Chloe Cole has a story to tell. She’s the victim of a woke agenda and a woke medical community, and she isn’t staying silent.

Her story is powerful, and it’s one the Left doesn’t want you to hear – which is why we are giving you an opportunity to hear from her!

Chloe, a poised and articulate 18-year-old young woman, passionately advocates against the practice of transitioning minors.

Driven by a noble mission to safeguard children from potentially harmful ideologies and medical interventions, Chloe draws from her personal experiences to shed light on the distressing consequences of “gender-affirming care” for adolescents.

Having embarked on her own transition journey at the tender age of 12, including puberty suppressants, cross sex hormones at 13, and a double mastectomy at 15, only to subsequently detransition at 16, Chloe speaks with firsthand authority on the deeply traumatic effects experienced by minors undergoing such treatments.

Please save the dates of Wednesday, August 16th in Wasilla and Friday, August 18th in Anchorage to join us in celebrating Chloe’s determination, bravery and passion for helping to stop the medical malpractice of “gender-affirming” care.

Registration and sponsorship opportunities will be available shortly.

Alaska Family Council, with help from citizens like you, is doing everything in our power to stop this madness by:

— Bringing up prominent voices like Chloe Cole to call attention to the gender ideology lies that are as ubiquitous as they are damaging. 

— Initiating legal action against public schools that are advancing gender ideology tactics to confuse young children and keep parents uninformed. (More on this soon.)

— Gathering thousands of on-line signatures and generating public testimony for the AK Board of Education to encourage them to protect high school girls from having to compete against biological males in sports. CLICK HERE if you haven’t already signed.

— Generating research and expert testimony to present a case to the AK Board of Medicine to prevent mutilation surgery and puberty blockers from being used as “treatment” for minors.

Because we are a non-profit, public policy ministry, this work is not possible without financial partners who stand with us through investments of financial resources and prayers knowing our God grieves when children are led astray. Matthew 18:6

Please prayerfully consider investing now in our hard, necessary and privileged laboring to be light and salt in Alaska and rescue young hearts, minds, souls and bodies who need Truth now more than ever.

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Girl who had breasts cut off at 15 is headed to Alaska to warn against gender ‘transitioning’

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • LD says:

    I highly recommend watching this Epoch Documentary:
    Chloe shares her story. I think it is great she is traveling to Alaska to share.
    Of particular note in this documentary is to observe how the State Social Worker and the State Courts actively work AGAINST the protective parent. WItness their power over the protective parent trying to help her daughter. Witness how the therapists connected to the State brainwash children. The State Social Workers, State Advocates, and State Courts attack the family unit with immunity, especially as the State Courts go right along, with these so-called therapists brainwashing the children. This happens in Alaska All The Time. I have witnessed it for myself.
    Since the State has all the power and immunity, the only way to overcome is to call upon the Name of the Most High. Judgement and Justice can only come from the Lord now … as this wicked corruption is wide spread throughtout our state and nation.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Video by Prince Ea: ‘If I was the DEVIL’ inspired by Paul Harvey

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    We listened to the Jordan Peterson interview of Chloe. It was heart wrenching and shocking what she has been through. She is very articulate and bright and amazingly poised. We will be praying for her time here and that eyes and hearts would be opened by her message.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Ld “the only way “
    Your comments are spot on and I agree with your statement “the only way “ up to a point! Mostly because it takes no courage or risk of any sort to pray! I’m fully aware of the limitations we have as the creation and our utter dependence on our creator. Too often we allow and are way too permissive in terms of those we hire to oversee our world. My response and internal fortitude agitates me to the point of wanting to scream wake the hell up! What are we waiting for? At this point dunleavy should rightfully be afraid of the citizens of this state! Silence from these powerful people cuts deep into the bone marrow of citizens with any amount of moral conscience left! Enough is what this society should be saying and for God’s sake we shouldn’t be waiting for a dear child to speak to us about the horrors of what the Bureaucrats persuaded her to do!
    As far as Jim Minnery, these comments apply to you as well!
    I welcome your comments

    • LD says:

      Hi Dave,
      I say the “only way now” because I am part of the Permeating Light Project Team that did pray and more. We investigated the State of Alaska (SOA) and discovered organized crime operating within the SOA. We discovered this organized crime in the SOA was linked to outside foreign governments interested in using the wicked corruption rampant in our state and nation, as a “way into America”, a foot in the door, so to speak, in order to destroy America from the inside out. In order for the citizens to rise up against the SOA organized crime, they would need to be willing to put their lives and their families’ lives on the line, as organized crime eliminates and silences their enemies with deadly consequences, as we all know. People can not do anything to stand up against this system of corruption if the main breadwinner and loved ones end up in the hospital in a coma….this has actually occurred to anyone thinking they can investigate this through legal channels. Sudden deadly accidents. We know this for a fact. This is organized crime and corruption. The judges, attorneys, state government employees, therapists…et cetera….are all involved and are covered by immunity and they know it. This corruption has only become bolder because for a citizen to stand up against them means, taking on the heavily financed governments (both domestic and foreign) and organized crime (i.e.: mafia). And no one can stand up to big pharma who are linked to the medical industry mutilating & poisoning our children …as look at what happened with O’Keefe when he exposed Pfizer. Any citizen who dares to expose this corruption risks being targeted and called delusional. When the government, therapists, and courts say a person is “Crazy”, they can be committed and drugged up, just like what happened to “Colony High School Principal Mary Fulp” – who was detained and then silenced by her own attorneys (attorneys are part of this corruption). Then to say all this is a conspiracy theory right? Another way to silence the truth. BTW – Dunleavy knows.
      That is why I have concluded that the ONLY way now…is to call upon the Name of the Most High. To take refuge with Him and ask for His Help. To ask for His Justice and Judgement upon the wicked corruption ruling our state and nation. To Petition the Most High to come to the aid of the innocent children and elderly with His Mighty Strong Hand. I believe that no human can save our People now. Only the Redeemer can save us now.

    • Jim Minnery says:

      I’m unsure of what you’re suggesting We are moving in a direction to end this barbarism. Open to suggestions on how you might contribute.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        First and foremost is our feckless governor and his hiding behind no responses to the wickedness coming from the institutions he oversees! Librarians, counselors, public funded therapists, the department of health and human services, etc. all have been promoting a dangerous poison in the minds of the children! Dunleavy says nothing! Defunds nothing! He apparently doesn’t even have the will to give his opinion publicly! Instead we’ adults are going to be schooled by a victim of the system who’s horrific tragedy was overtly caused by these same institutions!
        We Christians know that the truth will create freedom and love for one’s neighbors which is commanded implies that when we have direct responsibility as an overseer, and choose to hide and stay silent, we are guilty! My expectations of church leadership is clear! SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER
        Enough of the fear of not being liked motivating our choices!

      • LD says:

        Mr. Minnery,
        Watch the Epoch Documentary I linked up above. This abomination movement comes from the highest worldly levels, nationally and internationally. It is systematic, organized, and criminal. There is one answer to overcoming the abomination boldly sweeping our nation and state. People must humble themselves, cry out to the Most High God, who is Holy, repent, and pray unceasingly. It is the only way. That is how I am contributing. I pray that each organization, community, and individual that seeks to stand up against this abomination, allows the Most High God to go before them & do Only as Commanded by the Lord. Amen.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Well JD you sound very credible! Sincerely I mean that and thank you for your candour! This dialogue had best explode into much discussion as there is a hell of a lot at stake!
    I invite Joel’s comments here and ideas as to where do we go from here!
    And particularly Jim Minnery, your observation would be greatly helpful as we better get to the truth in this!
    Dunleavy is not going to be anything but a coward for the citizens of this state so enough of the effort to prop his arm up giving him the appearance of doing something! We damn well know better!
    Leadership takes leaders! Some of the greatest leaders had insurmountable obstacles to overcome, like David when facing Goliath! Sword and size vs small and a rock!
    For you LD , prayer should lead us to action!!! Good observations so pray, then act!!!

    • LD says:

      Yes, I will continue to participate and do my part … as the Most High has commanded.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Any parent allowing this to happen to their Child, needs to have there children taking away from them. An adopting-placing these children in loving homes.
    Is the woke Anchorage Assembly invited, maybe they can learn a thing or too.

  • Citizenkane says:

    Get off your lazy asses and call ALL of our representatives and challenge them to go and listen to this poor young woman’s story. And don’t you dare tell me “ it won’t do any good”. That is just like saying “ I’m too lazy and stupid to be bothered to actually do something”. MAKE YOUR DAMN VOICE HEARD!!

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      I would wager a day’s pay that dunleavy will not attend this gathering because his butt will be handed to him!

  • Citizenkane says:

    So Dave, you will wager a days wage, got it. But will you make the effort of some phone calls?

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      Thank you for the challenge Kane. I will not be calling any of the useless money takers! Maybe you have noticed that my comments towards dunleavy are not flattering and dead on true! I have been in the trenches a long time and have concluded that these untouchable louses aren’t worth my respect or time! Literally to hell with them! Now that is a realistic look into the heart of the people under the abuse of corrupt leaders!

  • Citizenkane says:

    So Dave, your plan is what? Complain on the internet to people who agree with you, if you you can make that work bless you. I still say call your reps and put pressure on them and their staff. It won’t work if you don’t do it. Buy the way I’m not a fan of too many of them either.

  • Lucinda says:

    How do we know she had her breasts removed? This is a perfect time for a minister to take her aside in a private space and ask the hard questions. Minnery might ask her to show him the surgery scars. Observing her chest up close with both photo and video documentation would serve as scientific proof that her story is true. That’s important. Minnery could bear his testimony. The still skeptical members of his congregation could be provided copies of the documentation.