Fairbanks students may soon be getting a heavy dose of climate alarmism, anti-fossil fuel talking points and dire warnings about overpopulation and the devastating impacts that human beings have on the planet.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District is currently revising its science curriculum for grades 6-12. A first draft is now available for public inspection. In addition to increasing high school science graduation requirements from three to four credits, and updating non-controversial aspects of certain subject material, the draft weaves divisive environmental politics into multiple units of science.

Under the proposed changes, sixth-graders would be taught about how human beings negatively impact the world’s natural resources and ecosystems through overpopulation, pollution, deforestation, greenhouse gases and consumption. Students would be required to apply their newfound knowledge to “design a method for monitoring and minimizing a human impact on the environment.”

Under the “climate” unit, students would be warned about the fact that there are 8 billion humans on the planet.

The draft curriculum delves much deeper into climate alarmism once students get to high school. There, teens would learn of the negative impacts of trapping, hunting and fishing, while being directed to come up with a “solution to mitigate adverse impacts of human activity…”

Under the “environmental science” unit, students would receive further teaching on “human population and resource consumption,” before being asked to explain the purpose of government “environmental policy.”

This unit suggests using a left-leaning environmental blog,, as a key resource. The TreeHugger website promotes dense cities, tiny homes and theories about man-made climate change, while opposing the use of gas-powered cars, leather clothing, paper towels, cigarette filters, windshield washer fluid, standard shampoos and a long litany of other consumer goods. The website also lavishes praise on the Biden Administration’s push for all-electric transportation.

Another section on human population growth asks students to describe why “global warming has been caused largely by the increase in greenhouse in the atmosphere” and to come up with ways of restricting and regulating vast sectors of the economy.

Under the “climate” unit, students would be warned about the fact that there are 8 billion humans on the planet.

“If our civilization collapses, then ninety seven point five percent (97.5%) of people in the world will die, because there is no way to feed them all,” the unit description states. “We will be back to the two hundred million (200,000,000) population of the middle ages.”

It adds that man-made climate and weather pattern changes may disrupt food production.

“Some places will become deserts and people will be forced to migrate and there will be wars over land and water resources that are being changed,” the description warns.

Under “human sexuality” students would learn about much more than the reproductive process. This unit aims to require students to participate in “labs” about birth control methods, how to prevent pregnancy and ways of engaging in sex without spreading diseases.


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Fairbanks science curriculum draft injects extreme climate dogma, sex-ed into classrooms

Joel Davidson
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