At top, Anchorage father Jay McDonald testifies at the Feb. 7 Anchorage School Board meeting as Board President Margo Bellamy and Board Member Pat Higgins watch online.

The Anchorage School District has no business giving minor children books that tell them how to have anal sex and create their own online porn.

This is the message that concerned father and local educational advocate, Jay McDonald, tried to relay to the Anchorage School Board before they voted 5-2 to silence him at the Feb. 7 meeting.

McDonald was the only person to speak during the period set aside for public comments. He began by acknowledging the high priority the school board has placed on advancing “diversity, inclusion and equity.”

“We don’t often see specific examples of what diversity, inclusion and equity looks like, though,” he told the board. “So, today I brough an excellent representation. This is like the archetype of diversity, inclusion, equity material – this was one of the books that was recently purchased for the libraries.”

The book in question, “Let’s Talk About It,” is currently available through school libraries at Bartlett High School and Romig Middle School.

McDonald began his three-minute testimony by reading from one of the book’s chapters dealing with “sexting.”

“So, before you start sending your naughty masterpieces around the world, take some time to get friendly with photo editing software and apps,” he read. “Digital photos are permanent, and impossible to retract once they’re out there, so keep your recognizable features out of them, before you share them.”

Before continuing, McDonald paused to emphasize that the book was targeted specifically to children.

“Crop out your face, hide your birthmarks and scars, and edit out your piercings and tattoos, and don’t forget to tell your sweety how hot they look,” McDonald read. “Let them know you appreciate the little gift they’ve sent you.”

At this point, he was stopped by School Board Vice-President Carl Jacobs, who was running the meeting.

“I’m going to interrupt you at this point,” Jacobs said. “It sounds like you have a concern about a book. I’d be glad to get you connected to the superintendent and their team to go through the appropriate process.”

McDonald responded, “I’d appreciate it if you don’t interrupt my time.”

“Mr. McDonald, I’ve asked you to defer to the superintendent and their team,” Jacobs warned. “If you have a concern about a book, we have a procedure and a process and a team ready to assist you.”

The lone conservative on the board, Dave Donley, then spoke up in favor of letting McDonald continue his testimony.

“I don’t think he has violated any rules,” Donley noted. “He hasn’t shown any pornography. He hasn’t used bad words.”

Without ever acknowledging Donley’s points, Jacobs told Donley that he could attempt to overrule his decision.

Donley called for an override vote, but it failed 5-2. Board Member Andy Holleman was the only person to vote with Donley in favor of letting McDonald finish his testimony.

Jacobs then told McDonald that he could use his remaining comment time, if he had something else to talk about.

McDonald proceeded to challenge the school board’s decision to cut him off for simply reading from a book that the district uses in educating Anchorage children.

“There are still purchase orders out for these books,” he claimed. “Like, they’re not old things that were just put on the shelves to rot.”

McDonald then defended his First Amendment right to address elected school board members by simply reading a few short excerpts from a book which is approved by the district.

“I don’t understand how it’s appropriate for kids, and it’s not appropriate for the school board,” he said. “It feels a lot like you don’t want parents to be seeing what’s being given to the kids … You’re happy to give these books to kids. It seems like you’re terrified to give them to parents, and I think it’s an absolute travesty that you cut off my time and don’t even let me have my three minutes. I think you’re breaking your own rules. Thank you.”

Anchorage father, Jay McDonald, objected to a book on anal sex that is currently available to children in Anchorage School District libraries.

A few minutes later, McDonald posted a 16-minute Facebook video from inside his car, detailing why the book was inappropriate for children. The video had been viewed more than 13,000 times in 19 hours.

“It’s got a whole chapter on sexting, and they’re not telling kids, don’t do it,” he said. “They’re encouraging them to edit their photos. To remove identifying characteristics before sending their naked nudes out on the internet.”

“This is what we got in middle schools,” he added.

McDonald then proceeded to read from a chapter entitled, “What are kinks, fantasies, and porn?”

“A great place to research fantasies and kinks safely is on the internet!,” the book states. “There are tons of people and communities out there who share your interests and have all kinds of advice. The online world is also chockablock full of pornography; professionals and amateurs alike sharing their sexy adventures online. When consumed right, porn can help you discover new aspects of your sexuality and help you safely explore kinks and fantasies.”

McDonald noted that book then instructs children to be sure and research their favorite porn stars to make sure they aren’t producing illegal content.

“Look up interviews with your fave porn performers, go to sites they recommend, and pay for your porn,” the book states.

Graphic illustrations of sexual acts and positions are printed throughout the pages, along with comments that say “…there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some porn; it’s a fun sugary treat…”

McDonald highlighted another section of the book that encourages children to explore anal sex.

“Both practical and pleasurable, this tight flexible hole serves two purposes!” the book assert. “This is the entrance to your bowels, the passageway for getting food waste (poop) outta your body. The opening is ALSO chock-full of sensitive nerves, making it a primo erogenous zone for touching and penetrating.”

Feb. 7 was not the first time McDonald has read from objectionable books purchased and provided for Anchorage students.

The past October he was cut off after reading from “This Book is Gay,” by James Dawson. It details “boy on boy sex,” masturbation and much more. It is still currently listed as “available” for checkout at Bartlett High School.

Overall, the Anchorage School District library website includes dozens upon dozens of books that introduce children to gay sex, porn, gender and sexuality experimentation and more.

“Are we educating or are we promoting here?,” McDonald said in his recent Facebook video. “When they say they promote comprehensive sex education, this is what they’re talking about.”


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School Board silences Anchorage dad for objecting to anal sex book in student libraries

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