A growing collation of radical environmental and social justice warriors are pressuring Alaska lawmakers to spend hundreds of millions of dollars over the next 25 years with the ultimate aim of ending fossil fuel extraction and usage and redistributing resources which it claims were secured through intergenerational “colonial structures.”

The Alaska Climate Alliance is a coalition of more than 50 leftist organizations united by a quest to address “climate crisis head on at all levels of society,” while “shifting our state towards a joyful, interdependent and Indigenous-led future.”

This week, the group is sending lobbyists to Juneau in an effort to convince state lawmakers to back its agenda. This includes gradually dismantling Alaska’s fossil fuel economy by the year 2050 through increasingly onerous “benchmarks” that the energy industry must achieve. They also want the state to publicly underwrite solar energy production projects and approve $128 million in new spending to continue the Renewable Energy Fund. Since 2008, the REF has already spent roughly $300 million in state appropriations on scores of alternative energy experiments. The program is set to expire this year, unless lawmakers extend it.

The coalition’s most immediate concern is to inundate legislators with personal visits, emails, handwritten letters and phone calls, while mobilizing activists to turn out in force for potential public hearings on anti-oil and gas legislation and green energy bills.

Leading the group’s efforts is a coordinating team of activists from Native Movement, The Alaska Center, Native Peoples Action, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition and the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council.

Ultimately, they hope to impose so-called “Just Transition” principles on all Alaskans. Developed by labor unions and environmentalists, these ideals are centered around shutting down certain industries which are deemed harmful to the planet and indigenous and minority identity groups.

“Climate action is possible, even in this legislative climate,” the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition stated in a Jan. 30 action alert to supporters. “This week, FCAC staff will join grassroots and Indigenous constituents from all over Alaska for a fly-in to Juneau. As we meet with legislators and the press, our goal is to represent our membership and our community in the fight for climate justice, energy democracy, and a Just Transition.”

One of the key messages will be to pressure to “stop the bad by calling on this legislative body to take real leadership and re-evaluate Alaska’s relationship with the fossil fuel industry,” FCAC stated. “The Keep It iN the Ground (KING!) Working Group is asking Alaskans to join them in demanding that our state legislators fundamentally reform Alaska’s oil and gas codes.”


Those who might wish to share an alternative perspective on Alaska oil and gas industry, can contact lawmakers through the following links.

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Radical climate group presses lawmakers to dismantle Alaska’s fossil fuel industry

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Bruce Probert says:

    Want to know why we pay the prices we do for everything? Misguided fools like these idiots, without fossil fuels they would be freezing their asses off.

  • David Shoemaker says:

    let the project expire this year. 300 million is not a small amount of money. If they were not able to produce substantial solutions with that size chunk of cash then they’re on the wrong track. Let the project run out.

    Alaska had a world class wind farm up in Healy. It is considered world class because it has more wind and so is at the top of the list in power production. Do you know what that world class percentage is? 28-32%. That’s right. it generates usable power 30% of the time…. no where near exceptable to keep the grid up and running. It is a good supplement. Not replacement.

  • Molly says:

    Alaska legislative representatives in Alaska are just stupid and evil enough to pull this off and finish off Alaska. After all, the current majority RINO MISrepresentatives just bent the knee to the democrats and will capitulate to the lobbyists as they will be told to. Those we sent to Juneau will not stand up for Alaska this session for any if us in Alaska. Their agenda is “take Alaska and America down”, destroy our economy, destroy our families, destroy our children, destroy our cities, scare us with unsupported/unsubstantiated climate control issues (that none if us will ever see as its thousands of years in the future and total bs), and make us hate each other – look at the fact that the left hates “color blindness”, yet that was always the goal, ask MLK. Time to stop hating each other and start focusing that energy on getting these anti alaska / anti america politicians and their woke policies out of our lifes.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    We agree with Molly!!! Mythical crises accompanied with hysteria do not scare us. Legislators who do not represent their constituents do scare us.

  • Mayo says:

    Molly, your ideology is blinding you to the indefensible fact that the planet is warming and humans are primarily at fault. You can bitch about RINOs and drag queens and Peltola and the Anchorage assembly, but meanwhile all of us are in trouble.

    And after insulting a lot of people and groups, don’t you think it’s hypocritical for you to say we should stop hating each other?

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Mayo, instead of using swear words to get your point across, please find alternative words. I have been very impressed with the people who post on this website for keeping their language pretty clean. I am asking you to please not use swear words also. Thank you.

  • Mb says:

    Just looking at the ACAs websight show all kinds of fossil fuels. From the paintings to the kayaks, wetsuit, and paddles they use to protest, all come from fossil fuels. I also see that the ASA gets alot of support from AK native councils, wonder what would happen if villages had to give up there air transport (fossil fuel), not to mention snowmachines, and nets made of plastic. yup coming all from fossil fuels.

    Have you ever been up close to a wind turbine farm? It’s not a pretty sight oils seeps from the gears onto the grounds. WOW really green there, NOT!

    • Mary says:

      Wind turbine farms one are ugly; blotting court picturesque mountain, meadow, and forest views. Mb speaks of oil seepage. Yes, and consider the thousands of birds that die horrific deaths when they fly into those gianr propellers. Ahh, and where are the components for those wind turbines going to come from? Yep, get rid of fossil fuels and you will need to change everything about your life.

