Alaska Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink

Dr. Anne Zink is a formidable and controversial player when it comes to directing public healthcare policy both in Alaska and across the nation. As Alaska’s chief medical officer, she has enthusiastically and relentlessly pushed pro-Covid jab messaging. Now, as the new leader of a powerful left-leaning public policy organization, she is poised to step onto the national stage as a leading advocate for massive expansion of government health surveillance and crackdown on so-called “misinformation.”

Appointed in 2019 by Gov. Mike Dunleavy to advise him on how to create and implement health policy across Alaska, Zink quickly became a polarizing public figure for her largely uncritical support of experimental Covid shots, the downplaying of natural immunity and a refusal to publicly acknowledge the benefits of early treatment methods like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Last month she assumed the presidency of the Association of State & Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), an influential and well-funded organization that represents public health agencies throughout the nation, along with more than 100,000 public health professionals.

On Oct. 13, Zink was a featured speaker at the Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference where she articulated what she sees as ongoing problems, health priorities and her future plans for Alaska and the nation.


Zink spoke repeatedly of working “upstream” to eliminate or mitigate health challenges before they cause too much damage. This work entails vastly expanding the technological capacity to share health data between governmental and private health agencies. Zink called this “braiding together” public health and health care.

The focus on health data sharing is also a top national priority of Zink’s ASTHO organization.

According to the ASTHO website, “public health data and surveillance systems” need to be transformed and upgraded so that data sharing can occur more easily across federal, state, local and tribal organizations. ASTHO estimates the CDC needs about $1 billion to carry out this plan.

ASTHO’s website maintains that Covid has demonstrated a need for more “complete surveillance data, analysis, and seamless data exchange” to improve public health and allow policy makers and officials to “more accurately gauge and respond to health threats.” This includes more comprehensive data about the race, ethnicity, symptom status and health outcomes of individuals who come down with various diseases, ASTHO maintains.

Speaking broadly about organizations that fail to get on board with national health strategies, Zink said there should be consequences.

The challenge is getting private health practitioners on board.

“Completeness of data reported into public health systems is often reliant on information submitted by providers,” ASTHO’s website notes. “Ideally, increased investment and policy changes will support development of comprehensive electronic data exchange between public health and health care organizations. These systems could then be much more rapidly modified when new reporting requirements arise.”

ASTHO’s website highlights smartphone tracking technology as one example of how to expand surveillance of Americans. These Covid exposure apps were built for the joint Apple/Google platforms. The ASTHO website says such partnerships can yield “huge advancements for the nation’s health.”

In her Oct. 13 keynote, Zink said she’d like to get to the point where people could simply look up a region of the country and see specific health related data for that area. Zink said it would be nice to be able to search for a town and know exactly what the respiratory illness situation is before you arrive.

To create that level of surveillance, however, requires massive systemwide buy-in.

Speaking broadly about organizations that fail to get on board with national health strategies, Zink said there should be consequences.

“I think we, now, need to say, ‘It’s not okay to get CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) dollars if you don’t do basic public health measures that keep us all safe,’” she argued. “I hope that we as a country can get to that place.”


At several points in her talk, Zink lamented the erosion of public trust in health officials. She said this experience has been “traumatic.”

When asked about how to restore this lost faith, Zink again pointed to data collection and communication. In particular, she said health officials need more comprehensive and “useful” data.

She said a personal “learning moment” came during the Delta wave. At that point, she said people already knew all about Covid, and many didn’t really trust public health advice.

These misgivings came, in part, from health officials overstating the efficacy of Covid shots, Zink acknowledged. When breakthrough cases occurred, this eroded trust, she said.

At one point, Zink admitted that public health officials were making decisions without data to back them up.

Rather than speaking with certainty about vaccines, Zink suggested that public health officials take a different approach in the future, namely, by mastering the art of speaking “uncertainly.”

“I even struggle with you know ‘This vaccine will prevent – will prevent Covid,’” she said. “Well, it will decrease your chance of Covid, and for some people it will prevent Covid, but it’s not black or white.”

She said she has learned “just how dichotomized the human mind is.”

“It’s just so much easier to think in black and white,” she said. “But the reality is that life is a series of grays.”

