The May 18 “Objected Material Meeting” book complaint hearing at the Mat-Su Borough Building – between a library patron (myself) and a librarian – concerned the obscenity and misinformation-riddled book “Let’s Talk About It.” It was an eye-opening hearing to say the least.

Roughly 40 Mat-Su residents attended, including Mat-Su Borough Assembly Member Dee McKee. Mat-Su Borough Parks & Recreation and Library Services Manager Hugh Leslie oversaw the proceedings, which started with two five-minute presentations.

I provided legal references and visuals to allege violation of Alaska Statute 11.61.128. This was followed by Willow Librarian Julie Mitchell, who used a defense comprised of collection-development policies and one-sided book reviews. 

The debate took place before a committee of four book judges:  librarians Cassidy Drake of Big Lake and Julie Buzby of Sutton sat on one side of a table, while library board members Mary Fischer of Talkeetna and Kathy Kysar of Sutton sat directly across from them.  Surrounded on three sides with a rapt audience, the panel listened to each presentation, discussed the controversy and then handed down a verdict. The fate of this book impacts not only the Willow library and the children it serves, but all borough-run libraries in the Mat-Su: Big Lake, Sutton, Talkeetna, Trapper Creek and Willow.

Observing the meeting was akin to watching a jury deliberation where jurors skew presented facts while spouting politicized viewpoints. However, according to Mr. Leslie, “this meeting will be taped and will most likely be available at some point in time…”

I noted that this book asserts that porn is a “fun sugary treat” and that “a safe place to research” porn is on the internet.

I was first given the floor to present verbal and visual evidence that distributing this book meets the criteria for a Class C Felony under Alaska Statute 11.61.128, and that includes satisfying all three parts of the Miller-Ginsburg (M-G) test for obscenity. To achieve the M-G criteria, the material has to appeal to prurient interest in sex for persons under 16 years. My presentation first included book descriptions as well as an image of exactly that description of sexual interest – a female cartoon character filming herself as she masturbated.

Next, I launched into the Miller-Ginsburg requirement #2 – that a reasonable person of the Mat-Su Valley would find that the material taken as a whole to lack serious literary, artistic, educational, political or scientific value for persons under 16. The word “or” became a sticking point in later discussion when a library board member decided to read this as meaning all five criteria have to be met for this book to meet the M-G test, when ONLY ONE does.  Nothing seemed to countermand this continued misinterpretation, despite numerous back-and- forth efforts between myself and the board member.

I then pointed to the book’s images and text stating that puberty can give a male a vagina, and give a female a penis. This is not scientifically possible, even with castration and cross-sex drugs.

I then showed a cartoon image from the book which depicts a female with a penis. I juxtaposed this cartoon image with an actual photo of a real female-to-male surgical mutilation. These poster images, titled “SCIENCE and NOT SCIENCE,” were put on view, side-by side.

Next, I noted that this book asserts that porn is a “fun sugary treat” and that “a safe place to research” porn is on the internet.  Numerous studies were then displayed about dangers and harms of porn watching, all written by PhDs, professors, and experts.

First off, a library board member asked if I’d ever seen a lady with a beard. I replied no – not without use of hormone drugs.

Using these fact-based arguments to demonstrate that the material lacks serious educational science value, the I then addressed #3 of the M-G test: The material depicts conduct that is patently offensive to the prevailing standards of the adult community, as a whole, with respect to what is suitable for persons under 16.  For this portion, an image of a cartoon character saying, “Man, f—k patriarchy” was displayed. Everyone was reminded that patriarchy means fathers’ roles in the family.

Two more unverified and unsupported statements from the book were addressed next: “Virginity is a silly word,” and male-female sexual relationships are “an obsolete concept…due to a lack of understanding.” They were followed up by presenting a poster of a young female taking a picture of her genitalia.  The patron accompanied this by quoting actual words from page 152 of this book, which give instructions on how to send “…these naughty masterpieces around for the world.”  And that’s when the patron spoke to the M-G question #3 about the prevailing standards of Mat-Su adults.  She asked for a show of hands from all in the room who considered this offensive. The video of this meeting will show that the only abstainers were the librarians and the board members seated at the table.

