In the last few years, ever since I came back to my home state of Alaska, I have involved myself in the battles happening here in the local political realm. Until recently, I was mostly involved in Anchorage as I have primarily resided in the Chugiak/Eagle River area. Recently things changed.

After multiple testimonies at the Anchorage Assembly and the School Board, speaking against some of the terrible Covid policies enacted in the municipality, it was clear they they did not care for the opinions or voices of the people.

So, what did I do? Well, like MANY seeking freedom above bad policy, I exited Anchorage and bought my first home in the Mat-Su. Freedom land!

These tactics are being used all over the state and country to try and flip school board seats and further indoctrinate our children

I immediately became involved with local politics, starting with the two school board seats in my area. This country will only be brought back to life through a grassroots, ground up movement of “We The People.”

I discovered my local conservative candidate, Ole Larson, who’s running for re-election in District 6 where I had just bought my home. We had a short conversation and quickly lined up a two-hour, sit-down interview, in order to get his views. Boy, did I find out a lot more than that.

He quickly informed me about some of the other school board candidates who were using divisive and deceptive tactics to get conservatives votes – from the colors they use in their campaign signs and ads, to over sharing images of the American flag, but not just that. Multiple local residents have said they were approached by door-knockers from the Dianne Shibe campaign who were lying about Shibe’s political views and stances on previous policy.

So, like any good skeptic, I dug a little.

It did not take long to uncover some of the connections this candidate had to liberal causes.

First, I discovered that Dianne Shibe was the previous teachers’ union president and is currently backed by the teachers unions. This brought flashbacks of what the national teachers union (the NEA) did to our education, including forced masks, testing, highly incentivizing shots that children did not need, and of course their ongoing war against parental rights.

But that’s not where it stops … social media posts reveal that Shibe is supported by Black Birch Books, a Mat-Su bookstore, which was one of the first to promote and host Drag Queen Story Hour for Valley children.

On top of that, her social media comments show she supports the Facebook group, Mat-Su Moms for Social Justice, a liberal leftist that promotes the LGBTQ trans agenda.

This isn’t only happening in district 6 but also in District 3, which includes KGB and some of the main area of Wasilla in which conservative Kathy McCollum is running for re-election against another leftist, union-backed candidate who portrays herself as conservative.

These tactics are being used all over the state and country to try and flip school board seats and further indoctrinate our children. Be aware and be vigilant in vetting your candidates. Use a healthy skepticism to question their beliefs and positions. We cannot afford to continue electing bad leadership – especially candidates who seek power and popularity while creating policy that further bleeds the taxpayer and slowly chips away at our freedoms – in this case indoctrinating the next generation for political activism.

We The People, who know and pay attention, need to get involved and stay engaged.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Don’t be fooled by closet leftists who want to take over the Mat-Su School Board

Brian Chalifour
Brian Chalifour studied at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. He lives in Wasilla with his wife and is highly engaged in supporting local conservative politicians and causes.


  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Brian, thank you for delving into this and giving people a heads up! Those two evil ones trying to lie their way into those seats need to be exposed for everything and the exposure shared far and wide! We have been assigned by God Almighty to direct our children’s paths; we need to protect our children and keep them walking on that path that our Father in Heaven wants them to be walking on.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Thanks for this article. Good information here. Let’s hope and pray people will read and heed it.

  • W says:

    Please do a write up on Sydney next. She’s flying that flag of God pretty high for a rainbow supporter.

  • Jen says:

    See. This why Matsu, Palmer, Fairbanks, Kenai Peninsula must know the Word of God well to develop better character in Christ and better discernment of who is your friend and who is a enemy in a Trojan Horse.

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      If we continue to be stupid and down right naive about who leads us, what the hell do you expect? Dunleavy is admired by Christian I/2” thinking idiots! To them I say get your shot, and drink your carbon tea!
      Today Christian is in all actuality something to scrutinized deeply if you are capable!

  • Mike Hayden says:

    Haha! If one is not a hard-core right extremist, he or she needs to be labeled as a “closet leftist.” Hopefully, even Watchman readers can see this.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is so far right extremelist that any political idea that lands itself in the political middle is deemed far left. I too live in district 6 and have been unable to get any transparent answers from my board member. I have questions and I appreciate my representative listening to their electorate and I can’t say mine currently does. Also, Larson was also a member of the union when with district. This is rarely highlighted. One can be of neutral or conservative politically and still desire a vote on the team that negotiates on teachers behalf.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Now, since we have those two “beauties” running up against board members that want to save the children, we are going to get a bunch of “intelligent-sounding” trolling going on. I like how you spell the sixth word in your first sentence. Is this to avoid your comment being flagged? Ole Larson stands up for what the majority of his constituents want. Ole Larson for the School Board!