Posts will be a little slow in coming over the short-term. Our truly tireless editor-in-chief is currently focused entirely on being primary caretaker to his amazing wife Joy. For those of you who didn’t know and don’t realize, Joel’s wife has been battling stage 4 cancer for almost a year now and the fight has been neither easy nor comfortable. She is only 47.

I spent some time with Joy and Joel today, and though the battle has clearly taken a toll, Joy is the same sweet salt and light that she has always been, even though she has been physically diminished by her war against this awful cancer. Her faith is strong regardless of the future circumstances, and she is an inspiration to me and anyone who has suffered real pain and loss, or is suffering now.

There is one small ray of hope, that the efficacy of her clinical trial is not well-understood yet as it is brand new, and her symptoms may actually be a sign that the treatment is working. As many of you know, often times in cancer treatment, the cure can be as painful or worse than the disease. Joy is in a lot of pain, but she has the best medicine, and is surrounded by people who love her dearly.

Please be patient with the frequency of our news posting during this difficult time. I have spoken with Joy, and your heartfelt prayers and many Novenas have been emotionally and physically sustaining to her during this difficult journey. She said in her own words “I can literally feel that people are praying for me, and it is what has kept me going.”

So please keep her and the Davidson family in your prayers.

Prayers are needed and appreciated

Jake Libbey
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