Immediately following the conclusion of my presentation, Willow librarian Julie Mitchell addressed the board from a web connection.  She said a library patron requested the book, and that she then checked reviews – both at Publishers Weekly and others, such as Kirkus Review, which is a “pay-for-review” site.  She read each review aloud, then noted that she ordered the book in December of 2022.  The publisher listed it as “Young Adult,” so that’s where her cataloguing staff put it.

Thus began the post-presentation discussion.

This is a 231-page book, and 142 pages, or fully 61% of it, features sex, nudity, images of naked bodies, naked parts, sexual innuendoes, and comments about sex.

I was only supposed to speak if questioned. First off, a library board member asked if I’d ever seen a lady with a beard. I replied no – not without use of hormone drugs.

Next, I was asked if I’d ever seen a male with breasts.  The answer was the same, but I admitted that I’d seen “man-boobs” on a heavy-set man before.  The library board member responded that she had man-friends with breasts that made her jealous.

The questions then got personal.  Where do you live?  What library do you use?  Do you have children?  How many?  Ages?  So, your interest is community-minded?

I live outside Palmer, use the Wasilla library, have six adult children and also grandchildren.

During the discussion portion, the hearing grew very interesting.  Audience outbursts occurred, which were quite poignant. As the committee discussed where the book belonged, one audience member blurted out: “It should be in the garbage.”

At one point I was asked if I’d read the book. I have.

I was then asked if I’d considered the chapters at the end of the book, which dealt with rejection and jealousy. Didn’t I feel these chapters had value?

Sutton Librarian Buzby spoke, saying she had concerns about just two chapters in the book which dealt with “pornography and sending pictures of yourself on a device.”

I answered that the placement of the chapters was reminiscent of a wolf wrapped in sheep’s clothing. The first two chapters are the same as the back chapters – innocuous and innocent, but the rest of the book is obvious obscenity.  It’s just hidden.  I pointed out that this is a 231-page book, and 142 pages, or fully 61% of it, features sex, nudity, images of naked bodies, naked parts, sexual innuendoes, and comments about sex.

One library board member commented that young adults “go on the internet and they’ll see worse than this.  I’d much rather this book than [what] they got on the internet … and found everybody’s misconceptions and lies…”

There was absolutely no acknowledgement that this book was just shown to contain misconceptions and lies.

Sutton Librarian Buzby spoke, saying she had concerns about just two chapters in the book which dealt with “pornography and sending pictures of yourself on a device.”  She also stated that the book “gives details as to how to go about doing said things.”  That gave her some pause as to putting it on a young adult shelf, but she did find that the “rest of the book – as whole – gives information that I think young people today have questions about.”

She didn’t mention one word about it being unscientific and providing false information.

Buzby added that “removing it from the shelf in Willow doesn’t remove it from access.  If you hold a library card in the State of Alaska, you can get a book from anywhere in the nation.”

An audience member then said, “The kids these days are facing this crap by their teachers and by librarians now.  That’s where they’re getting it. They’re not getting it from their parents.”

She also cited government regulations that must be neutral, stating that “when the category of content is sexuality, an expression that supports heterosexual perspectives over LGBTQ perspectives is a viewpoint.  Whether it’s something you as a parent want to have a conversation with your kid about or expose them to, this committee can’t use that as a reason this book doesn’t belong on the shelf.  It’s simply not allowed.  In law.”

Big Lake librarian Cassidy Drake then spoke, saying her thoughts were similar to the rest of the committee. She briefly touched on concerns about the same two chapters Buzby mentioned, but finished by noting that the idea of consent in this book was a big thing.

An audience member then said, “The kids these days are facing this crap by their teachers and by librarians now.  That’s where they’re getting it. They’re not getting it from their parents.”

Mr. Leslie interrupted by saying he appreciated the comments, “However, I explained there’s no public comment at this meeting.  I’ll be happy to talk to you after.”

Does that mean librarians do realize this book is sexual-grooming material? But since they’re not “pushing” it, it’s not grooming? 

The audience member responded: “It’s hard to hold back when you’re sitting calmly talking about this garbage.”

“I understand,” Mr. Leslie responded.

