Editor’s note: The following public testimony was provided in support of Alaska House Bill 105.

I am a gay man. I was a transgender woman for over 20 years, and a member of the LGBTQIA TransQueer gender movement for over 30 years. I have lived, breathed and been this movement. I am here to tell you, there is an agenda.

With very graphic sexualized books making their way into school libraries and classrooms there is a strong desensitization happening right before us all. Desensitization is a grooming technique.

I was targeted, groomed, indoctrinated, sexualized and victimized by this very agenda, and that was before it gained the footing it now has.

Parents must be the only ones making the decisions on whether or note their children are reading, viewing or being taught about same-sex sex, opposite-sex sex or any sex at all. It is important children know it is okay to be gay but that they do not have to run into the rainbow only to be lost forever.

When a seven-year-old can come home crying because she doesn’t want to “turn into a boy” or when elementary school children are being taught about anal or oral sex; a line has been crossed!

I have heard parents after their sons or daughters have tried to take their lives, after having been secretly and aggressively told by teachers or counselors that they must hid crucial information from their own parents or families, which only tells these children that it is okay to deceive, lie and hid things from their own parents. And that their parents must be the enemy!

Let me tell you about this curriculum and this movement that is being pushed wherever youth gather.

I was targeted, groomed, indoctrinated, sexualized and victimized by this very agenda, and that was before it gained the footing it now has. It is much more powerful and in-your-face than it was back in my day.

I was the confused “transkid” often mentioned in these discussions.

There are adults, teachers, counselors and doctors pushing this agenda, but there are also those that are warning whoever will listen to just stop, breathe and think about it logically.

To hid irreversible and damaging mental or medical therapy or procedures about a child to his/her parent(s) is above and beyond criminal. This must be stopped.

The parents have a right to know if their child gets an “F” in math, was sassy to the phys. ed. Teacher or if there was a suspension or detention, but not if their child has a mental disorder that is being encouraged, promoted or celebrated?

I suffer from gender dysphoria. One of the most important lessons for me was to learn what dysphoria meant; “dys”-abnormal condition and “phoria”-mental confusion. I suffered from, and with, an abnormal condition of mental confusion.

That is the medical definition of gender dysphoria, so let there be no qualms with keeping it separated from any of the sexual orientations like heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. Those are sexual orientations and not based on thoughts and feelings, but innate individual design.

Please watch this new award-winning documentary on the medical and mental health ethics of pediatric trans care, “AFFIRMATION GENERATION.” It cites 45 academic medical studies, platforms 12 experts (pediatrician, physicians, mental health professionals, an Oxford sociology professor and others) and features the stories of six detransitioners. Please pass it on to colleagues.

I am a detransitioner. Detransitioners are not uncommon, nor are we a small population of those who have transitioned. I was the confused “transkid” often mentioned in these discussions. I was suicidal as a transkid, but I was also suicidal as a trans-adult because affirmation or acceptance did not change any of my underlying comorbidities or issues. I began taking wrong sex hormones at age 14, and was on them for over 20 years. I had osteoporosis, diabetes and I was sterile all before the age of 30 solely due to the wrong sex hormones.

PLEASE consider my own life knowledge and experience in making any decisions on this bill or other bills similar or related. Thank you.

The views shared here are those of the author.

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De-transitioner shares personal struggles in urging Alaska lawmakers to defend parental rights

David Arthur
David Arthur is the CEO/founder of IBA Ministries and is featured in the documentary, “Affirmation Generation: The Lies of Transgender Medicine.”