In an effort to ignite the parental rights movement in Anchorage’s public schools, the Alaska Family Council is urging parents and all other concerned citizens to pack out the Sept. 19 school board meeting.

In a recent call to action, Alaska Family Council President Jim Minnery noted that Anchorage’s public-school officials systematically hide information from parents when their children change their pronouns or gender identity while in school.

“Although public schools hiding information from parents about kids changing their pronouns and experimenting with new genders is nothing new or uncommon in this day and age … it might be news to you that for the most part, Alaskans haven’t voiced their concern,” Minnery said.

In calling on parents to turn out for the upcoming meeting, he said the intention is to make is “very clear to the Anchorage School Board that parents have the right to be informed when children determine, often because of radical ideology being taught in school and advocated on social media, in corporate woke environments and even now in the medical community, that they are free to ‘change’ their gender without parental involvement or even notification.”

Click the image above to see how California school districts successfully advanced parental rights policies earlier this year.

Several California school boards have already adopted policies that keep parents in the loop about their child’s gender identity. Minnery said Anchorage should press for the same. He specifically pointed to one California policy which mandates that parents be notified within three school days “when their child requests to be identified as a gender other than the child’s biological sex or gender; requests to use a name that differs from their legal name (other than a commonly recognized nickname) or to use pronouns that do not align with the child’s biological sex or gender; requests access to sex-segregated school programs and activities, or bathrooms or changing facilities that do not align with the child’s biological sex or gender.”

Minnery says the successful advance of parental rights in California should give Anchorage cause for hope.

“If they can do it in the People’s Republic of California, we can most certainly do it in the Great Land of Alaska!” he said.


— The Sept. 19 Anchorage School Board meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Anchorage School District Education Center’s board room (5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd).

— Click here to contact the Alaska Family Council with concerns in your school district. You can also send an email to or call 907.317.7268 for questions about the upcoming school board rally.

— Click here to contact Anchorage School Board members.

— Click here for information on how to provide public testimony at the Anchorage School Board meeting.

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Parental rights advocates urged to pack Sept. 19 Anchorage School Board meeting

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Children belong to parents. Parents have the right to know what going on with their children. They choose, school board and aeveryone else don’t have a say it the parent raising or educating that child. They need to know. Schools need to tell them and keep them in the loop.

    • Dixie says:

      Time for term limits ( endorse candidates who are family oriented)and time to educate your legislators who believe we are the property of the State! The State is making billions off our kids and why they are actively destroying the Family Unit!

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Dixie I think your statement ought to be presented to dunleavy. Be prepared for a disinterested individual who will uncomfortably smirk as he quickly ends the interaction! This is known as a public servant!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    It’s pretty disgusting and overwhelming that the pos in charge of the state is a do nothing “ not my job” impotent imbecile! Yes Mikey dunleavy, I’m referring to you! Wonder if he even has an opinion?

  • LD says:

    Yes, there is a problem regarding parent rights in the eyes of the school board. However, there is a larger issue regarding this. The Fed DHHS is funding and pushing this agenda down to the State “foot soldiers” employed by OCS and OPA, as these State offices have full access to families and target protect parents. The feds pushed grants out last year for new social workers and advocates to get more into the home and target protective parents. It is understood by many child therapists in Alaska that to keep their license, they need to go along, and encourage the gender agenda, so their business continues to receive referrals by the States foot soldiers. Lastly, it is the State Family Court Judges who seal the deal. WIthout the State foot soldiers marching into the family home to “legally” kidnap children, supported by their flying monkey therapists, and armed with the State Judge seal of approval order, what could the school boards really do? The schools are all beholden to the State soldiers and judges. Epoch Times has an excellent “trans” documentary on the role the State social workers, advocates, therapists and most importantly the family judges, have when taking children away from protective parents. For some reason, people like to go after the schools and completely ignore the State soldiers and judges enforcing this travesty. Until the State soldiers and judges are addressed, nothing will change. Also, Dunleavy goes along like a wolf in sheeps clothing, well, unless he figures it will make him look good to the other RINOs and secure him future votes.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    It just seems that if there was an exodus out of the schools of the children of rational thinking parents that care about what their kids are exposed to, there might be a reconsideration of such insanity as losing large amounts of power and control tax money might have more influence than a protest. This school board seems to ignore parents. They smugly already have their money. Maybe such an exodus has already happened and there were sadly few, and those still there are completely brainwashed by the lies and Marxist ideology.

    • Mary says:

      I take umbrage at your viterol description of “brainwashed” parents. Yes, there are those who trust the schools, who don’t care enough to check out what is going on in their child’s classroom. But, their are a huge number of parents who feel helpless to do anything. What can a single parent, minimum wage parent do. Homeschool?? Not hardly. These parents are caught in the educational system’s trap. Keep them out of school and OCS will get them. Send them to school and the liberal agenda gets them. Instead of bad mouthing parents, come up with a workable solution for caring parents besides homeschool.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Mary I understand and sympathize with your comments! They are totally valid! An Assessment of what is happening is that the government is attacking and harming the children! It is inconceivable that the one who has the responsibility to oversee what is happening in his state allows this harm without even a comment!
        Dunleavy is the first one to be questioned by the people why he’s said and done nothing!
        What hope do we have of this government protecting us from anything!? Our children are being harmed right in front of us! All Alaskans are next! In fact it’s this very government that is against the people and is designing these attacks!

      • Blast says:

        This is an interesting point, Mary.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    It’s the Parents not theses woke schools, who should be raising these kids.

  • Jen says:

    Protests , marches it don’t work. It doesn’t bring the intended results. The only action that would work protecting children is pulling them out of school. You march, you protest cause of not knowing better and throwing a tantrum , making a loud ruckus, is
    much easier, the loud ruckus isn’t purposeful. No one listens to a screamer since when did a parent ever listen to a child screaming at them. Parents who protect their children remove them when a danger presents itself to that child’s healthy development.

  • Clown World says:

    Glad I left that wannabe woke dumpster of a state. Don’t miss the punk a*s jerk around games nor my identity being ripped to shreds for the delusion of the week. I hope their sh*tty gaslighting catches up to them and shoves a karma cactus up their ass*s.

  • Lez-o Brandon says:

    Children with parents are NOT wards of the state.. uncle Sam has no children.. only citizens.
    The public school system is not for indoctrination but for Education. Teach how to think.. not What to think.