June 11 is the final voting day for the ranked choice special primary to replace the late Congressman Don Young in the U.S. House or Representatives.  Alaska is a poor match for Democrats (against oil, against mining, against roads, against timber, against freeing the talented Alaska Natives to create industries for Alaska).  Therefore, I suspect Alaska will have a Republican replace the Republican Don Young.

Republicans are the party of families, industry, cheaper gas, lower grocery bills and small business.

Big business, big tech, big hospital, and big pharma are firmly in the Democrat cabal, so Republicans will need to convince one group at a time to support a strong America and strong families – and they’ll need to marshal a liberty minded populace to vote for them.  I think there is a definite contingent (an operational majority) of center-right folks who see the current disaster in our schools, media, culture and economy as mainly the fault of Democrats.

If you are wondering what I think of the candidates, I’ll tell you.  But only since you asked.

Sarah Palin is someone I consider a friend.  I helped her campaign for 800 hours for governor, was her education lead, ran her war room and helped to write her inaugural speech in Fairbanks.  She is a wonderful person, and I believed in her even after it was proven that she was more of a mothering influence than a conservative one. I don’t think she is reflexively liberal in any way, but I still think she works her way to conservative values through experience, and as a last resort. She is pro-life, and someone to be emulated in that regard.

John Coghill is a traditional conservative who has done an average job in leading the conservative fight.  He’s a good man, a solid person to ask advice from, and someone who I would trust with my family safety and guidance in the worst of times.

Tara Sweeney is a fairly translucent populist with strong left leanings.  She is Republican only in the sense that she worked for Don Young, and believes in some way that Alaska will be harmed by Democrat control of the state at the federal level.  Her answer as to whether we should protect women sports from those who believe themselves transgendered was the standard leftist position.  I would never vote for her, as I don’t trust her to resist organizing with the Democrats, but she is interesting in her understanding of the threat they pose.

Nicholas J. Begich III is a surprise in the most shocking of ways.  His story is almost unbelievable. His mental acuity is palpable. His tie to strong conservative values is his hallmark.  Every major conservative is backing him.  It is not because they are confused.  His sin was to back Ethan Berkowitz over Amy Demboski for Anchorage mayor.  My explanation of this, in the face of his obvious conservative positions on every major issue, is a simple one, and I’m sure it won’t assuage many of my friends.  The mayor of Anchorage is an executive position.  The executive must govern with the help of a broad and powerful team of executive folks.  I believe that Nick didn’t trust Amy’s abilities, or her team.  I just can’t understand what else would have led him to vote for Berkowitz.  Nick is conservative. He’s smart, pro-life, a clear thinker, and he is backed by conservative after conservative (even those who supported Demboski).

Josh Revak is perhaps the most confusing of candidates for me.  I have met Josh dozens of times.  He has sat in the Republican District meetings with me. I have questioned him closely and challenged him to be at least as conservative as the liberals are liberal.  In the end, that is the measure of a legislator, is it not? I believe Josh is overwhelmed by the powers that control a House member’s purse – the number of organizations that rely on government largesse for support and the robber-barons who interact with our federal government on a daily basis. Why vote for public funding of abortion? Why! I don’t understand it. What could have caused such a dramatic change in perspective, direction and belief other than being overwhelmed?

So, the big reveal. OK, it is probably obvious, but I think Nick Begich is the most conservative, smartest, and best equipped person to be our Representative.  I believe Sarah has a big enough personality to resist Washington in its most seedy elements.  I believe that John Coghill will not take much convincing to do the right things.  I believe Tara’s heart is with the Left, and I don’t know what to make of Josh, though his upbringing, much of his voting record, and many of his public statements align with the person I want to represent me in DC.

That’s my take on our current slate of well-known Republicans running for Congress to represent the great State of Alaska.

Please vote, or accept the bondage your worst choice has selected for you.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Glen Biegel’s honest take on the top contenders to replace Don Young

Glen Biegel
Glen Biegel is a long-time Anchorage resident, former host of a popular radio talk-show, a community activist and a political strategist.


