After laying low following a series of national transportation flubs, President Biden’s openly gay and politically divisive Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is in Alaska this week to tout the president’s massive infrastructure spending spree.

Buttigieg, who regularly uses his high profile status to advocate for a host of radical left-leaning issues, suffered withering criticism earlier this year when a series of transportation mishaps sparked questions about his competency to run the country’s massive transportation apparatus.

As pointed out by, it all started as thousands of travelers were stranded during peak holiday travel when Southwest Airlines cancelled myriad flights.

This week, however, Buttigieg has an easy task – traveling Alaska with U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan for a three-day blitz to talk up Biden’s transportation spending agenda.

“The situation reflected poorly on the DOT, simply because it was a major blunder relating to travel,” noted. “But when it became clear that Buttigieg was pressured to impose fines on airlines who cancelled flights, in an effort to curb the behavior (Southwest’s mass cancellations) that created the holiday fiasco, but decline – Buttigieg himself began the focus of intense criticism.”

Then, in February, a Norfolk Southern train with hazardous chemicals derailed in Ohio.

“The disaster, which came just months after a series of embarrassing air travel issues that snarled plans for millions of Americans, is prompting renewed scrutiny of [Buttigieg’s] tenure atop the department,” The Hill reported.

As perhaps the most high-profile DOT head ever, Buttigieg has been a darling of the media for his openly gay marriage and recent adoption of two babies. Following a failed bid for the White House in 2020, he ultimately landed a cabinet post in the Biden administration. While mainstream media regularly portrays him as a moderate, he has advocated for an overhaul of the U.S. Supreme Court, the ditching of the Electoral College and implementation of automatic voter registration. He’s also on board with radical climate change initiatives, stricter gun control laws, a national single-payer health care and the Green New Deal.

This week, however, Buttigieg has a fairly easy task – traveling Alaska with U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan for a three-day blitz to talk up Biden’s transportation spending agenda.

On Monday, he’s in Kotzebue with Sullivan and local tribal leaders for a special lunch and various tours with air carriers to discuss transportation.

On Tuesday, Aug. 15, he spends the day in Anchorage, visiting the Port of Alaska to see the implementation of the $68.7 million investment from Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Buttigieg will then meet with the Alaska Federation of Natives and Alyeska Pipeline for a roundtable and luncheon to discuss transportation needs in tribal communities, and will also hear from leaders of the FAA’s Alaska Aviation Safety Initiative. To close out his Anchorage excursion, Buttigieg will head to the Ted Stevens International Airport for a hangar tour and discussion of Medivac operations, before stopping at the Alaska Airlines Cargo Facility to discuss airport operations.

On Aug. 16, Buttigieg joins Murkowski to hear from local operators of Alaska Seaplanes in Haines. They will then tour Haines and stop at the Lutak Dock, the site of a $20 million investment from Biden’s infrastructure bill. Buttigieg and Murkowski will meet with local leaders who were instrumental in securing the federal money.

His trip ends by meeting with Alaska Marine Highway System employees while taking one of the system’s ferries to Skagway. In Skagway, he will peruse the ferry infrastructure and consort with community leaders. Before departing Alaska, he will board a seaplane to Juneau to discuss infrastructure needs at the Juneau airport.

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Biden’s heavily criticized DOT Secretary Buttigieg is in Alaska for the week

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Hurry dunleavy and get the red(communist) carpet laid down for mr butwithawedge! Or your carbon plan may get a wrinkle in it! Like maybe a hazardous waste explosion or some other mysterious incident!!!!?

  • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    “Politically divisive?”

    “Heavily criticized?”

    According to WHOM, exactly? Trump MAGA cultists?

    • Lucinda says:

      No kidding. What a slanted piece. Joel HAD to mention B’s sexual orientation cuz … well just cuz!

      • First impressions says:

        If you were paying attention, you would have seen that this was how the media introduced Pete to the public as transportation secretary.

        If you wish to see for yourself, feel free to review this article from your beloved NPR. Its even in the first paragraph. Your team wants so bad to use identity politics, well now you have identity politics.