Here’s where the meeting got very interesting. Library Board Member Mary Fischer claimed:

“If this book were handed to each child when it came in or recommended to each child when it came in, and there were posters on the wall of the pictures in it, that would be grooming.  Putting a book on the shelf is not grooming. It is not pushing anything.  It’s simply giving a point of view.”

Does that mean librarians do realize this book is sexual-grooming material? But since they’re not “pushing” it, it’s not grooming? 

If they push mystery books, that’s not grooming.

If they push non-fiction books, that’s not grooming.

Grooming is a term developed in the 80s to describe getting beneath a child’s inhibitions (befriending them, etc), so you can sexually abuse them. In order to call it grooming, a book has to have obscene or pornographic material within the covers.

The same board member (Mary Fischer) went on to say, “We could go to any subject and say fine, the book on plumbing tells you to do it this way.  There’s a book on plumbing and they could tell you to do it this way.  Someone will come up and say if you do that, your house is gonna fall down.  But there’s two points of view.  And the points of view are important.  You can’t have it all be the same.  Monitor what your children read.  I did.”

I responded: “Plumbing is not illegal.”

Librarian Buzby got the committee back on track by asking if the committee members thought the book should remain in the young adult section.

To no one’s surprise all four members agreed the book should remain there.

Mr. Leslie asked, “so what happens next is…”

He was interrupted by an audience member who said, “You should all be fired.  That’s what.”

Mr. Leslie then provided information on what would take place next.  He advised anyone to call him, and he’d be happy to have a discussion.  His words were:  “It’s what I do. I work for you.” His email is  His direct number is 907-861-7868.

As the meeting wrapped up, an audience attendee commented: “We’re at war against the book.”

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Mat-Su library board won’t pull youth sex book, but member admits ‘pushing’ it ‘would be grooming’

Jacquelyn Ivie Goforth
The author is highly active in Mat-Su politics and served as chairperson of the "Recall Palmer Three" campaign, which successfully recalled three left-leaning city council members in 2022. She is also an award winning fiction writer who now lives in Palmer with her husband and very spoiled pets.


  • Nunya says:

    These librarians and their supporters have declared war on the children of this valley and on our culture. They are a bunch of ideological terrorists.

  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    Well, it’s sounds like this was a very interesting meeting. To bad the librarians all had their minds made up and it was a dog and pony show for the publics disadvantage as always.

    It’s so sad that this is happening and the people can’t stop it.what happened to decency? ? I think it’s all gone since this WOKE crap and LGBTQ+ started.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Thank you for standing up against this perversion of our children Jacquelyn. You are an excellent speaker and your presentations are well-researched and very organized. To argue that this material is good for the children is just sick. I hope that a parent(s) will come forward and bring lawsuits against teachers, the School District, the School Board and any other individuals involved in getting these books in the libraries. They know that lawsuits are very big possibility. How much dirty money will be funding their side of a lawsuit?

  • Lobo says:

    As I understand the law(s), you are forbidden to allow minors to view pornography online, or in publications … Tell me, how is this different, when it is readily accessible for minors in a public library, with no administrative oversight. or control ? Does porn take on a different label when it is pushed, or allowed, by public institutions ???

  • Elise says:

    Wow, I can’t believe Joel continues to lie to his audience with such disregard.

    literary, artistic, educational, political or scientific value for persons under 16. This is boiler-plate language shared by almost every state that has laws that target profanity/porn. In every single one of them, these are exactly the same exceptions because these are the First Amendment grounds that they can’t infringe on. For a book to be —allowed- it only has to meet a single criteria. Ie. It can’t be banned unless NONE of those criteria apply.

    You lost the battle before you even started because you lied. No rational person could look at the material as a whole and say it has no educational value to adolescents. In fact the authors specifically interviewed adolescents about their experiences and included topics that THEY wished they knew more about when they started having sex. Its unlikely you could find a lawyer willing to touch the case, but If you tried to take it to court, you would get your ass handed to you.

