Iditarod Elementary School Principal Robin Jones gathers with students for a visit from Dr. Ben Carson on Aug. 21.

Just days after Anchorage Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt abruptly blocked national hero, Dr. Ben Carson, from visiting with students at Mountain View Elementary School, the Mat-Su School District welcomed the Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree with open arms.

Joined by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Alaska Education Commissioner Deena Bishop and Mat-Su Superintendent Randy Trani, Dr. Carson spoke to hundreds of children at Iditarod Elementary School in Wasilla on Aug. 21. He was joined by his wife Candy Carson, with whom he founded the Carson Scholars Fund, designed to provide scholarships to students in grades 4–11 for “academic excellence and humanitarian qualities”

Carson came to Alaska at the invitation of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club, but has made himself available for other appearances as well. After being scheduled to visit with students at Mountain View Elementary, Superintendent Bryantt nixed the appearance without justification.

Carson, a former Republican presidential candidate, served as a cabinet secretary under President Trump. In the 1980s, he gained national attention as an exceptionally talented brain surgeon when he became person to successfully separate conjoined twins who were attached at the back of the head.

From left, Candy Carson, Dr. Ben Carson, Iditarod Principal Robin Jones, Education Commissioner Deena Bishop and Gov. Mike Dunleavy visit Iditarod Elementary School in Wasilla on Aug. 21.

Growing up in Detroit, living with his divorced mother, Carson overcame poverty and a broken family when his mother continually challenged him and his brother with reading and writing assignments that were above and beyond their regular schoolwork. Prior to gaining international renown as a surgeon, Carson became the youngest person to direct pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. He also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008.

His life story has inspired countless Americans, and he has become an advocate for educational reform of America’s struggling school system.

During his visit to Iditarod Elementary, he highlighted a recent book he co-authored – “Why America Matters.” The children’s book notes the Judeo-Christian values of America and its founding, as well as the importance of faith, liberty, community and life.

While the Anchorage School District has inexplicably banned Carson from seeing area students, Mayor Dave Bronson plans to take him to several private schools in town prior to his talks for the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club.

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Mat-Su School District welcomes Dr. Carson, after Anchorage bars him from visiting students

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Diana H. Graf says:

    I am impressed with Mat-su.
    I am pleasantly surprised by the Mayor.
    The superintendent is very young and 250,000 a year
    is not something someone trained the way he was
    in the era he was, just tosses aside….under pressure.
    No explanation…because there isn’t one except personal
    protection against the powers that be.

  • Neil says:

    Perfect example of how Democrats are controlling us all. There agenda isn’t good for the people!

    • Just stop playing their game says:

      They don’t control me. I have been aware of their game for decades. I don’t play any of their games.

      • Proud Alaskan says:

        Your so right no games here.
        No mask or shots for my family and myself. Plus I’ll say the truth, not these lies there spreading men can have periods it goes on and on.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Dr. Carson’s words, quote pasted below, to the children of Mountain View, as thankfully he was invited to the community center there to speak after school. It was well attended and I hope and pray these words of wisdom were taken to heart.

    “I began to realize that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you, it’s not somebody else,” Carson said. “And once I made that determination, I just stopped listening to all the negative people. There were so many people always saying you’re a victim, you can’t do that, the system is stacked against you … and I started thinking more about what you can do, not what you can’t do.”

  • PS says:

    The children of Mountain View Elementary School could have benefited immensely from a visit by Dr. Carson. But, the liberals in Anchorage couldn’t allow that because it might disrupt their narrative if even one child’s life could be changed. Liberalism truly is a mental disease!

  • Another man in womans clothing says:

    Interesting that the leftist would not want Carson up on the podium speaking. Considering his wife ‘Candy’ is a man. Doesn’t this fact automatically qualify Carson as untouchable?

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    I really am proud of the Mat-Su Borough! Thank you Dr. Trani for allowing this great example of a fine leader to speak to our children and to our community. May God keep blessing this community, guiding them, and giving them the strength to persevere in the face of this continuing adversity.

  • David Boyle says:

    God bless Dr. Carson and his wife, Candy. Thank you for inspiring our Alaskan youth to aspire to every opportunity. America is truly the land of opportunity. Safe travels Dr Carson. And a big, big thank you to Governor Dunleavy and Commissioner Bishop and the MatSu School District!

  • Josh says:

    Anyone know why the governor had a black eye ?

  • Lez-o Brandon says:

    Why can’t the anchorage assembly follow the people like the Mat-Su..
    Oh yeah… $$$$$$$$$

  • jon says:

    Original inhabitants of this land were not Christian. The Americans were Christian but running away from the CHristians in Europe. America was a melting pot then and now. Probably most kids in Alaska are not brought up in churches.