That said, Zink expressed frustration with trying to impose public policies based off uncertainties.

“And it’s really hard to make action on uncertainties, and that was our real struggle,” she recounted. “How to explain those uncertainties but yet not let those uncertainties paralyze us in the ability to make action – particularly early on in the pandemic.”

At one point, Zink admitted that public health officials were making decisions without data to back them up.

Murthy also suggested a “whole-of-society effort” to train Americans how to identify and oppose misinformation. This includes training journalists, librarians and others, he said.

“You know, we’d say, ‘We’ve got to make a decision about this with or without you – like with or without the data – and that, I think, is one of my biggest regrets with the way that the pandemic really played out,” she said. “And I think it’s true in every state. Policy makers were left to make decisions without the data and science people behind them, because they were so stuck in the uncertainties – because there was so much uncertainty and policy makers had to move so fast. And so, I think we need to make it so our science and data people can move faster – and in real time – to give information, and we need to do better as communicators and policy makers to express the uncertainty to be able to close that gap.”

While admitting that she and other health officials often made decisions and recommendations based off limited data and “uncertainties,” Zink criticized those who cautioned people against getting the experimental Covid shots.

Without going into detail, Zink said so-called Covid “misinformation” was particularly troubling. She said, “patients choosing to not get vaccinated because of misinformation,” is a systemwide failure that needs to be addressed.

Zink’s concern over “misinformation,” (a term often used to describe positions that question or challenged the changing recommendations from the CDC or Dr. Anthony Fauci) is also shared by her larger organization, as a whole.

Last year ASTHO’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Fraser issued a strong statement in support of a highly controversial advisory issued by U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy detailing how public and private entities can partner to crack down on what the government deems “misinformation.”

Murthy’s advisory raised serious First Amendment questions when he urged social media platforms and internet search engines to create machine-learning algorithms that can hide or obfuscate so-called “misinformation” websites, livestreams and other means of audio and video communication.

Murthy also suggested a “whole-of-society effort” to train Americans how to identify and oppose misinformation. This includes training journalists, librarians and others, he said.

In fighting misinformation sources, Murthy said America must tackle “difficult questions, including appropriate legal and regulatory measures that address health misinformation.” He called for detection of “misinformation super spreaders” and “repeat offenders,” with the imposition of “clear consequences.”

ASTHO’s leadership heartily agreed with the Surgeon Generals’ comments.

“Misinformation is an existential threat and the fight against it must be a national priority,” ASTHO’s Chief Executive Fraser said last year. “For example, the surgeon general noted that misinformation caused confusion and led people to decline COVID-19 vaccines; reject public health measures such as masking and physical distancing; use unproven treatments; and harass public health workers, health professionals, airline staff, and other frontline workers tasked with communicating evolving public health measures.”


Zink’s keynote address ended with a question about the state of the pandemic.

When asked if she thought it was over, the unmasked Zink said getting Covid today is “really different than getting Covid in 2020, because the risk of it is very different. Hospitals know how to treat it much better. We’ve got treatment options.”

She added that vaccination and naturally acquired immunity have also provided significant protection despite the fact that the virus is still highly contagious and very efficient at transmitting from person to person.

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Dr. Zink wants massive surveillance, admits officials made Covid policy ‘without the data’

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    So with Zink’s own words she put out misinformation. She had no idea and now at the end of this article states people with natural immunity are ok. So as I read this she and Fauci were the misinformation and the ones saying the two drugs that they refused to issue caused millions of deaths (murders). I say refuse the vaccine and get natural immunity. As for she taking away medicare/medicaid that is people’s lively hood. They shouldn’t be forced into an experiment without data to back it up.

  • North to Alaska says:

    Nuremberg Trials 2.0
    Also, Dunleavy needs to be held accountable too.
    Thousands died because of them.

  • Jan says:

    Zink needs to move to China! The people won’t ever trust her with all the garbage she pushed and shame on Dunleavy as well!

  • Mary says:

    Zink needs to GO! “Sink Zink!”. Alaska cannot afford her

  • Andy says:

    Here’s something Zink, how about leaving people the hell alone!