    The book has a ton of educational, literary and scientific value. Thanks for playing.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Elise, push the lefty narrative as much as you want. People are “rational” are awake and can see how perverted these books are. The people who are awake understand the globalist agenda to destroy society, morals and take down the world. Mr. Davidson is putting out information to help protect our Almighty Creator’s children and the people who are awake appreciate his reporting on these topics.

      • Elise says:

        There is no lefty narrative. There is just the truth and there are lies. I’m just calling out lies. I know you guys don’t like facts, but that doesn’t stop them from being true. You say you are awake, but the truth is you are just dreaming of a desired world that doesn’t exist.

        It’s ironic how often you mention Satan. Considering the amount of deception and lies Joel’s site puts out, he probably has a poster of Satan next to his bed.

        You spend all this energy trying to demonize lgbt people and trying to destroy education. There have been many movements to ban books in human history. NONE of them were the good guys.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Again, you are pushing the lefty narrative and people see it. You tell us that we are lying because it is what you are actually doing, but you have to put the blame on the innocent people trying to save the children because the left cannot accept blame. God the Creator of ALL Creation knows the truth, so what you say about Joel cannot change what God the Creator of ALL Creation’s mind about Joel. I am not spending any energy trying to demonize anyone. I am spending energy to protect God Almighty’s children because they need protection from the demons who are trying to introduce perversion in their young lives. By the way, I have not seen or read of anyone trying to ban books. I have read plenty of opinions that perverted books need to be in adult-only sections – that is not banning, so you might want to file away this tidbit of information to pull up next time you want to speak about banning books.

      • Larry Wood says:

        Elsie is just showing that she is a good Dem, she mouths the party line and ignores the destruction that this agenda is reaping in suicides and shattered lives of those who’ve gone down the road to perversion and ‘transgenderism’. The only people who come out ahead in that lemming-like rush to the proverbial cliff are the doctors and mental health practitioners who profit from the lies.
        Amazing how these so called adults have no compunction about sexual grooming of minors as part of the LGBTQ agenda and supported by the Dems Party–well, communist party.

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      Well, good for you Elise. I suppose porn has it’s place in educating…. perverts. At some point, this will come before the courts. You may have noticed that none of the school board meetings will allow this book to be read aloud, ostensibly because children might be present. I guess the perverts still like to lurk around the library stacks and foist their perversion upon the innocent. I guess you are one of those folks, too.

      • Elise says:

        They can’t read the book aloud because they only want to cherry pick certain parts and read them in a gross context not intended by the authors or anyone there. They WANT to read the book in a perverted way by only highlighting and amplifying sexual themes. How come they arent reading the section that talks about healthy body image. Howcome they aren’t reading the section teaching people the importance of consent?

        To count as any sort of obscenity the book -AS A WHOLE- must be considered. Its called freedom of speech. Like I said before. You csn try to take it to court, but the State attorneys already refused because there is no case.

      • Elisebuthopefullynotcensored says:

        How many books have you even read? The young adult section is full of books containing a litany of bad topics. The books my generation had to read for school were full of cursing, racist tropes, homophobia, murder, animal cruelty, sexual assault, addiction, antisemitism, the list goes on. Where is your crusade to ban the Bible from the Library? Its full of sexual themes, rape, incest, temple prostitution, murder, animal sacrifice, genocide, etc. just look at Sodom and Gamorrah where the ‘righteous’ daighters that the Angels saved got Lot drunk and raped him so they could have incest babies. THAT is some serious grooming if you ask me!

      • Friendofhumanity says:

        Its too bad that Joel doesn’t believe in free speech. He censors posts he doesn’t like but allows his supporters to hurl gross accusations at people. He’s more liable to wind up in court than anyone using this book you guys are so scared of.

        Heres how you can tell it’s got educational value. Because if you read it, I guarantee you will learn something. I had never even heard of any of these books until YOU guys started publicizing them. Makes me wonder if you’ve got infiltrators who are giving you your orders. You are getting WAY more people to read the book than if you had just Stfu and let it get ignored on the shelf like 99.9% of all the other books. Especially teenagers….the best way to make them want to read the book is to tell them they shouldn’t. If you don’t want them to read it tell them you read it and loved it. Bam! They will instantly hate it till they are 30.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        WHOA! Someone pervert is using my name without the spaces: “Friendofhumanity”. That is not my post!

