On February 4th, 2023, many of us protested Walgreens in Fairbanks. People wondered why would we protest a local pharmacy?

Pro-life advocates protest on Feb. 4 outside the Walgreens store in Fairbanks.

We did so because Walgreens and CVS have agreed to sell the dangerous chemical abortion drug – mifepristone – to our Alaskan mothers.

Why is it dangerous? Well, besides the fact that it kills the infant, it can also be deadly to the mother, especially if she doesn’t receive emergency medical care in the event that she begins to hemorrhage after taking the second pill. But let me back up for a moment.

In a pregnancy, a miracle is happening like none other. A growing baby in the womb of his or her mother is a relationship of love and care.

The baby’s DNA will be in her mother for the rest of the mother’s life, no matter how long she’s pregnant. 

The unborn child’s life has the ability to sometimes heal the mother of health issues. He sends strong signals to the mother for nourishment and life essentials. The mother without realizing it, is completely prepared for this moment. Her body – from the top of her head, to the tip of her toes, – begins to care for her child. Her blood increases, her hormones explode, her body begins the miraculous building of an entirely new organ called the placenta. This new organ is one of the most incredible moments in life, as performs many functions for both mother and child. 

The baby feels the mother’s emotions, hears her voice, partakes of her food and lives within her. The mother builds a bubble around her child and seals her cervix as a strong lock-tight door to protect her baby from bacteria and harm. They work together to grow as a team. It’s a perfect relationship for both.

There’ s nothing stronger than the bond of a mother and her child. Even in death, the mother is always the mother, and the baby is always her child forevermore.

When a mother takes the abortion drug mifepristone, it tricks the mother’s body which is completely in tune with her child, to stop producing needed progesterone. This hormone is essential for feeding her child.

The baby begins to starve to death. The mother’s body still has a nest which has been built for the baby and she has a lot of blood to build that placenta. Remember, her entire body is taking care of her son or daughter, and that doesn’t just immediately go away with a couple of pills. It’s a completely unnatural devastating event which is being forced upon her and her healthy baby.

Once she takes that first pill, the clock begins ticking. She has about 24 to 48 hours to reverse the effects of this pill by calling The Abortion Reversal Hotline at 1-877-558-0333. Assistants can get her into the hospital and try to restart the progesterone production again before the baby dies.

If she doesn’t intervene to save her son or daughter, the baby will starve and die. The pill will kill her baby, and then she must take a second pill that causes the baby to come out along with all the effort and work her body did to nourish her infant. It’s basically forced, premature labor. People say it’s like a miscarriage, but it’s not. A natural miscarriage is when something went wrong and the mother’s body knows it and begins the process of shutting down the pregnancy. In this case, there was nothing wrong, but the body was unnaturally thrown into shock with no preparation. When the baby comes out, there can be a lot of blood and extreme cramping. Sometimes this can actually kill the mother if she does not get an emergency Dilation & Curettage – a procedure that removes the baby from her uterus.

Walgreens knows all of this, but chooses to take the risk of losing both the baby and his mother. In Alaska, many women live far away from a hospital in Alaska, Walgreens knows as well. 

The company is fully aware of all of these risks, but there’s big money in abortions, and in this case they are trading pulses for profit. 

That is why the residents of Fairbanks protested Walgreens on Feb 4, and will do so again and again until this company decides to put our Alaskan families first.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Fairbanks pro-lifers will continue protesting Walgreens’ disregard for human life

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She currently serves on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is the president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.