The April 4 election is shaping up to be yet another victory lap for Anchorage’s hardline cultural leftists. If Tuesday night’s early returns are any indication, liberals will continue their supermajority dominance on the Assembly and school board.

Of the seven Assembly races up for grabs, liberals lead in six contests. Only the Eagle River seat has a conservative ahead. If initial results hold, Assembly leftists will maintain their 9-3 advantage.

Similarly, the leftist school board will likely remain ideologically unchanged. Longtime incumbent Dave Donley – the lone conservative voice – has a 57% to 43% edge on challenger Irene Boll, while Planned Parenthood indorsed incumbent Andy Holleman leads conservative challenger Mark Anthony Cox by a margin of 55% to 45%. Barring an overwhelming flood of conservative mail-in ballots over the next few days, liberals will retain a 6-1 advantage.

While none of the early returns show tight races, there are still tens of thousands of mail-in ballots to tally. These will be updated on the city’s website each evening over the course of the next week as ballots trickle in. Click here for the latest results.

As of Tuesday, turnout was just 12.9% of registered voters. That number will tick up as more ballots are counted, but the mail-in election appears to have suffered from a dismal turnout.

Here are the current results for the Assembly races:

— District 1: Chris Constant leads his closest challenger, John Trueblood, 65% to 23%. 

— District 2: Eagle River conservative Scott Myers leads Jim Arlington 57% to 43%. If Myers wins, he will join fellow Eagle River Assemblyman Kevin Cross and District 6 Assemblyman Randy Sulte as the only members who lean conservative.

— District 3: Anna Brawley leads conservative Brian Flynn 59% to 37%.

— District 4: Felix Rivera leads conservative Travis Szanto 56% to 44%. 

— District 5: Karen Bronga leads conservative Leigh Sloan 60% to 40%. 

— District 5: Liberal George Martinez leads conservative Spencer Moore 56% to 44%.

— District 6: Liberal Zac Johnson leads conservative Rachel Ries 54% to 43%. 

The Anchorage Assembly is set to certify the election results on April 25.

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Far left candidates dominate Anchorage’s early election results

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Mike Clayton Coons says:
    Just like Anchorage, Chicago voted in progressive Socialists. Wonder how long it will be that Anchorage is as unsafe as Chicago, filled with homeless, increasing crime and lawlessness?
    As bad as it has gotten in both cities, the progressive citizens of both showed they like living in a Socialist City, run by dictator’s who routinely trample on the Bill of Rights and both the Alaska and US Constitutions. Well, folks of both cities, enjoy being victims of socialism! Parents, you got what you wanted, teachers whom will raise your kids for you to be good little Socialists. Of course, don’t be surprised when the WOKE police come to your door because your child told their teacher that you didn’t call that child by their preferred pronoun, or don’t support a Socialist view. Anchorage folks, I fully expect a Soros backed DA in your city that will toss you in jail if you have to defend yourself while letting criminals out with no repercussions!
    OBTW, we in the Valley? We don’t want you here when you can’t take it anymore! You did that to yourself. So stay in your pig sty. We don’t want the stink here!

    • Neil DeWitt says:

      Great words. Worst part is they’re true and liberals can’t handle the truth. I forsee you having a knock on the door for inviting a riot or some trumped up charge! Good luck.

      • Mike Clayton Coons says:

        They would have to come to the valley. Not a good outcome for them! 🙂
        I’m same as you and Lobo, I go into Anchorage for a monthly commissary run, a annual dentist appointment, Argo tune up and that’s about it. I always go armed , unless going to the commissary, cause of the homeless. As crime will increase, the less I will go in and the more I will be armed with a .45, cause they don’t make a .46!

    • Lobo says:

      I agree.. Unfortunately, we have some escapees from Anchorage (Commiefornia) here in the Valley already .. Let me first say, I can not truthfully say that everyone of the escapees are leftists .. I do not know all of them .. But, it would be nice of the Commiefornians would return to their home state .. I suggest that they change the name of Anchorage to a more appropriate name; Kankerage ?, Soviet Union of Alaska ? Chinanchorage ?.. Probably several more befitting names… And, Neil.. I avoid that place as much as possible .. It has to be a very important reason that can’t be resolved elsewhere before I set foot in that place.

