There is a saying that we get the government we want. If that’s the case, we want a government that is soft on crime, raises our property taxes, raises our rents, keeps pouring more money into our failing schools, and treats homelessness as a virtue rather than a problem. Apparently, that is what the fine people of Anchorage want.

In the famous words of Maxwell Smart, “I find that hard to believe.” Yet, every election we vote for the leftist assembly that is “Californianizing” our city. I believe Anchorage needs better.

The people of District 5 can help begin this change by electing Spencer Moore as their representative in the Assembly. I could go on and say Spencer has been involved with commercial fishing, construction, and has a business degree, but that’s just fluff that any candidate will throw out there as qualifications to be elected. The fact that a person can net tons of salmon does not necessarily reflect the leadership we need in the Assembly. We need pragmatism, common sense, a good grip on one’s personal finances so that they understand the issues that the constituents in a district are facing.

He believes that government should have a very limited role in our lives. He believes that city government is far more about fixing potholes and plowing roads than adjusting culture.

This means that the answer to every problem is not more taxes. This means that the status quo of our school district is not doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. This means that the primary job of government is to secure and protect the citizenry, allowing us to proceed with our careers, so that we can provide for our families, pursue our dreams, and determine our own destinies.

This is why I am supporting Spencer Moore. He believes that government should have a very limited role in our lives. He believes that city government is far more about fixing potholes and plowing roads than adjusting culture.

Spencer has a compassion for people. He has taken on the role as a volunteer chaplain at the Anchorage Correction Facility to help inmates reassociate into society.  We have a homeless problem in Anchorage; we need people on the Assembly who can work on solutions to alleviate our residents from the panhandling, causing restaurants to have to lock their restrooms, and the constant loitering and provide assistance to those who are homeless to find productive lives. We cannot maintain an endless policy of providing shelter with no thought of providing guidance, treatment, and a means of escape from the streets for these people. The city simply cannot continue a no-win process of pouring money into short term band-aid solutions.

Spencer is a family man. To be more specific, he is a young family man. He’s concerned about where his four children are going to go to school. The Anchorage Public Schools has a higher than state average for proficiency in math and reading. That may sound good, but we are talking 34% and 41% respectfully. We are talking one out of every three students in the ASD can do math and less than half can read. That’s not good. In fact, it’s poor stewardship of the citizens of Anchorage’s tax dollars. Nonetheless, it’s the leadership you have.  

Anchorage, you don’t deserve a collapsing social, cultural, educational, and infrastructure. You deserve better. You deserve Moore.

OPINION: Anchorage needs Moore

Lou Stoorza
Lou Stoorza is Printing Coordinator for Mountain City Church and a citizen of East Anchorage.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    I can see why Mr. Moire is running fir this position. He needs a job with commercial fishing closing down in the EEZ. The federal government just can’t leave things alone in Alaska. Good job Mr. Moore. Maybe with a little luck you’ll be able to support your family with this job.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    How bout those car Bon fire credits there Spence?

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    Voters need to vote for candidates who are honest and trustworthy. Leftists on the assembly are trying to destroy both the Biblical Foundations as well as our families and the unions are on the left and funding the atheists. From Frontline, Fall 2018 ” America has been built and sustained as a free, rule-of-law-based Judeo-Christian country for the last four hundred years. Built on the idea that family is at the center of civilization (Anchorage). Supported by the Judeo-Christian church, the Declaration and the Constitution laid the protections necessary to build strong [cities] and a free nation.” The atheists on the Assembly know that ultimately, to transform the Assembly into the mess that it is, they need to destroy both the Biblical foundations in Anchorage as well as the family.” The leftists/Marxists assembly members need to be outvoted by the Christians and conservatives to reverse these chaotic trends. Pray that Spencer Moore is voted in. Also, others who tell the truth and can be trusted.

  • AKPATRIOT says:

    We need to make Anchorage a bastion of Christian Dominionism