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A friend of mine is taking online courses through the University of Alaska. The program has worked well for her since she lives in a rural community. But this year is different. Her course is now actively pushing Marxism and encouraging socialism.

This has been happening across the nation for years, but Alaskans need know that the enemy is not only in Washington D.C. or China. The struggle is right here in Alaska, where our young people are being turned against the very values our ancestors bravely fought to defend.

This generation is being taught the “virtues” of socialized medicine even though foreigners who arrive here from other nations will tell you bluntly that socialized medicine leads to more deaths as people wait months, sometimes years, to see a doctor. And with socialized medicine, you can forget about second opinions.

We must equip college students to understand the future by analyzing the past, including the dark end where tyrannical governments eventually lead

I just testified to our own Alaska Medical Board in defense of doctors whose licenses are being threatened because they utilize early treatment options for Covid, which has actually saved lives.

According to their own records, these physicians had far less patients admitted to hospitals than doctors who refused to aggressively treat Covid with early interventions.

Socialized medicine ends second opinions and alternative options, yet our college students are taught that American values like liberty and medical freedom are wrong and that it’s better to concede control and let government bureaucrats tell us how to live our lives.

Soon, these students will run the country!

Some students, however, – and even staff – in Alaska’s university system do cherish the Constitution and want to defend it, but they feel alone and are often afraid of speaking out.

In response to this, conservative student groups are beginning to form. As they grow, my hope is that they encourage one another to speak up in defending our natural law freedoms granted to us by God. One such group here is Alaska is called Arctic Students for Life.

In reality, it’s too bad that it’s come to this. Alaskan students should not have to fight ideological battles amid their studies, while also living miles away from their families. This is supposed to be a free country with schools that promote our liberties while encouraging the next generation to protect and defend them.

We mustn’t turn our backs on these schools. Ask your kids what they’re learning and teach them the stories of our ancestors who spilt their blood to secure a bright and free future for generations to follow.

We must equip college students to understand the future by analyzing the past, including the dark end where tyrannical governments eventually lead. Please support conservative campus groups which are taking a stand for truth. Their efforts can set the stage for another promising generation of constitution-loving citizens. 

Of all the generations of mankind, God picked us for this particular time. I see it as an honor that he chose us to shine his light, and to love to others during such a critical era. He has strengthened us for the task at hand. Let us go forth to meet it.

The views expressed here are those of the author.


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Alaskans must support courageous college groups that stand and defend the truth

Pamala Samash
Pamala Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She currently serves on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is the president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.