The leftwing, radical and well-funded Alaska Black Caucus just received a $25,000 grant from the Rasmuson Foundation to launch a “targeted” voter outreach campaign.

Known for its support of Black Lives Matter protests, critical race theory and transgenderism, the Alaska Black Caucus plans to use the funds to increase voter participation among its target audience.

“The goal is to raise the level of involvement, participation, and enthusiasm through education, marketing, organization, and awareness,” the Alaska Black Caucus noted on social media. “This project is committed to informing targeted communities on the importance of the vote. It is an act, and it provides Black and BIPOC communities with a voice.”

The grant moneys will be spent on TV, radio, newspaper and social media ads tailored to black, indigenous and “people of color.”

The Alaska Black Caucus, which received millions through the Anchorage Assembly’s disbursement of American Rescue funds, relies on a coalition of activists who identify as a mix of marginalized racial, ethnic and sexual identities.

This past week, the group hosted a one-hour Zoom livestream that attempted to frame LGBTQ activism as inextricable intertwined with the historic civil rights movement and the emancipation of slaves.

A flyer for the talk claimed, “Though some may view black history and LGBTQ+ history as totally independent entities, the reality is quite the opposite. Black queer activists have fueled countless social justice campaigns. And in turn, they have become important parts of black liberation movements.”

In the wide-ranging discussion, Alaska Black Caucus President/CEO Celest Hodge Growden spoke with a black, cross-dressing Fairbanks activist, M.C. MoHagani Magnetic. The duo talked about how black, queer activists and drag queens contributed to the civil rights movement.

The 47-year-old Magnetic recounted his two divorces and his decision to start cross-dressing as a woman at age 36.

Growden listened attentively as Magnetic explained how he rejected the Christianity of his family.

He also lamented the fact that critical race theory was having a hard time getting a foothold in some public schools, and chastised parents who aren’t open to their kids identifying as a member of the opposite sex.

At one point, Magnetic claimed that one’s age and sexual orientation are “flexible” and could change at any time. He then praised the fact that young people are increasingly claiming various sexual identities and personal pronouns, some even identifying as fictional avatars.

The discussion also veered into criticism of members of the black community who are not fully on board with LGBTQ identities.

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Rasmuson awards $25K for radical leftwing Alaska voter mobilization effort

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Despicable. And sad. if it were a conservative or Christian group do you think they would award such a grant? How about the Hope Center, quietly working in downtown Anchorage helping myriads of homeless get help with addiction and mental illness through their non profit navigation center, providing housing and job training and life skill training, and much more. Or the Gospel Rescue Mission on Tudor, do much of the same? Both survive on donations and operate on shoe string budgets. Maybe they have applied but I have not seen Rasmussen Foundation listed in their list of contributors. But an organization that sows division, debauchery, confusion and darkness gets funded. Pretty prophetic.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Just wanted to clarify that the foundation is Rasmuson and not Rasmussen. Lol The Rasmussen Polls have been polling pretty good for humanity-loving people. The Rasmuson Foundation is evil.

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        My bad. And that wasn’t even a typo. I know the difference and am familiar with both, except the spelling discrepancy.

  • V says:

    Clown world is yucky, creepy and corrupt. Why doesn’t the Rasmussen Foundation focus throwing money at hungry kids, making sure babies have safe car seats, literally anything other than this woke liberal rainbow alphabet garbage.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    What part of this is NOT PREJUDICE? What a bunch of garbage. This is another way to say democrats are loosers and they will BUY your vote. It’s B.S. Rasmussen should know better. WTH? I for one am sick and tired of all this prejudice against whites lately. I haven’t done you any wrong. I shouldn’t have to pay the price. Oh and how about you haven’t been wronged by the white man. All you have to do is apply yourselves and work hard. There are plenty of colored and indigenous people that have raised up and have worked hard to become good citizens in our community/ state. Example, look at the new congress person. How about your football players, basketball, and other sports? I say quit winning and get off your butts and go do what needs to be done and become part of the solution instead of the problem always.

  • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    It works both ways. Aren’t conservative Christian organizations doing any grant-writing, so that can fund efforts to get out the right-wing MAGA vote? If not, they have only themselves to blame.

  • W says:

    Why isn’t the Rasmuson foundation doing anything to support the Jewish community right now? Or how about the homeschool population? Hard working single moms? What about People with actual disabilities? There are SO MANY other groups of people they could be helping that would be money better spent. How shameful.
    If you take a look at the history of RF and who they award money to, there’s very little evidence that anyone with a conservative or normal mindset is supported by their foundation. It’s like they look for the people and situations that might make someone’s skin crawl.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    The Rasmusons are a family who live in Alaska. The father Elmer 1909-2000 was a banker, politician, and philanthropist. The foundation is run by family members who sit on the board and decide whatever they want to support. The complaints here I certainly agree with in terms of preference, but is it really our business to tell them what they ought to do with their money?
    Maybe try a critical look at the matsu health foundation who has and gives away millions to undesirable entities. The difference is the monies the matsu health association acquires comes from sick, disabled, dying people who have entered into the hospital system and have been overcharged for services rendered! The MSHF takes the excess dollars and supplements things like lgbtqwhathehellisnext! That ought to make your skin crawl!

  • John J Otness says:

    We must rise and defend our principles, If they demand separation then separate…
    Fund and support the White Caucus,,,There is no shame in loving what GOD gave. us…stand up!!!

    • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

      The “White Caucus?” Is that really a thing?

    • Lucinda says:

      John. Tell us more about this White Caucus. How many people, where and when do you meet? Is there a mission statement or website? Is it a 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization? Typically, foundations only grant to IRS registered entities.

      I know a bunch of people who’d be interested in it.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Practical steps John. What do you suggest?

    • John J. Otness says:

      Number one Dave is no more of this shame and being brow beaten for being what GOD created us ,,, What a waste of precious time, 2 , If blacks want to live segregated from whites let them , I guess MLK done wasted his time… this liberal crap Rasmusen payola is just a wedge to keep people from getting along.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        I embrace completely your ideas of “no more “. Where I’m hoping my question gets to the heart of is what needs to be reinforced that will end the destruction of the Judeo Christian ethics which are foundational to human flourishing! Right now in our society not all ideas are scrutinized by a non biased entity, nor do I think they should be. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian concepts that have been eroded. That’s our reality! Now what?

      • Lucindanna says:

        Otness. You do not want people to get along. You want racial and religious division and separation.

  • C says:

    Well Celest Hodge Growden, does Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God without error?? Does your Pastor teach truth? All the millions of dollars that the AK Black Caucus receive from Assembly and others, how is it bring spent? Is your church you attend getting any of those funds for advertisement? Funny how no plan had to be given on where the funds would be used. Also your friend Meg, double dipping on filling her pockets. Who is bring bought out??

  • jon says:

    We should welcome more voters. Almost anyone over 18 can vote. We need to make it easier to vote, not harder

  • ML, just common sense says:

    Wow! So sick of the whiners and and these perverted issues on the front burner. First off, keep this crap out of Alaska. Second, let’s concentrate on America, the nation is in peril.

  • John J Otness says:

    Amazing seeing the demons come to life….

  • Larry Wood says:

    I don’t think that they will be voluntarily walking into a mosque anytime soon. Islam is a force they are not considering for the future. Given the protests Outside and the number of participants, I think openly ID’ing as a fruit loop is ultimately going the way of the Dodo.