    • Jacquelyn Goforth says:

      Thank you for your perspective. it’s always nice to hear well-worded, really concise, fact-based, non-insulting, opposing views. Some day, that could happen, I guess.
      The wording of the law does not say a reasonable person would find that the material, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, educational, political AND scientific value.

      it says OR serious scientific value.

      This book lacks serious scientific value.

      I guess we’re back to Bill Clinton’s impeachment when he told a grand jury, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”
      LET’S TALK ABOUT IT is a sexual grooming document, exactly as one library board member stated.

      just because it’s not shoved into a child’s hand or pushed on them, or obscene pictures plastered on the wall, does not change what this book is.

      It’s a sexual grooming tool and it’s readily available children, stocked and handed to them by people they trust.

      once again, thank you.

    • Terri says:

      Elise, sweetie, your severe unresolved daddy issues, trauma, and/or abuse are showing and clogging your thought process. You think you’re on the right side of history? Adorable! We’re this far into this predictable & preventable demonrat show and you still can’t see clearly?! Who abused you so badly?! Poor thing. Resorting to projection, lies, leftism, and child-abuse are not the answer to your awful life and inability to deal with that trauma like an adult. Give some examples of Joel’s “lies.” Then define Fascism (minus the far-right nonsense) and explain what makes a Nazi a Nazi ok? Does that definition fit the Antifa & Burn Loot Murder rejects to a tee and all Demonrats during the SCAMdemic? Same tactics straight from Hitlers playbook. Nazis burned books & tried rewriting history just like your fellow demonrat psychopaths. We want porn out of the hands of children… too tough to grasp? Your tv lies to your empty heads, bud. You perverts brag about coming for the children trying to ruin them & make them racist perverts like yourselves, we know. Hate those better off than you (which doesnt take much), classic leftards! Why did MalcolmX accurately call you maggots “foxes?” Why didn’t retarded sHitler-Bidumb want his crackhead kids growing up in a racial jungle? Whose eulogies did Bidumb give and why? Who else attended those funerals? Did Bidumb’s Crime Bills lock up more blacks? What was the purpose of the “No Man in the Home Rule?” Why do Demonrats want to keep blacks & minorities down full of hate and anger as slaves off of the plantation blindly following fake leaders like Farrakhan, Sharpton etc when prior to the Civil (Socialist) Rights Mvmt blacks were successful business- and land-owners, real Christians, married, classy Republicans etc? Turn that little finger around, little girl, and take proper credit. It’s about time you vermin quit projecting and learn who the real terrorists are on the very wrong side of history to blame for the demise of everything good. Yeah youre definitely the good role models, rational, mentally-well ones… Go infest Portland or China. You perverts don’t deserve Alaska. Take your meds and LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!

      • Lucinda says:

        Suzanne. Terri doesn’t get blocked but poor me, because I questioned a knee jerk reaction, am punted into purgatory. Life is so not fair.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Interesting way to start your comment Lucinda. Why would you start your comment with “Suzanne?” Is this a marker or a flag or do you just see extra people in here that no one else can see?

    • Jacquelyn Goforth says:

      I believe that is a big point being missing here:

      Sexual grooming is defined as “befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child under the age of consent and sometimes the child’s family, to lower the child’s inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse.” from Wikipedia. This book was written to Groom children. it’s published to Groom children. It’s in a library (the perfect place to access children!) and no librarian will keep it from the hands of any patron, even if they are children. Librarian Board Member Mary Fischer said: “If the book is handed…or recommended…or pictures posted on a wall THAT would be grooming. putting it on a shelf is not grooming.”

      if you put a book on kitchen remodeling or geography, or basic drawing into a child’s hands, or post pictures on the wall from them, THAT IS NOT GROOMING. No one would even attach the word “grooming” to kitchen remodeling or geography or basic drawing. The sexual content of this book is what makes it Grooming material. Putting it on a shelf constitutes grooming of a child, just using a one-at-a-time method.

      This is my opinion. it is one-sided like all opinions are. which is why Joel posted my article as an OPINION piece. I believe that is what opinion means.

