partisan agendas,
    “Murkowski quips. “They don’t understand our state, and frankly they couldn’t care less about your future.”
    When did you Ever care about Alaska, you just care about yourself.
    It’s time for you to go swamp scum.
    Rank choice voting is stealing
    I did not vote for the # 2 person, I voted for my choice. So what does this mean I get four Votes more lies and cheating. One vote in person with ID
    What don’t our standing small governor get. Look into the last election on this rank choice voting.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    So in the next election watch and see. The losers will be telling you how to fill out your ballot. Lisa #2, Lisa #3, Lisa #4 she wins
    It’s so WRONG

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    I have never voted, that’s right. I have NEVER voted for this crazy person Lisa
    And I’m a strong conservative super voter

  • jh says:

    (crazy shifty eyes like Adam Schiff)

  • jh says:

    I heard there are several truck drivers in Alaska running for the republican Senate Seat …

  • jh says:

    Americans are “fed up with THE FAILING BIDEN/BRANDON ADMINISTRATION, and their terrible Democrat Socialist Infrastructure plan.
    Americans are fed up with inflation and fed up with their kids being indoctrinated in their schools, and they’re fed up with defunding the police.
    Americans are fed up with Joe Biden and his democrat socialist party!

  • Steve says:

    Lisa is so out of touch she would brag about working with communist China.

  • Andy says:

    Alaska doesn’t want you, you’ve shown us what RINO’s do best, traitor.

  • NAV says:

    Reckoning is coming for zink and Murkowski

  • steve says:

    Look, lipstick on a PIG.

  • Marlene C. says:

    My husband and myself have never supported or voted for Murkowski. She is a disgrace to Alaska and the Republican party. She has a constant ugly frown and we all know from previous campaigns how she will will say and do anything she can to make those running against her lose. She even changes the spelling of her name to confuse the voters. She is a Biden/Harris/Pelosi lover and Alaska doesn’t need or deserve her.

  • jh says:

    She is on Trump’s hit list, she will not win

  • NC says:

    I won’t reflect on going back on my bad deeds of voting Lisa! Being one stuck in that ALASKA box!
    Remember NC! WRITE IN KELLY!