  • Kenneth L Wells says:

    George Orwell wasn’t quite correct when he observed that the future of humanity is a boot stamping on a human face forever. That’s not it at all, instead, it’s a sensible shoe worn by a nurse Ratched type, stamping on a human face, forever, while assuring said face it is for it’s own good and it should be thanking her for caring so much.
    Nurse Rached is long gone and her replacement is even worse, nurse Zink.

  • Whidbey Thedog says:

    It seems like no matter how hard they try, The Alaskan Watchman just can’t seem to drum up the same level of traffic as Must Read Alaska. One wonders how long the lights and computers will stay on..

    • Lobo says:

      Tell us what the traffic level is on Watchman.. Commentary, or posts don’t reflect the actual traffic numbers. I don’t touch ADN anymore, but look at their comments sections in the past, which don’t tell you anything about their readership.

    • North to Alaska says:

      Yes, I suppose Alaska watchman doesn’t get the back room checks. You think Must Read Alaska gets all it money from advertisement????
      Political Action Committees and candidates through private donors can pay millions to news/blogs to support their desired agenda. Since it’s all private donations, it will not be registered and you won’t know.
      Once you understand this, you will understand how the “conservative media” works.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Thank you for this explanation North to Alaska. People need to learn that there are bots and paid schills like Whidbey Thedog who keep posting to mislead the woke people. Whidbey needs to be locked in the doghouse never to be let out again. Praying that more people wake up and understand the evil narrative to keep them in the dark. Truth prevails in the end.

    • KN says:

      I don’t understand the purpose of your comment. I was not aware that there was a competition going on. I feel grateful for the variety of sources we have here in Anchorage for information as ADN is so selective in what they print. They are not publishing a News paper, but a propaganda paper.

  • Mongo Love Candy says:

    Zink is the #1 reason I will not vote for Dunleavy. I’m voting for Charlie and nobody else. I’ll change that if Dunleavy fires the “Dr. Mengele in Drag”.

  • Dean says:

    Sounds like Dr. Zink wants to expand and implement policies that will enable the government to use health passports to control our freedoms. Enabling local, state and governmental health agencies to exchange data digitally which they can merge with all other aspects of our lives. Here are some bullet points as to why Dr. Zink is either clueless or just plain evil.
    1) Dr. Zink admits they made decisions without the data to back it up and they pushed the shots anyway. As a matter of fact the latest data shows that children and healthy individuals do not benefit by getting the vaccine.
    Informed Consent from the people administering the shots (explaining the risks versus the benefits) of getting the vaccine is still not being given
    2) Dr. Zink cites the distrust people have of the health industry of getting the shot because of misinformation. This is where she is truly clueless or evil because all the misinformation has come from the CDC, NIH and FDA. She must still believe in the shot for all people because I still see commercials everyday in Alaska encouraging everyone to get their booster. So let’s all hope Dr. Zink is a total failure in her new leadership position for the benefit of all humanity

  • D Dunaway says:

    […. a “whole-of-society effort” to train Americans how to identify and oppose misinformation. This includes training journalists, librarians and others, he said..] This creeps me out quite a bit. So much of media long ago lost its training to be good journalists and devolved into propaganda mills… What exactly does Murthy mean by “training”? I submit the medical world needs to get retrained so they aren’t [ …. “making decisions without data to back them up.”] And the medical world needs to rebuild their credibility. How many of the measures Frasier lists have been found to be minimally useful or not at all effective?

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Gov. Dunleavy, what kind of hell have you released on Alaska and NOW our nation by allowing that human-hating doctor to work in Alaska? When the time comes, all will be judged accordingly by our Father in Heaven.

  • Michael Johnson says:

    This woman is a danger to the State and every person that receives healthcare and Dunleavy is to blame because he isn’t policing how she is implementing policies that are having detrimental effects on people! It isn’t about the doctor patient relationship with her. She is the female version of Dr. Fauci. She is now, after pushing forced mandates for the vaccine, admitting it isn’t that affective. Then why the draconian mandates Doc? You purposely and probably knowingly disseminated an experimental drug as a mandate for people to be employed in Hospitals and allowed it to be offered to pregnant women and children as “Safe and Effective”. You did all of this with little to no data to back it up! How much money did the Doctors and hospitals make off of COVID relief money Doc? Will you now admit how many adverse reactions to the drug have been reported? Will you now admit it has killed thousands, possibly millions of people and caused myocarditis and blood clots? You have failed in your job and should be fired and investigated. The COVID crisis was not a crisis but one of the biggest scandals perpetrated by China & Big Pharma in American History. The Vaccine is harming people’s health and suppressing their immune systems and you are not even looking at the mountains of data that now exists to what it is doing to people. Shame on you Doc! You are an accomplice in a global crime! You are the reason I will not vote for Dunleavy, because he allowed this crime on his watch. Chris Kurka, if Alaskans had the proper sense to vote for him, would have fired you on day one!