      • FreedomAK says:

        Lucinda. He constantly touts his sexual orientation and uses it as a deflection of criticism of his obvious incompetence. So why can’t others point out the obvious when he does so himself? Answer: Because you of the left are trained and competent in fascist rhetoric and reaction. Isn’t Saul Alinsky your hero?
        You can deny facts but you can’t deflect truth.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        For Chuckie and Lucinda – it’s not your America.
        Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun – “Your America”

      • Apple says:

        Nice try, Lucinda. Hardly original on Joel’s part. These are from Wikipedia:

        “He became one of the first openly gay men to launch a major party presidential campaign“

        “By winning Iowa, he became the first openly gay candidate to win a presidential primary or caucus.”

        “President-elect Biden named Buttigieg as his nominee for Secretary of Transportation in December 2020. His nomination was confirmed on February 2, 2021, by a vote of 86–13, making him the first openly gay Cabinet secretary in U.S. history“

        Buttigieg’s “sexual orientation” has been touted throughout his political career. Is “openly gay” now something worth listing under experience and qualifications when one applies for a job or files for political office?

    • Think mirror says:

      MAGA are not the only ones who see that corrupt politician do not belong in seats of power, making decisions for the rest of us. Especially ones like Pete here who only rose to fame because he was gay, or something unimportant like that. You wanna talk about cults, you should look in a damn.

      Just because there are people you disagree with politically, does not mean they are all MAGA cultists.

      But with how I have seem the leftist behave the last 5 years, i am now more convinced than ever that the leftists are truly and completely brainwashed by the domestic enemies of free America.

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      No, dear, just people who expect competence rather than deviance.

      • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

        Well how about Richard Grenell. He was Director of National Intelligence on Donald Trump’s cabinet. He is openly Gay, his partner is Matt Lashey. He is a registered Republican, identifies as Christian and attends church. Do you think Trump selected him because of his “deviance?”

    • Douglas says:

      Interesting how pushback commentary ends up defined as “cultist” and Trump MAGA associated…wow CHUCK it’s clear YOUR divisiveness is shining through here, right. Ask the Ohio townspeople how they feel about our DOT leader (ask Erin Brockovich), or the half dozen or more train derailments after that event (and still no railroad fix). Critical you say? Why not? Our DOT leader is Alaska touring, rather than full throttle into fixing far more important DOT issues around our country.

      • Steve says:

        Chuck, you can’t possibly be comparing Rick Grenell to Pete Buttigieg, are you? Rick Grenell was fully qualified to be acting Director of National Intelligence. Pete Buttigieg was/is fully qualified to be mayor of a small town, and nothing more. Show me one video of Grenell trying to deceive the American people, yet Butigieg tried to pull off a photo op which portrayed himself riding a bicycle to work. One person displays integrity, the other petty politics.

  • Diana H. Graf says:

    I notice that there is no interest in the Alaska Highway Safety Group who has been fighting hard to keep the Kinross people from running trucks full of
    gold ore through the Interior using the Historic Sites of the Alaska Highway and Richardson Highway, over bridges that have not been maintained adequately to stand up to the abuse of this trucking venture, and potentially increasing the death toll because of the danger of winter roads and increase of traffic. Kinross will make a huge profit ( and will profit one tribe who is leasing the land that the gold mine is on) while they destroy the livelihoods and access to Fairbanks due to the destruction of the roadways. There is no payback, restorative plan, safety consideration, or anything like that. This would be a good thing to focus on in terms of infrastructure but of course, Dunleavy has gone left and made this deal clandestinely
    at least two years ago. Buttgieg’s visit is a coverup and an advertisement for what doesn’t need mending so that no money has to be spent but he looks responsible. Meanwhile, our state which includes far more than Anchorage and Juneau is being ripped apart in the Inerior at the beginning of the year.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Diana, is that the huge mine north of Fairbanks that is expanding its tentacles in all directions? That mine just makes me sick to even look at how it is tearing up the area. Nothing feels safe anymore. Destroy the earth for money.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    I wonder does Buttigieg donate blood too ?

    • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

      Every responsible citizen should donate blood. Do YOU?

      • Mein KoolAid says:

        Responsible citizens, perhaps. But those who habitually engage in risky sexual activities that are known to spread diseases?

      • Aunt Sally says:

        You’re a monumentally irresponsible degenerate, Chuck, and you pose a health risk to the community with your very presence. In no way should you nor your repulsive hero Buttigieg be allowed to donate blood any more than you should be taken seriously and you damned sure shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children.

      • Scrumptious Clam says:

        You have stated previously that you have either HIV or full blown AIDS. Implying that you also donate blood places you firmly in the criminally irresponsible category though I would imagine (hope) that the donation station runs your blood for HIV antibodies, Monkey Pox antibodies, and all other scourges that afflict men that commonly seek refuge in another man’s bung. You can’t be both morally corrupt and at the same time claim that you’re morally virtuous. If you donate again wear some rainbow nonsense so the phlebotomist knows to dump your tainted sample.

      • Chuck Anziulewicz says:


        I never stated any such thing, and I would suggest you be very careful about making false claims about people you don’t like, especially when hiding behind a made-up screen name.

      • Scrumptious Clam says:

        How nice. Another queer making another veiled threat. As long as we’re exchanging helpful suggestions note that that’s not how you properly clarify, Chuck. Done correctly you would state “I do not have AIDS and/or I do not have HIV”.
        Also note that I do not accept veiled threats from homosexuals. Your use of subjective double entendre is also revolting in a mutually exclusive and objective context and were this forum less family oriented I’d state myself more clearly. In the future you do not have permission to address me directly.

    • Clark says:

      Kind of a weird question. What was your point?

      It’s a well known truth that the old homophobic practice of denying gay people from donating blood has no basis in fact.

      Some gay people have just been donating anyways and just lying on the form. Just like all the straight men that were molested by priests, and all the straight and bi guys that had 3 ways with their wives and another man. And all the straight guys that struck out at the strip club, so they let a guy go down on him that one time. And all he straight guys that use needles. They all lie on the form, because otherwise they are forbidden from donating blood.
      Fyi Aunt Sally, your naked hatred of lgbt people is disgusting. And you are just factually wrong with your claim. ALL blood samples get tested for diseases. The risk of catching something from ‘gay’ blood is mathematically identical to the chance of catching something from ‘straight’ blood. But considering the majority of gays arent willing to lie on the forms to save lives, the vast majority of blood is from straight people…meaning ‘straight’ blood is far more dangerous than gay blood.

      • Aunt Sally says:

        I consider it an honor to have pissed you off, Clark.

        The ugly fact of the matter is that there’s a very small crowd of you unhinged monkeypox magnets who’ve settled into the comments sections here and on MRAK like a toxic cloud of syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, gay bowel syndrome, intestinal parasites, and of course AIDS as you try to pollute the conservative content with your diseased thinking and your subversive agenda and it shouldn’t surprise you in the least to find that decent people find you revolting.

        No amount of wishful thinking and twisted prattling on your keyboard can normalize you, Clark.

      • Clark says:

        AuntSally I didnt say you pissed me off. I said you were disgusting. Even uglier than the diseases you think are just a problem for gay people. Your words can’t hurt me, but they can make me feel pity. Pity for you and your doomed soul, and for anyone whom you may have authority over. And fyi…I dont need to normalize anything. Lgbt people have existed in every culture in every society for as long as mankind has existed. Homosexual behavior is practiced in hundreds of known animal species. We have always been normal. It’s people like you that want to distort that truth. Just more false witness. Don’t be mad at us because you failed and people see through your lies.

