Last week, the Juneau School Board held a special meeting and unanimously voted to seek outside legal counsel to address the board’s opposition to new state regulations prohibiting gender-confused biological males from competing in girls’ high school sports.

In November, a new policy by the Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA) took effect, which effectively prohibits schools from allowing biological males to claim a female gender identity in order to compete against girls.

Whether the school board files a lawsuit against the state’s policy is still to be determined, but the Juneau Empire reported. that school board members appear overwhelmingly opposed to the ASAA policy, claiming that it somehow violates the state and federal constitutions’ “right to privacy.” School Board Member Will Muldoon indicated that the board’s decision to seek legal counsel was “a step toward a possible lawsuit.”

The issue may come up at the school board’s next scheduled meeting on Dec. 12.

In general, the Juneau School District is extremely proactive in pushing the most extreme elements of the transgender movement across all grade levels.

Last year, the district published an eight-page document for middle school children who claim to be transgender, coaching kids as young as 11 years old on how to change their names and pronouns and encouraging them to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex if that’s how they personally identify.

It also states that students “shall be permitted to participate in any such activities or conform to any such rule, policy, or practice consistent with their gender identity.”

Created by local transgender activists, the document walks students through how to report on fellow classmates, teachers and staff who they think might be disrespecting them due to their sexual identification.

It also undermines parental rights by encouraging children to seek other trusted adults if their parents aren’t on board with their gender confusion.

“Not everyone has supportive adults in their families or homes. It’s important to find supportive adults who you can trust,” the document states. “A supportive adult might go with you to a meeting at school, help you write an email, fill out a grievance with you, or talk to you about how you’re feeling and be a good listener.”

The document tells children that school staff will “honor your name preferences in school regardless of parent or guardian preference and will ask you which name you prefer to be used when calling home.”


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Radical Juneau School Board looks for ways to skirt new state regulations on transgender athletes

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