    • Mary says:

      “Sink Zink'” and Dunleavy along with her. Dunleavy didn’t put a stop to government corruption and Zink’s genocide before so why trust him to not do a repeat?

      • James says:

        I don’t like Dunleavy either, but if he loses we’ll end up with Walker or Gara, who WILL implement statewide vaccine passports.

  • Dalton Fox says:

    It’s election time. Is it a good time to ask for a replacement for this person? Does our Governor think this is the best person for Alaska?

  • Jack Roberts says:

    She’s just acting like the Covidian witch doctor that she is. Dunleavy is another puppet controlled by the swamp.

  • Akdale says:

    i dont trust zink or the medical establishment becuase they lied and experimented on the public, resulting in deaths that continue today. not because they made a mistake or misstated something. Dunleavy to this day supports this ghoul. He does not have my vote.

    • Mary says:

      Nor my vote. In the past, I have actually done write ins for “yellow dog” when I felt there was no good choice.

    • Terry Stires says:

      The vaccines save(d) lives. Zink was right. Horse paste or a light bulb up your … won’t work.

  • Plato's Spawn says:

    In this story she is quoted as saying this which contradicts her claims:

    -I’m incredibly hopeful by the promise of vaccines, the ability to reconnect and give loved ones hugs, have dinner dates with friends, to be able to connect without having to worry about this virus.

    A. Zink

  • Jennifer says:

    I cannot read ASTHO without seeing A**Hole

  • Jean says:

    Absolutely not. I suggest writing her an email and politely but firmly inform her that she is not the arbiter of truth and that she does not get to make decisions for us.

  • Sally Duncan says:

    Dunleavey has been told several times what a disaster Zink is and to get rid of her. His refusal shows me he agrees with her policies. Therefore, I will not be voting for him. Period. I have told many others the same thing.

  • Sarah Johnson says:

    To put all of this in perspective, it might be worth watching
    Its free for 10 days online. Very well done documentary and might shed some light on why Dr Zink is pushing for a ‘braided approach’ over an open forum with dialogue and honest data review of the past 2 years.

  • Theresa says:

    Zink is bad.
    Dunleavy is bad.
    Now, please (anyone!) present some positive reasons to vote for Pierce…

  • MF says:

    Oh great, more “braided” nonsense. What is it with leftists and braids? They should use the term “bonds” or “bondage” instead. It better reflects their agenda for us. Dunleavy, get rid of this maniacal woman. She is a danger to all.

  • gary ohmer says:

    All we need is chlorine dioxide – only costs about $40. , no money to be made – I had gout and all kinds of small (old person 68) aches and pains , after a 3 drop protocol for 6 months gouts gone, heart rate has drop into the green and yellow zone where I’ve had high blood pressure all my life, pains have gone
    away, as soon as Trump said it cures cancer (which it does) they screamed bloody murder , cdc and fda says oh no that’s bleach, as I stated there’s no money to be made. Been around sick people in my trade (construction) the whole time, not sick at all. A lot of idiot liberals out wouldn’t even consider drinking this every day – if so then take Quercetin Dihydrate, high dose vit c, vit d3 and zink

    • Friend of humanity says:

      gary, chlorine dioxide is good for so many things from health to cleaning to disinfection. I am so surprised that it has been kept in dark for so long! Correction on your last word: “zinc” not “zink”. Lol, we have already had enough of zink!

  • Larry Wood says:

    I remember her presentations at the governor’s weekly updates on the pandemic Her lack of sympathy for the children and those in nursing homes separated from their loved ones was sobering. Now, we know, thanks the Watchman, that she is an acolyte of population control.
    Were the Legilslature to do its job and investigate the pandemic response, I believe that that Dr. Zink would be charged with reckless endangerment at the very least for her role in preventing hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin from being readily available to Alaskans.
    People died unnecessarily, and she played a role.
    Both her and the governor.