    • Karen L. Lewis says:

      There are dozens of these filthy books in our libraries that 14 year olds are able to check out or hear by audio. There are 42 ‘porn for children’ books in Wasilla Library alone! 21 in Willow! 16 in Talkeetna! 14 in Sutton! 13 in Big Lake! If you haven’t seen the disgusting writings, go to and you can read for yourself. Have a trash can ready in case you throw up! Start showing up at Assembly meetings, City Council meetings and School Board meetings. SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS DEMONIC CRAP! SATAN IS AFTER THE CHILDREN! WAKE UP, OH SLEEPERS!

    • Karen L. Lewis says:

      NONE of the criteria apply. Have you read these disgusting porn books for 14 year olds? Go to and read them.
      If you think children should read these books, then you’re demented.

  • Sandy Shacklett says:

    While at this meeting, I saw overwhelming support from the community to take this book off the young adult shelf. Teaching a 14 year old how to have sex in all manner of positions, using cartoon like characters to give it all an appealing look that children are drawn to, and then showing gender translation if without depicting the reality, all add up to misinformation in order to present a one sided point of view without addressing facts (like hormone/drug therapies) and the long term consequences.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Isn’t it amazing that a tiny group can scream and yell and threaten the majority and get what they want? I am all for parents supporting parallel school systems funded by the parents and get rid of this demonic public school system that is in place. Our schools got their starts in many rural areas through the will of the parents and we can do that also.

      • Lucinda says:

        Gawd Friend. YOU were part of “a tiny group can scream and yell and threaten the majority and get what they want?” Remember your team during the pandemic at the anchorage assembly meetings?

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Lucinda, you are lying again.

    • Lucinda says:

      Re my wayward post above. I’m pretty high.

  • Jody Zylstra says:

    Thank you so much for fighting this! This book is illegal and also encourages illegal behavior, not to mention immorality and complete falsehoods. It does belong in the trash, but more than that, someone needs to be prosecuted and shamed for allowing public access to this illegal trash.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Jacquelyn what an awesome review of this meeting. Reading this I felt like I was there.
    I’m with you and the audience 100% this book needs to be Burned.

  • Bill Waters says:

    it was my understanding the committee would be made up of more public then school employees. clearly things are not reflecting what the parents demand. There is no compromise on this. people need to be arrested, including librarians.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Are you thinking of the other committee being formed for the school board? I think this article is about the public library board. The committee yet to be formed I believe will be advisory to the MSB school board and there were a few hundred applicants. As far as a I know it is not yet finalized.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Thank you Jacquelyn for your efforts and your time to write this informative article. How tragic the blindness evident among library “leadership”. There are far better, cleaner, objective and more wholesome book choices to answer the questions of young adults about sexuality. I have not read the book in question and likely would not have the stomach for I but I have heard enough. It should be in the adult section, the restricted adult section if there is one. Not sitting on a shelf available to innocent children. What happened to protecting children? These librarians sound far more concerned with being popular within the sordid edgy and woke world than actually curating books appropriate for children. Definitely no leaders or independent thinkers in that group. Seems the Matsu borough could do better.

  • Dalton says:

    your children are being taught beastiality in the schools. get them out of the schools now. figure it out man

  • Jean Holt says:

    Glad I attended the MTG. Your presentation was fantastic. You have a style similar to Bob Bird from Kenai, getting the subject matter across Clearly.

  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    Who keeps hiring these fruity leftist groomers? Time for a discussion with HR, I should think.

  • The Other Side says:

    First of all, it’s a shame that Jackie can’t write a coherent article. Is it in first person? Is it in second person? In the end, it’s all just very convoluted. This is an extremely one-sided report of the meeting. Of course, that is because it is Jackie’s side. Perhaps if she had used her time to address the committee, as was the requirement, rather than addressing the crowd, her points would have been taken more seriously. She absolutely did not prove the Miller Dash Ginsberg test. She also failed to mention that she admitted to the committee that she had not read the entire book. I guess once again, ignorance is bliss. The committee members had all been given president, court, cases, and all of the legal ramifications and laws that were out there governing obscenity, and the role that libraries play as a public service. However, they had not spoken to one another about this topic before the meeting. In the end, freedom of speech one and justice prevailed. The lesson here is to pay attention to what your children read, and have the hard discussions with them, rather than leaving them to search out, answers about sexuality and relationships on their own. Parent up!

