For the second time in less than six months, pro-abortion vandals have attacked a pro-life display at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

The latest incident involved slashing a “Free Speech Ball” that a pro-life campus club – Arctic Students for Life – brought as part of an approved table set up for a student welcoming event.

Campus Reform, a national watchdog group focused on exposing liberal bias in U.S. colleges, first reported on the story last week.

Students sign a “Free Speech Ball” during a welcoming week gathering at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks this fall.

Arctic Students for Life President Mady Weeks told Campus Reform that she was surprised her fellow students would attack a ball promoting free speech.

“We thought people would be excited to be able to write whatever they wanted on the ball,” she said.

Instead, someone slashed and deflated the ball, which pro-life students attempted to repair and partially reinflate for the remainder of the event.

According to Campus Reform, the vandalism occurred in late September, during the annual welcome week at UAF, which includes massive bonfires and school-sponsored activities aimed at making students feel welcomed and accepted.

Students for Life received prior approval from the university to table at the event, Campus Reform reported. The pro-life booth was one of the only student groups present at the gathering, which takes place at an outdoor parking lot on campus.

Despite the vandalism, the free speech ball proved popular among student attendees. Even after the ball was attacked and partially repaired, students continued singing it.

Arctic Students for Life president Mady Weeks told Campus Reform that her group remains undeterred in its mission.

“We have a second free speech ball, and we fully intend on rolling it around campus later this year!” she said.

This is not the first time Arctic Students for Life have endured vandalism and disruptions. Six months ago, the group set up a memorial to unborn babies killed via abortion. Aggressive pro-abortion activists vandalized and stole parts of the campus display, which included 2,800 pink crosses – one for each baby aborted every day in America.

Similarly, last year, an Arctic Students for Life meeting was disrupted by three pro-abortion students who crashed the gathering to accuse pro-lifers of “endangering others” by advocating for the life of preborn Alaskans.


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Fairbanks vandals slash pro-life students’ ‘Free Speech Ball’ at UAF welcoming event

Joel Davidson
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