    • Terry Stires says:

      Wood: people died unnecessarily because fearful uneducated citizens listened to quacks like Dr. Oz rather than the voices of science.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Terry, you are either a paid schill or a bot. Tell us how all your jabs and all your boosters help you later on when you are lying in your hospital bed and they have you on blood thinners that will not help because the clots are not blood clots. We are done with schills and bots because we know the truth now.

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    This is a wicked woman, and Dunleavy has not only not fired her, he has nominated her for honors! This is why I will have to hold my nose to vote for him since Gara and Walker are marxists and Pierce (apparently) gave up campaigning long ago.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Anyone want to reveal the cause of the deaths of Cottle and Stevens? Did they submit to the shots?

  • Diana says:

    Dunleavy….Adam Crumb…..Zinke is the true communist plan called “Five Stages of Reform” brought on by Crumb and Zinke in an underhanded and secretive manner. The plan is modeled after Communist China’s social-medical plan in their country in all areas of public and private health workings. Crumb and Zinke have gone after that plan with “gusto” and you are the guinea pigs. Your healthcare money, medicare, medicaid, private insurance, your pocket book, your whole healthcare system including, doctors, nurses, facilities and any government sponsored trusts. The trio has encouraged the worst bills to come out of this last year’s legislative work with a 14 billion dollar price tag in a budget. Voting for Dunleavy is voting for the triangle of thieves’ work that has been very active across the United
    States and especially in Alaska with their work to open the doors to the worst of socialized medicine….and they are on the way with the Covid as a staging point in their arena of lies. Get Dunleavy out of office and vote in a conservative to clean Dunleavy’s mess up.

  • Eva says:

    Dr Zink sounds very confused, and is certainly not educated on what we have learned about how naturally built immunity is far more effective and long-lasting, compared to what the “vaccines” do in the body. She doesn’t seem to know, how many people died , or are long term injured from the vaccines, leave alone the wave of cancer that will come from the immune systems getting destroyed booster by booster, and 5 G ” helping along”, as well. That shows that she is closing her eyes to the truth, and maybe she is even glad that her plan to depopulate the earth is working, and she needs to keep going to do more and calling people bad, that do not believe her and go along with her method of killing.

  • Jeff Fenske says:

    Dr. Anne Zink TOTALLY IGNORED the peer reviewed studies that proved high enough VITAMIN D levels REDUCED the SEVERITY of Covid by 1,000-1,500%! The first such study was published early in the pandemic, in April 2020. Zink hasn’t said one word about the truth about vitamin D, which makes her RESPONSIBLE — lying by omission and commission. Few Alaskans would have died if their vitamin D levels were above 50 ng/ml, if people would have tested their D levels instead of lining up for the unreliable PCR tests that didn’t cure Covid. The majority of Alaskans are still deficient or insufficient with levels of about 10-20 ng/ml. And Zink still says NOTHING about the main key to Covid, and a main key to many health issues, longevity and DEPRESSION! Fast acting D, calcifediol could have been used in hospitals to treat Covid late too, saving many who entered the hospital low in D. Big Pharma is “love of money” driven, not wellness driven. They can’t patent and make $billions from vitamin D. The American Medical Association was started by John D. Rockefeller to make medicine a business model, not a wellness model. If Pharma had told the truth about vitamin D, they couldn’t have gotten emergency use authorization for their jabs that damaged many, so they destroyed many lives in order to make ~$100 billion for Pharma.

  • Mark says:

    she does have that Nurse Rached look. Take the shot and play nicely.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Crimes against humanity: GUILTY!!! CRUM,DUNLEAVY,ZINC,STIREN,SMOLDEN
    Public hanging January 1st 1200 noon 2023
    Town square
    The people have had enough

  • micah6v8 says:

    Zink needs to be exposed for the charlatan she is.

  • Zip says:

    “Train Americans how to identify and oppose misinformation”, I think some of us are already quite capable of this, we didn’t buy Fauci, Zinks and the others BS.! Go away Zstink….