In an effort to ignite the parental rights movement in Anchorage’s public schools, the Alaska Family Council is urging parents and all other concerned citizens to pack out the Sept. 19 school board meeting.

In a recent call to action, Alaska Family Council President Jim Minnery noted that Anchorage’s public-school officials systematically hide information from parents when their children change their pronouns or gender identity while in school.

“Although public schools hiding information from parents about kids changing their pronouns and experimenting with new genders is nothing new or uncommon in this day and age … it might be news to you that for the most part, Alaskans haven’t voiced their concern,” Minnery said.

In calling on parents to turn out for the upcoming meeting, he said the intention is to make is “very clear to the Anchorage School Board that parents have the right to be informed when children determine, often because of radical ideology being taught in school and advocated on social media, in corporate woke environments and even now in the medical community, that they are free to ‘change’ their gender without parental involvement or even notification.”

Click the image above to see how California school districts successfully advanced parental rights policies earlier this year.

Several California school boards have already adopted policies that keep parents in the loop about their child’s gender identity. Minnery said Anchorage should press for the same. He specifically pointed to one California policy which mandates that parents be notified within three school days “when their child requests to be identified as a gender other than the child’s biological sex or gender; requests to use a name that differs from their legal name (other than a commonly recognized nickname) or to use pronouns that do not align with the child’s biological sex or gender; requests access to sex-segregated school programs and activities, or bathrooms or changing facilities that do not align with the child’s biological sex or gender.”

Minnery says the successful advance of parental rights in California should give Anchorage cause for hope.

“If they can do it in the People’s Republic of California, we can most certainly do it in the Great Land of Alaska!” he said.


— The Sept. 19 Anchorage School Board meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Anchorage School District Education Center’s board room (5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd).

— Click here to contact the Alaska Family Council with concerns in your school district. You can also send an email to or call 907.317.7268 for questions about the upcoming school board rally.

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Parental rights advocates urged to pack Sept. 19 Anchorage School Board meeting

Joel Davidson
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