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The latest weekly Covid clinical update from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services begins by warning Alaskans that the state is in the “throes of the Omicron surge” with the highest per capita Covid case rate in the nation. It omits, however, the fact that Alaska’s death rate is the very lowest among all 50 states.

A study of more than 752,000 California residents finds that previous infection with Covid is associated with far less incidence of Covid related hazards.

Sent out on Feb. 3, the state health department’s email cited a New York Times report from the same day which compared case rates across all states. The same Times article, however, also reveals that despite surging cases, Alaskans are nearly four times less likely to die from the virus.

The Times report looked at data from the past seven days in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Alaska had 0.21 deaths per 100,000 people and an average daily death count of 1.6. The highest death rate was in Mississippi with a 1.9 deaths per 100,000 people and an average of 56.6 deaths per day.

Also included in the Alaska health department’s Feb. 3 email were findings from a recent study of more than 1.1 million California and New York residents, which found that previous infection with Covid is by far the greatest indicator of protection against Covid related illness.

A study of more than 355,000 New York residents finds that previous infection with Covid is associated with far less incidence of Covid related hazards.

The study compared adults aged 18 years and older who were

1) Unvaccinated with no previous confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis

2) Vaccinated with no previous COVID-19 diagnosis

3) Unvaccinated with a previous COVID-19 diagnosis

4) Vaccinated with a previous COVID-19 diagnosis

While the unvaccinated and not previously infected had a much higher rate of Covid-19 incidence and hospitalization, there was virtually zero differences between the vaxxed or unvaxxed who had already had the virus. Both of these previously infected groups were by far the least likely to be impacted by hospitalization or Covid incidence.

Despite these findings, suggesting that natural immunity provides substantial protection against Covid illnesses, the Alaska health department’s email is filled with repeated recommendations that young children, pregnant women and the general population get the experimental shot.

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State warns that Alaska tops U.S. in case rates but omits that death rates are lowest

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Opus says:

    And since the PCR “test” is not really capable of identifying specific viruses, the statistical data can be whatever they want it to be. Counting “cases” is meaningless.
    propaganda |ˌpräpəˈgandə|
    1 chiefly derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view: he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda.
    • the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary.

  • SJJR says:

    Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case 

    Below is a breakdown of how much funding per COVID-19 case each state will receive from the first $30 billion in aid. Kaiser Health News used a state breakdown provided to the House Ways and Means Committee by HHS along with COVID-19 cases tabulated by The New York Times for its analysis. 

    $158,000 per COVID-19 case 
    District of Columbia
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

    • Theresa says:

      $306,000 per CASE?!
      And where does that money go?
      To “the state” to pay for relentless radio advertising for the jabs? To the hospitals to help pay for all the unused, already-paid for ventilators?
      What an egregious cash cow.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    What ever happened to the good old common FLU
    It just magically went away.
    Ok all you afraid sheep you stay home and hide from something you can’t control. Watch more CNN and get really scared. The sky is Falling.
    PS the shot does not work.

  • Theresa says:

    Different parts of the nation hit their peak illness rates at different times, every year. Florida’s flu season is different from Alaska’s.
    We have also just been inundated with China Joe’s boatload of Chinese-manufactured home testing kits, which are clearly serving their purpose.
    If you’d like to see “cases” go down, stop testing yourself every week, every sniffle.

  • Ralph says:

    When you get paid to label a death for something that it isn’t…… yea, the problem people are in our hospitals too.
    Our Schools.
    Big Pharma.
    Local Governing Bodies.
    -Where is the Tar and Feathers??

  • SJJR says:

    Numerous epidemiological experts have argued that cycle thresholds are an important metric by which patients, the public, and policymakers can make more informed decisions about how infectious and/or sick an individual with a positive COVID-19 test might be. However, as JustTheNews reports, health departments across the country are failing to collect that data.

    Here are a few headlines from those experts and scientific studies:

    1. Experts compiled three datasets with officials from the states of Massachusetts, New York and Nevada that conclude:“Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus.”

    2. The Wadworth Center, a New York State laboratory, analyzed the results of its July tests at the request of the NYT: 794 positive tests with a Ct of 40: “With a Ct threshold of 35, approximately half of these PCR tests would no longer be considered positive,” said the NYT. “And about 70% would no longer be considered positive with a Ct of 30! “

    3. An appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful.

    4. A new study from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, found that at 25 cycles of amplification, 70% of PCR test “positives” are not “cases” since the virus cannot be cultured, it’s dead. And by 35: 97% of the positives are non-clinical.

    5. PCR is not testing for disease, it’s testing for a specific RNA pattern and this is the key pivot. When you crank it up to 25, 70% of the positive results are not really “positives” in any clinical sense, since it cannot make you or anyone else sick

    So, in summary, with regard to our current “casedemic”, positive tests as they are counted today do not indicate a “case” of anything. They indicate that viral RNA was found in a nasal swab. It may be enough to make you sick, but according to the New York Times and their experts, probably won’t. And certainly not sufficient replication of the virus to make anyone else sick. But you will be sent home for ten days anyway, even if you never have a sniffle. And this is the number the media breathlessly reports… and is used to fearmonger mask mandates and lockdowns nationwide…

  • Michael Hughes says:


  • Di says:

    These figures that DHHS and Gov Dunleavy is supporting along with the medical community is absolutely bogus. DHHS and the rogue medical community want to create fear and in doing so you all will accept the new plans for DHHS to be split for the purpose of more drs and nurses and treatment centers to satisfy long term plans for assisted care living and treatment and new types of research groups to find a home. You see, we have the PFD corporation and since Dunleavy has been governor, the wack job DHHS commissioner has been breathless with the possibility he may have the opportunity to spend billions to split DHHS and hire drs, nurses and more drs and nurses. Dunleavy even gave the UAA an additional 200 million dollars for a bigger school for nursing. Outside of the fact that the UAA is deeply in bad debt, can’t pull itself out and needs certification to stay in a working capacity. So with that additional funds, UAA will receive from the PFD budget 350 million, UAf the same old 100 million and uas a possible 50 to 90 milliion. That is not to say that the matching money is out of posket students and parents, federal loan money and any scholarships and research grants or moneys per student. It doesn’t matter that students are going south, students from UA sustem are deeper in debt than other universities to the tune of over 20 million in loan moneys. With Parnell in as Chancellor, don’t hld your breath. He is the main reason for the bad debt from the time of the new Alaska Airlines building and the least of your PFD checks. So, an additional amount of money for a school for nursing is not going to cut it. The bigger the bogus scene and numbers on cases the more fear you have to go out the door and go to work or fly to wherever you have to be. It creates stressed homes and communities. Case numbers are out the dooe in huge numbers all of a sudden.

  • Natural Alaskan says:

    Thousands of Americans die each year from overexposure to Dihydrous Monoxide. A survey revealed that many people wanted the government to ban the chemical, better known as H2O, or water. With a population that stupid, what are the chances that common sense will prevail with Covid-19?

  • Andy says:

    They can take their vax and stick it.