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    In truth, people in the bush depend upon petroleum products far more than the average road corridor dweller. Unfortunately, most bush dwellers have no real clue as to how and why their representatives and native corps vote as they do. As long as the gravy keeps coming, they blissfully keep their heads in the snow and all is OK. But this will change soon for them when they can no longer heat their homes, drive their snowmachines, power their skiffs, run their chainsaws and ice augers, fly to Anchorage or Fairbanks, etc. But then it will be too late.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I absolutely agree 100% with what you stated Steve. This is terrifying! The globalists are brainwashing the kids. Until cold fusion or free energy from the ether is made available to the world, suggesting that places like Alaska get rid of fossil fuel is like saying, “What year would you like to die?” The villages have been fluoridated and poisoned with medications to the point that they cannot see the danger surrounding them and all of Alaska.

  • Eva says:

    Everyone that is AGAINST using fossil fuel in the future, should NOT use it in the present! So walk to Juneau or swim, or maybe take a sailboat, or whatever other way you could think of, but NO FOSSIL FUEL. Maybe you get there in time to push your agenda, but it is entirely possible that by the time you get there, you’ve changed your mind about it. I am all for preserving our beautiful state, and I think our carbon footprint has to be pretty small, with all our forests cleaning up, even the air from other countries, like China.
    Many of the “green” ways of living are not “green” at all. Batteries need to be built with rare earth minerals and to find those, you have to destroy a lot of beautiful nature. Batteries are horrible for the environment and do not work well in cold places like Alaska.
    Nuclear power plants are just not a good idea in an earthquake ridden place like Alaska. See Fukashima disaster.
    So let us use good technologies in the use of fossil fuels, and there could be a future for Alaska and our children.

  • Johnny says:

    A lot of these “enviro” groups recruit folks who have good intentions but don’t realize the extent of damage these folks are causing, the recruited typically have their heads in the sand and listen to the TV as a concrete source of information that is to be adhered to at all cost, take Covid for a really good example…”its safe and effective” was drilled into everyone’s brains while fear was peddled and what did you get? Yes. And what about “Orange Man Bad!” now we have Brandon LOLOL. A sad result of any green change is that once it’s reverted back, and it always gets reverted back, is that there are changes made that are significantly deleterious then what was. There is no climate crisis, the only crisis is what is being falsely generated for someone or some group to profit.

  • Mary says:

    Yes, Johnny. The “Climate Crisis” has an agenda that has nothing to do with the climate. Listen carefully to vocabulary used by the WEF folks. Eves-drop on those Davos meetings in Geneva.

  • Ra says:

    I’m all for the majority of the green tech. BUT the “tech” just isn’t up to speed yet,, so stop trying to shove it up our arses!
    And you leftist greenies can kindly shut the heck up until you deal with the globalist a-holes polluting our planet via geo-engineering.
    “Alaskans for global warming” !!

  • Mortified says:

    Maybe what the hood winked enviros don’t understand is ( and I know they don’t) is that the Lord God who made everything, ( and He did) made enough of everything. Puny little man has never, and will never “control the climate”. It takes an act of God for climate to function as perfectly as it does, man in all his, again, puny power, will never cause one rain drop to fall or one sunrise to happen.
    We will never never run out of oil, nor will we ever destroy this earth!
    Who in the world do we think we are! We sure are not God!

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    Before considering spending state money or regulating the imagined “climate crises ” please consider the NOAA article: “Why did Earth’s surface temperature stop rising in the past decade? Quote: “Since the turn of the century [2000 AD], however, the change in Earth’s global mean surface temperature has been close to zero.” So, where is the crisis?

  • Shelia says:

    The only reason that this whole discussion is going on is because Americans and Alaskans in particular do not have a really free press. The woke masters have “cancelled” all dissenting views so we cannot weigh the facts for ourselves. Thomas Jefferson said that in order for a democracy to work we had to have all sides of an argument. The movement of the north magnetic pole and the stabilization of the Earth’s temperature in the last 2 decades, and indeed the variations of the earth’s temperature in the past from very hot to very cold have been left out of the discussion. Also, the warming of our nearest star, our own sun. The first action should be the unlocking of opposing views so we can come to logical conclusions. We don’t need ideology, well-funded institutions that have strayed from their foundings, nor centralized control of our media. Along with all of that, we need the technology to make any of this so-called “green-dream” a reality. The only place we are headed now, with all of the fossil-fuel extraction closures, is to international suicide by food shortage. Come to think of it, the puppeteers in Davos want a drastic reduction of population. Any connection?

  • D J Kosterman says:

    I am writing to encourage you to combat the climate alarmism that is threatening the economy of Alaska.
    These virtue signaling, extreme climate groups are willing to sacrifice the standard of living, the state’s economy, and even people’s lives, just so that they can reduce the temperature of the world by 1.5°C by the end of the century.
    Or, at least, they BELIEVE (I won’t use the word “think,” because this is not about thinking) that their actions will have that intended effect.
    This has much more to do with them feeling good about themselves and about any real scientific truths.
    Their beliefs are basically a religion, not related to scientific thought, which does not support their claims.
    The industrial revolution brought about greatest increase in standard of living in human history. That revolution depended upon the development of “fossil fuels.“
    The so-called “greenhouse gas” theory holds that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes increases in temperature. In actuality, there is very little data to support that belief.
    Rather, increases in carbon dioxide have resulted in lush plant growth, which not only produces oxygen in the atmosphere, but formed the basis for a robust food chain.
    Also, please note that the United States has done more to reduce emissions than any other country. We contribute a tiny fraction of the carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. China is commissioning over 100 new coal mines, which they will use to power their industry (much more economically than any so-called green energy sources), and provide further competition to crush America’s industries.
    Please oppose any efforts of these green religion fanatics to shut down our economy.
    D J Kosterman
    Eagle River

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    This is promising news!