  • DoneWithIt says:

    NB3 comes from the most liberal family in Alaska. He supported Ethan Berkowitz as mayor of Anchorage (let that sink in) – he has zero conservative bona fides.
    Oh yeah, he shoots a gun in his political ad – so he must be a conservative?!?!
    At best. At best , he’ll be a RINO – haven’t we had enough of those.
    Palin? I know exactly how she’ll vote on the issues – CONSERVATIVE. Not voting for her because of the “circus”, is like not voting for Trump because he sends mean tweets.
    C’mon Glen B, I thought you were deeper than this!

  • Theresa says:

    NB3 reminds me of Al Gross -a wolf pretending to wear sheep’s clothing.
    I think Revak moved too fast up the political ladder and yes, is overwhelmed and without a good sense of direction or an honest mentor.

  • Toby says:

    Begich was recently interviewed by a pro-life warrior on the Kenai Peninsula. He proclaimed he was firmly and staunchly pro-life yet affirmed there had to be exceptions for rape, incest, and health of the mother. We know all too well that those three “exceptions” are the legal justification for 100% of all abortions. Those minor exceptions or little loopholes are what leftists drive the abortion freight train through again and again. To allow for exceptions is to essentially advocate for the status quo – abortion legal and available under all circumstances. And don’t kid yourself Alaska, Congressmen Young and Senator Sullivan were/are of the same ilk. They donned/don the pro-life mantle yet repeatedly advocated/advocate for the status quo. At least Senator Murkowski does’t pretend to be pro-life, like so many of her duplicitous “pro-life” fellow Republicans.

    • DoneWithIt says:

      Right Toby.
      We should murder a defenseless baby because they have a bad father.
      One day abortion will be viewed as slavery is today. Abhorrent. We will wonder how anyone could justify snuffing out the weakest amongst us.

  • Scott says:

    It’s as clear as the rising sun to me, Sara Palin will be boldly American and Alaskan first. The other candidates are all in some way compromised or able to be swayed.

    • J. Henry says:

      Sarah too can be swayed – she quit her job as Governor for greener pastures – hers !

  • Northern Hamrick says:

    Coghill is the best choice for Alaska

  • Norman says:

    The Race is really America First Sarah Palin vs. America Last Nick Begich III . The Koch network and other special interests are tying to install Nick Begich III . They are trying to buy endorsements and buy people . Sarah Palin is Not Owned . Nick Begich III is Lobbyist Owned / Corporate Owned . It is all about money. Begich supports amnesty , Sarah Palin opposes amnesty .

    Finally Glen Biegel is no friend of Sarah Palin . He trashed her for years . He’s not much better than Frank Bailey .

  • Norman says:

    Never Trust A Begich . Vote Sarah Palin for Congress

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    Vote for Sarah Palin. Those favoring Begich are not acknowledging that she was driven out of office by the Obama attorneys who found a weakness in the Constitution concerning Ethics and two Alaskans filed an extreme number of ethics violations against the state and her as Governor. We followed this and it can be verified on the Web under Ethics, Palin. Be careful though there are different choices and some are meant to further defame her. The state wound up paying much much money in legal fees and she personally paid more than she could bear and quit the governorship to get out from under the debt. Our problem with Nick Begich is that he is too closely tied to the Republican party itself. Can he make independent votes without the party pressuring him as is done in Congress? In addition, how can Begich justify abortion under any circumstances. Wouldn’t it be better to try and save both? Our prayer is that the best candidate makes it according to God’s measuring stick.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    When Sarah Palin was driven out of the state, she owed one half million dollars defending the frivolous ethics violations against her. Two people were continuously writing them, one living in Eagle River and they were Obama followers and were not going to stop. Ethics violations were all dismissed. The state wound up paying a significant amount of money to counter the ethics violations. The loophole was found when Obama lawyers read though the state documents. It revealed that Sarah Palin was a threat to “the swamp” and Obama and needed to be put out of the way. It is significant that Nick Begich nor his supporters are acknowledging what took place with Palin and instead are accusing her of abandoning Alaska. Not true. Elect her to Congress and she already has had the experience to stand firmly against wrong and for the US Constitution. It looks like Begich will do what the party tells him to do….and he is NOT pro-life. Keep praying that the right candidate wins this questionable election with the mail-in ballots. We are praying for an honest election..

  • Kimber says:

    Please consider voting at any election office in the State by TODAY, June 10th. You can just show up with your ID and they will give you a ballot. Pray who you should vote for, and voting IN-PERSON is the better option than the mail-in ballots.