The legally sanctioned dismembering and killing of unborn babies is the preeminent election issue for Juneau’s most radical and influential pro-abortion activist group.

For many years, the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition has published a voter guide prior to city assembly, school board and state elections with the aim of keeping hard leftists in complete control of the political landscape.

Once again, the group has issued its official endorsements of candidates who have unequivocally pledged to support elective abortions (even for minors), public funding of abortion, and the requirement that all hospitals receiving public funds perform abortion on demand, without restrictions. The abortion endorsement is reserved for those candidates who vow to actively push pro-abortion sex education in local schools, and to use their prominent role in the community to publicly advocate for Alaska’s largest abortion business – Planned Parenthood.

Before endorsing any candidate, the abortion activists insist that they fight any and all efforts aimed at strengthening parental rights through parent consent or notification laws before a minor can get an abortion.

For those who wonder whether school board and assembly members have any real influence on pro-abortion policy, the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition spells out what’s at stake.

Since the Juneau City Assembly oversees appointments to the Bartlett Regional Hospital’s Board, the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition is adamant about ensuring that all Assembly candidates pledge to back pro-abortion board members to run the hospital, thereby ensuring that the hospital will continue to kill unborn babies on demand.

With regards to school board members, the group’s website observed that these officials oversee the Teen Health Center, a highly controversial program that offers birth control and abortion referrals to teens in three Juneau high schools. The Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition aims to ensure that all school board members are “committed to maintaining and broadening the scope” of the Teen Health Center’s pro-abortion agenda.


The following Juneau Assembly and school board candidates are fully endorsed by the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition. Click on their names to see how they responded to the questionnaire.

Assembly Areawide

Ella Adkison

Paul Kelly

Laura Martinson McDonnell

Emily Mesch

Ivan Nance

Michele Stuart-Morgan

Assembly District 1

Alicia Hughes-Skandijs

Assembly District 2

Christine Woll

School Board

Britteny Cioni-Haywood

David Noon


The following school board and assembly candidates either opposed some aspects of the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition’s agenda, or they declined to answer the survey all together.

Assembly Areawide

Nano Brooks

Assembly District II

David Morris

Candidates who either did not complete the questionnaire or did not respond at all

— Assembly: Joe Geldof, Jeff Jones, Dorene Lorenz, Joann Wallace

— School Board: Paige Sipniewski

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Juneau’s extreme pro-abortionists aim to keep an iron grip on local politics

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.