    • Jacquelyn Goforth says:


    • Faith Restored says:

      you sounds like the lady who called it grooming. only instead of putting it up on the walls and pushing porn, you’re grooming kids one-at-a-time.
      nice verbal diarrhea.

    • Terri says:

      Jackie’s aware that you Demonrats can’t hear and refuse to listen to the truth, nor do you understand what is right and what is wrong. They did speak before the meeting along with others who shouldn’t have been there. Facts over feelings and leave the kids alone.

      • Lucinda says:

        “Facts over feelings”? You as a Christian (I assume) advocate that? Do you see the hypocrisy there?

      • Terri says:

        Speaking of facts over feelings, are you ever going to address my insanely-easy questions or keep embarrassing yourself and projecting? Start by defining Fascism and explain what makes a Nazi a Nazi. Facts over unstable feelings, sweetie. You can do it!

  • Mary says:

    Porn books for kids is bad enough, but teaching them how to publish porn on the world wide web is opening a whole new can of worms. Is that not setting kids up for sex trafficking? I thought publishing sex with kids on line was strictly against Federal Law.

  • Will says:

    Just go take it off the shelves yourselves. And if they replace it, take that one, too.

  • Mongo says:

    How much would my property taxes go down if we just shutdown these public porno libraries?

  • Lez-o Brandon says:

    Why don’t we put in books on how to be a serial killer?
    We aren’t pushing it on them….
    Just make the drugs available… it’s not like we are pushing it on them…

  • Andy says:

    The children didn’t consent to inclusion of phonographic books, the adult leadership did, who do they represent? Get your kids outta these grooming centers!

  • Lucinda says:

    None of these books that launch your delicate feeewings to Kolob are about grooming. Nobody but you thinks that. They teach about honest sex, not the hole in the sheet sex Christians practice. Your kids will, maybe are having sex. Some might be queer but would never trust you to treat them with compassion. It’s information. Your kids are smart, they can handle reality

    • Andy says:

      Blah blah blah, typical hotair nonsense from a lefty

      • Lucinda says:

        Ouch Andy. Your insight struck me hard. Back to Qualudes and Jim Beam for me. And edibles. I’ll probably miss work at my LBGT rights advocacy nonprofit tomorrow. But oh well. The recovery time will allow me to focus on the well meaning, thoughtful message behind your terse response.
        Thanks for that Andy. Do you have any idea how much that means to me?

  • Dorothy says:

    School age children need to be protected from pornography. Get rid of the book. Parents demand that this material is pulled from the libraries.

  • Lucinda says:

    You Christian nationalists make extraordinary claims about grooming and pedophilia as if it’s common among your perceived Other. It’s not. It just isn’t. You WANT it to be so you can add weight to your whiny grievance list. Pedophilia is horrible and without defense. Maybe in your febrility you confuse it with silly men in garish female costumes, a failed case of critical thinking common to your ilk.
    Stay the hell out of my life.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Lucinda, you are using lefty words to try to create an emotional response. You are blaming others for things that you are doing because you cannot be blamed for the things that you are doing. You are lying again.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Why did we hire dunleavy? What the hell good is he?
    Wasted money! Give us our pfd! Fire all government!

  • LJ says:

    Why is it that these topics bring so many out from under their rock ?

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Just these last several days, the trolls have been really hitting it hard all over the internet. Maybe because more evidence is coming out about the O’bidens criminal family activities, about election fraud, about the toxic jabs, WW3 is being pushed, toxic chemicals being stolen off of trains, satellite phones being purchased with the taxpayers money and being given to unknown-to-us senators, and so on. Drip Drip Drip

      • Lucinda says:

        Phony: is there any topic that you DON’T feel compelled to blather about?

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Lucinda, are there ANY topics that you don’t feel compelled to oppose and spew your lies about? As long as you keep coming here and opposing the truth by telling your lies, I’ll keep commenting on your posts.