  • Steves says:

    Did Peter ride his bike up here or did he use carbon energy to get here? He’s with good company if he’s traveling around with the only Democrat Senator Alaska has. Both class acts in deep-state betrayal of our Constitution.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Talking about HAARP and Nick Begich III. Maybe Dr. Nick Begich (Nick’s dad) was told to quit talking about HAARP and then they (the evil) would allow his son Nick Begich III to run for office? Nick may very well win this next round because we do not have any candidates running against him as of this time. In this video, Dr. Nick is talking about HAARP starting at the 7:20 mark.

    • Scrumptious Clam says:

      Pssst… that guy at 7:20 is a complete nutbar and so are several of the others on that video. Kooks, the lot.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        I appreciate Dr. Begich’s efforts to get the word out to the world about how HAARP is dangerous. I do not know him, but saw some of the work that he has done throughout the years. I do not like his brothers and I do not want to see his son win a Senate or House seat because of their political and business backgrounds.

      • Scrumptious Clam says:

        Outside of you and “Dr. Nick Begich” I’d be a little surprised to hear that anyone else considered him a doctor of anything. Myself and no doubt others familiar with the AlaskaWatchman site were early participants in the HAARP project and no one I know values Mr. Begich’s opinion on the operation or effect of that facility. His premise that you are dangerously superheating the ionosphere by bumping 3.5mW off of it is preposterous. I’d be shocked if there were a substation that small in the entire Anchorage bowl.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        You certainly are entitled to your opinion. Thank you for sharing your views.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Here’s another guy talking about HAARP and teaching the world how dangerous it is and I appreciate his message also!

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Here’s even another guy reporting on how dangerous HAARP is and I appreciate his message also.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        I forgot about this guy who also speaks about HAARP and I appreciate his message also!

    • Scrumptious Clam says:

      No offense, Hu. You seem like a kind and gentle soul however, those bits of info on HAARP are all concocted by tinfoil hat types. Ask yourself; if the US Military ceded the project to UAF, what is the likelihood that they’d have simply handed over a weapon of mass destruction as the Brighteon gentlemen suggest?
      To my knowledge the only potential harm HAARP has ever been responsible for was when roughly 20 years ago they communicated their start up procedure poorly and caused a brown out in parts of the CU basin. That challenge was subsequently addressed. Since the project’s inception there have been black helicopter types inventing crazy claims but none have proven to be anything but uninformed and anxious folks saying loony things. A primary example of that would be the gentleman at your second link claiming that HAARP can be used to decimate crops.

  • Lucinda says:

    Mr Sally. We get it that you don’t think homosexuality is legitimate. You think it’s amoral, foul and anti-Christian. It’s unnatural for a man to look at a man and think of being naked with him. It’s like when you’re at Safeway and you see a handsome fit man and you look away. Or maybe you let the look linger. Maybe a twinge of What If passes by and you look away. That’s bad. That makes you bad. That makes you angry at the world that made us who we are. Makes you angry at yourself.

    I think you are deeply conflicted. It’s OK, all of us are in some way or another.

    • Scrumptious Clam says:

      Once again you’re confused, Lucy. You’re equating homosexuality to a thought crime and it is not. More importantly, you’re also attempting to force an opinion from Sally on morality, foulness or Christianity. Although I don’t speak on her behalf I’m relatively certain that she and most of the rest of us don’t much care about your personal deviances as long as you keep them to yourself. The primary issues begin when you attempt to force others to accept your behavior or in your case, when you belittle them for not being an outspoken fan of whatever perversion you’d like to pretend is wholesome next. You’d find people to be more agreeable if you’d shut up and stay away from children. You don’t strike others as a particularly teachable individual so I suspect you have the life of a social outcast ahead of you. Enjoy.

      • Lucinda says:

        blah blah. I was suggesting that MR Sally (he’s a male) might be uncomfortable with his homosexual thoughts.

    • B says:

      Lucinda the bombastic narcissist.

  • Diana H. Graf says:

    I don’t appreciate being eliminated from your reply column when it was a relevant issue.
    I am surprised that the watchman doesn’t watch for the entire state but rather only for the Anchorage
    area. Sad. You do a good job for your area….just not Alaska as a whole.
    Maybe you should call it the Anchorage Watchman.