    • Me says:

      I continue to be blown away that people don’t realize that capitalism, greed and an insane fear of harm reduction are the causes for homelessness not progressive policies that address it in ways other than just callously sweeping people away.

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        Entitlement is also greed. Expecting others to subsidize you and the consequences of your own choices is greed and irresponsibility. Enabling people is not helping them – that is how the system has been set up and look where we are. All the money funneled through the government to fund your entitlement comes from the private sector. A strong private sector is a result of capitalism. The most effective programs helping people out of their mire of addiction and related homelessness are private programs not government. For a good read I recommend Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Here’s proof that liberals get what they want. Because conservatives get out find jobs and work they didn’t put forth any effort to vote. Liberals maned the forces and got most of their people to MAIL IN vote and because they will win. I’d guess most of the Republicans are still in southern USA in wintering homes. Technically unable to vote and probably didn’t get a ballot sent to them. in all my time in Alaska I’ve never liked hoping into Anchorage down town. Now I hate it. only reason I go is for meetings of Fish and Game and to buy food. The streets are fithy and the beggers make it where I’m glad I’m not a tourist to have to put up with them. Shop owners have a real problem but the Anchorage assemble can’t do anything. WAH, WAH, WAH, they could if they had a pea brain in their heads. This homeless thing is a simple fix. I’ve wrote an answer here how in the past. Other cities in lower 58 did it and it works well. it’s costly but not all that bad. It can be a win but certain people can pound their chest and say I fixed the problem. The problem exits because nobody wants to take responsibility and do anything about it. All the want is tv time so their friends can see them. It’s so sad.

  • Johnny says:

    Sell your Anchorage properties and if you can’t then invest in tall steel fences, gate your windows and doors and try and ride out what’s sure to be a hideous time. Things have been disintegrating for a while now and with a helm full of socialists we’re about to see a once beautiful city that had a smidgeon of hope now go into total decay.

  • Lucinda says:

    Neil, here’s another explanation: More Anchoragites like liberal candidates.

    • Geroge says:

      More Anchorites are stupid people like you who want a unrealistic utopian world where everyone is the same and no one has anything. Maybe you should move back to Commiefornia.

  • George says:

    Just move back to Commiefornia and leave the rest of us alone.

  • Clown World says:

    It’s a wrap. It’s a black hole. Moving out of leftist hell hole is now a must do.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Here’s an interesting thought about this. How much should the rest of the state be concerned about this since the main shipping port and the main international airport are located in Anchorage. How about the face that people have to go through Anchorage to travel from the north to the south, vice-versa? How about the fact that our two main “cities” are going to be controlled by demonrats and “Enstar” has its main office in Anchorage?

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    Something stinks in these elections. Who does the counting? Are the machines in use? More of the ministers need to be making sermons emphasizing our citizenship rights of which voting is one of many. I noticed when gathering petition signers, that the younger people did not seem to know their rights and were intimidate, scared to discuss this, when I asked them about signing. Suggestion: Go to your search engine and type: “Run to the Roar” by Historian David Barton ( Barton emphasizes the leading role the preachers took during the Revolutionary War in their sermons and actions.” Every single pastor needs to watch the DVD.” It is good “hidden” history.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    There are likely a few variables resulting in such election outcomes in Anchorage. Employment there is heavy on government and many, if not most, government employees lean left and are influenced by unions. Not all, but a large percentage. People highly dependent on government services are drawn to bigger cities as there are more services and sadly too many of these people cannot see the entitlement trap as part of where they are so will vote for more, and they do vote. Then the mail in voting system put in place by the left leaning assembly is an open door to ballot harvesting and other nefarious election activity. Add also the complication of trying to vote in person and having only two locations, both requiring driving a distance, finding parking and walking a distance. There are likely a large number of voters that are suspicious of the mail in system but then come voting day just cannot get themselves, likely due to work and other responsibilities, to drive across town to the Hill Building or Loussac library. Lastly, Anchorage needs term limits for their assembly.