  • Larry Wood says:

    Well stated. Thank you, Jacquelyn Ivie Goforth for standing up and doing the right thing in defense of the kids. There is no 1st Amendment issue, given that banning is not objective, but preventing materials inappropriate for minors from being accessible in a public library. For some reason, communist Dems and their LGBTQ acolytes want these objectionable, age inappropriate, offensive, and worthless books in the public purview accessible to minors. No. There has to be limits and it looks like the library ‘board’ is another political chess piece that must changed to reflect the concerns of parents and to protect the kids.
    There is a reason there is no porn at the cash register check out or in grocery stores. Such periodicals violates community standards, and, with a broad interpretation, such public access would be considered grooming.
    AS 11.61.128 is the appropriate statute to pursue criminal action or to use as the basis for a civil lawsuit to limit access. Further, there is no redeeming value in any publication that encourages minors to engage in unhealthy lifestyles. Otherwise, you get exactly what is in our colleges today. Schools are no longer places of education, they are indoctrination centers for the communist agenda.
    What puzzles me is the absence of the black coat regiment? Why is the charge against this insanity of sexualizing children not being led by the pastors, rabbis and priests?
    You have to ask yourself why our education and public library professionals are so adamant about sexualizing minors? Pedophilia is alive and well in our education system, as is the LGBTQ crowd who have to business in our libraries, our schools or anything having to do with children.
    Anyone who wants to suborn or neutralize parental rights should be removed from office, from the gov’t, from the schools, from the libraries, on and on. These are sick people and a danger to the kids.
    We are where Israel was in the Southern Kingdom with the worship of Baal and the sacrifice of children. This could not have been done during our parents lives–the WWII and post 40s-70s America.
    BTW, a transgender ‘women’, biological male, who does not fully transition and keeps their male parts is a ‘transvestite’, not a ‘woman’. It is time we start calling out the lies of the Left and protect our kids.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Good points Mr. Wood! I agree about the leaders of our churches and religious institutions…WHERE ARE THEY in this fight? I have not seen one step up to speak out against the sickos trying to take our children and make them into sex slaves. Additionally, good point about the guys who keep their male parts – they are transvestites!

  • Lucinda says:

    Phony Friend says, “ I don’t hoot because owls are a symbol of the Illuminati and Freemasons and I consider them evil.” I used to converse with you, then I challenged you, then I dropped my jaw a dozen times. Now I can only pity you! Hoot hoot!

    • Terri says:

      Are you going to finally address my VERY easy questions? Start by defining fascism and explaining what makes a nazi a nazi. Then we can get to your racist people’s history. Be a big girl, quit projecting and get on the right side of history, Luce!

      • Lucinda says:

        Terri, I don’t remember you asking me your VERY easy questions. Sorry, maybe I just breezed over it. All I would do to answer your questions is to parrot whatever I find on Google. My name is Lucinda, not Luce.

      • Terri says:

        Haaahahha how many meds do you take, Luce?? Poor thing! Can you read? I just told you where to start and what we’ll cover once you address the basics. You misinformed maggots need to learn so we’ll start from the very beginning. Google will even tell you the simple definition of Fascism and that you vermin at the Fascist Nazis, racists and have always been on the wrong side of history. And I couldn’t care less what your name is, genius. So sorry I didnt catch your embarrassing pronouns or which of the 418 genders your mental disease tells you you are. Get on the right side of history and quit projecting, destroying everything good in this world especially children. Wastes of air

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Here is a online video of a meeting where Jacquelyn Ivie Goforth is one of the speakers and she presents information about these books being pushed upon our children.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Dave w/X22 Report made some interesting statements in his video for today (5/26/23). He brought up that the left is building the narrative now to paint anyone not supporting all of the sicko child abuse as being threatening and the left is more and more saying that they “are afraid of being attacked or hurt” because of their beliefs. Well, notice how the left is pushing this crap really hard now, people in more vocal in opposition of the sicko child abuse, so the left is voicing more and more how afraid they are? I remember Jackie Goforth mentioning that someone on the left accused her of this when all she was doing was voicing her beliefs, research findings and laws. Dave w/X22 was pointing out how this narrative is being played out more and more now. Document every thing people!