Alaska has just released data on excess hospitalizations and emergency department visits since Covid hit the state. The new report shows an overall decrease post-Covid, but an increase in visits associated with chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, aneurysms, strokes, kidney disease, major cardiovascular diseases and intentional self-harm.

The report defines “excesses” as the difference between data in 2020 and 2021, and the average baseline numbers seen in the pre-pandemic years of 2017 to 2019.

Data came via billing records from all non-military health facilities in Alaska. The report focuses on specific health problems, which were chiefly responsible for a patient’s admission to a health facility during those years.

Of concern is the fact that several categories saw significant increases relative to pre-pandemic years.

Overall, inpatient hospitalization rates for all diagnoses in 2020 were 7% lower than expected, compared to the average from 2017-2019, and rates were 4% lower than expected in 2021. Outpatient emergency department visit rates in 2020 were 23% lower compared to the 2017-2019 average, and 17% lower in 2021.

Covid was the principal diagnosis for 820 inpatient hospitalizations in 2020 and 2,520 in 2021, a 207% increase. Covid was also the main diagnosis for 2,968 emergency department visits in 2020, and 8,930 visits in 2021, a 201% increase.

Of concern is the fact that several categories saw significant increases relative to pre-pandemic years.

In both 2020 and 2021, chronic liver disease (up 28%) and cirrhosis (up 58%) experienced the largest increases in inpatient hospitalization rates.

In 2020, aortic aneurysm and dissection experienced the largest increase in emergency department visit rates at +18%, while chronic liver disease and cirrhosis experienced the largest increase in 2021 – up 41%.

Other categories in 2021 that saw sizable increases in inpatient hospitalization rates included stroke (11% higher than expected) and kidney disease (+10%). For emergency department visit rates, other categories that increased in 2021 included intentional self-harm (+10%), stroke (+12%), kidney disease (+25%), and other major cardio-vascular diseases (+28%).

Several areas saw notable decreases.

In 2020, chronic lower respiratory disease experienced the largest decrease in inpatient hospitalization rates (-51%), while influenza and pneumonia experienced the largest decrease in 2021 (-61%).

Similarly, in 2020, chronic lower respiratory disease and influenza and pneumonia tied for the largest decrease in emergency department visit rates at -41%, while influenza and pneumonia experienced the largest decrease in 2021 at -70%.

Other categories of morbidity in 2021 that experienced notable decreases in inpatient hospitalization rates included, motor vehicle accidents (-16%), intentional self-harm (-22%), and assault (-29%). For emergency department visit rates, 2021 saw decreases in unintentional injuries, including motor vehicle accidents, (-14%), motor vehicle accidents alone (-14%), chronic lower respiratory disease (-39%), assault (-25%) and diabetes mellitus (-10%).

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Alaska releases data on excess hospitalizations & emergency visits since Covid

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    The way I read this it proves you are better off not getting a flu shot.. they had a 61% decrease in people with symptoms. Did I miss read? It kept people at home and away or if out they were masked like Asian countries and they didn’t get a flu shot and proved they don’t need one!

  • Brian says:

    Flu occurence went down the way I heard illnesses sometimes compete with each other. I wish they would have controlled for covid vaccination status. many of those got covid. important to see if the degeneration is caused by spike protein entering through lungs (covid infection) versus injected intravenously with a delivery system aimed at speading it everywhere.

  • Akdale says:

    flu was misdiagnosed as covid. thats pretty obvious.

  • Andy says:

    After the covid fiasco I have lost all faith in the medical system, no shots for me or my family, ever. Safe and effective my arse.

  • Steven M Eayrs says:

    You will never find any report stating the vaccinated verses the unvaccinated, and the related correlation with increases of some of the above. Why? Because the government can’t be held responsible, as long as there is no proof.. If they honestly wanted to do real science, all the information would of been easily collected and kept track of.

  • Earndoggy says:

    Of course respiratory disease and flu went down. It was all misdiagnosed as covid.

  • Clark says:

    Most of these values are pretty close to what was expected. It proves the experts were very accurate in their predictions about what would happen.
    All the isolating people did and the mask wearing greatly reduced cold/flu spread and people were traveling less so there were less car accidents.

    Covid itself caused increases in heart and lung-related tissue damage. Likely also the increaces in liver damage. Or that could be a result of people self medicating on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which can cause siezures, comas, respiratory failure and other problems.

    One of the problems covid caused was the inability to easily see doctors for regular checkups for basic medical problems. Talking to the dr on the phone is no substitute for a real checkup. That was a forseen problem leading to some increases in people having to go get emergency treatments for things like liver/kidney disease, emergency dialysis, cancer treatment etc.

    • CD says:

      Are you just regurgitating what media has said or do you have facts? I got Covid and it didn’t do anything to my liver, etc. I know 2 people who died from the vaccine. I don’t know anybody who died just from Covid but I can tell you it almost killed me but I have auto immune issues. Did you listen to the Medial Symposium in Palmer? I did. I would encourage you to get a hold of that recording if you can. It may cause you to rethink what you are saying.

    • Living the truth says:

      Covid can cause some of the issues presented above but there is far greater evidence that the jab is responsible for the above listed diseases/conditions. Masking didn’t stop anything, it was the fact that nobody was interacting with each other that dropped the flu/cold spread on top of misdiagnosing it as covid. Those hospital statistics are skewed as well. When my wife went to the hospital to deliver our baby she had to have a covid test. Medical billing listed is as being tested due to covid exposure, not screening for covid. When I brought this up to the medical billing department they told me federal regulations required testing to be listed in this fashion. So on paper my wife was in the hospital being tested because she was exposed to covid, not because we were having a baby. Not to mention they never tested me who was in the room, unmasked the entire time. Apparently it didn’t matter if I have covid or not…. strange considering at the time we were being told it was killing everyone it touched…

  • Jen says:

    Covid shots perhaps is speeding up health issues a person shouldn’t be having
    until an older age. I am hearing weird coincidences church peoples getting such prognosis including heart attacks and increase and return
    cancers. One church had 4 funerals in 1 week.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Good video by SGT Report on Rumble talking about what the “covid vaccines” are. People need truth! This information is only just starting to come out on Main stream media – truth needs to be shared.
    “Children of Darkness & The Beast System Technology–Special Report”