Alaska’s LGBTQAI2+ activists turned out in force, employing largely boiler-plate statements to oppose a State House bill that aims to protect girls’ sports from gender-confused biological males who want to compete as females.

A total of 29 people testified during the March 25 hearing for House Bill 183 in the House Education Committee with 22 opposed and 7 in support.

At least two of the bill’s opponents were hired hands, one working for Planned Parenthood, and another for the ACLU. Both groups sent out action-alerts and talking points to drum up testimony.

Most of the other’s opposing the bill either identified as members of the LGBTQ community or claimed to have “transgender” children.

They primarily argued that it was unfair, discriminatory and bigoted to deny the notion that a biological male can legitimately “transition” into a female and justifiably compete on girls’ teams. A repeatedly used mantra during testimony was, “Trans girls are girls!”

This past fall, Alaska’s Board of Education adopted new regulations that prohibit gender-confused biological males from competing in girls’ high school sports. HB 183 would codify these protections into state law, while expanding the scope to include all grade levels, not just high schoolers.

The bill states that “designation of separate sex-specific athletic teams or sports is necessary to maintain fairness in athletic opportunities for women,” because there are “significant biological and physiological differences between males and females, including greater strength, speed, and endurance capabilities among males on average.” 

With a state capital only accessible by boat or plane, most of the in-person comments on March 25 came from residents of Juneau, one of Alaska’s most liberal cities.

One testifier, Salim Houck, who claims to be “transgender,” said the bill would make it harder for schools to support and affirm students who think they are members of the opposite sex.

Miller’s opposition centered on her belief that a person can somehow be inside the “wrong body.”

Houck said she attended Juneau Douglas High School where her “transitioning” first began with the support of educators.

“I’m still here today because my teachers and school administration supported me and treated me like any other high school boy,” she said, adding that kids who identify as transgender “have the best chance to thrive” when their claimed identity is supported.

Alexander Rosales, of Eagle River, couldn’t disagree more. He said he came to the capitol in order to testify in person.

“That’s why I’m here, because I’m a dad,” he said. “I’m here for all the women and girls who are out there.”

Rosales emphasized that “Trans women are not women, they are men biologically. That is what they are.”

“We’re allowing little boys go into little girls’ locker rooms, and that’s where it starts,” he added. “That’s why I’m here as a dad, to let you guys know it’s not okay.”

Juneau resident Starla Miller spoke next, blasting the bill as akin to KKK hate mongering.

Miller’s opposition centered on her belief that a person can somehow be inside the “wrong body.”

“It’s about people being born into a body that they don’t feel is their body – that they’re changing from one gender to another,” she asserted. “It has to do with young women finding themselves in the wrong body, and so passing this would definitely be detrimental.”

LGBTQ activists claimed that sports were already “inherently unfair,” and therefore no one should prohibit a biological male who thinks he’s female from competing with the girls.

One particularly irate Anchorage woman, Dr. Linsey Banning, went as far as to say that no one has the right to even question whether a person can transform into another sex.

“Trans girls are girls. You don’t actually get to debate or decide that!” she declared.

Taking a somewhat contradictory stance, some of opponents said the bill was unnecessary because only a tiny fraction of the population claims to be transgender girls. On the other hand, they also said the bill would have serious negative consequences for so many trans kids.

Several opponents said trans-girls should be able to compete against biological girls because sports are not really about competition at all, but more for acceptance, affirmation, unity and team building.

Other LGBTQ activists claimed that sports were already “inherently unfair,” and therefore no one should prohibit a biological male who thinks he’s female from competing with the girls.

Juneau resident Laura Steele epitomized this argument when she said she was not “worried about trans girls sharing the locker room with my daughter.”

“I’m not worried about my daughter losing in sports to a trans girl, or anyone else,” she said. “If anything – as any true athlete would tell you – losing in sports is just as important as winning, maybe more so.”

“The size difference and the weight and the muscle structure that occurs to a male when they go through puberty is unreal, and if anyone has tried to go up against a male, they would know that as a female.”

Anchorage resident Meneka Thiru said she never really cared about the competitive aspect of sports when she was swimming in high school, because it was really all about relationships and a sense of belonging.

At one point, Anchorage resident Alexis Hart pulled the religion card and deriding those who believe biological sex is binary and unchangeable as attempting to force a religious view on others. Her own view, however, that “Gender is not binary,” was stated as a simple matter of fact.

Towards the end of the hearing a handful of those supporting the bill were able to speak.

Lynn Hallford of Palmer said the bill addresses safety and fairness concerns.

“There are biological differences between boys and girls,” she said. “Everyone has heard about basketball and volleyball players hurt when males competed against girls. Everyone has seen girls lose medals and probably scholarship opportunities when boys are allowed to compete against them.”

Kate Johnson, of Palmer, said it’s just outright unfair to allow boys compete as though they were girls.

“Winning and losing only counts when competing against equal rivals,” she said.

Kathy Burgoyne, of Anchorage echoed these sentiments.

“Male puberty gives undeniable strength and size advantages,” she said. “In the name of fairness and safety please keep girls sports for biological girls.”

Palmer resident Jacquelyn Goforth continued this line of argument, noting the enormous physiological differences between the sexes.

“The size difference and the weight and the muscle structure that occurs to a male when they go through puberty is unreal, and if anyone has tried to go up against a male, they would know that as a female,” she said. “I was a track person, and in fourth grade I could smoke the entire school, but by the time I hit seventh grade, I couldn’t win against most of those on the boys’ team … Putting the opposite gender up against each other is a biological anomaly. It’s not fair.”

Following public testimony, the Education Committee voted 4-3 to move the bill to its next committee in the House Judiciary, which consists of five Republicans and two Democrats.

Republican Representatives Tom McKay, Mike Prax, Jamie Allard and Justin Ruffridge voted for the bill, while Democrats CJ McCormmick and Andi Story joined the “non-affiliated” Rebecca Himschoot in voting against it.


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Emotions run high as bill to protect girls’ sports advances in Alaska Legislature

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Mental disorders! Insanity! “God turned them over”! Self destructive! No funding!

  • micah says:

    > Alaska’s LGBTQAI2+

    Rainbow mafia is more accurate.

  • John J Otness says:

    satan versus GOD…no brainer…Evil is roaming …

    • Chris says:

      Remember Joel’s wife, god doesn’t make mistakes

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        I submitted a post in defense of John’s comments and to call out the evil person that posted in reply to John’s post here and my comment was not posted. Why is evil allowed to continue on this board?

  • Frank Mita says:

    I think Jamie has put on a few pounds and maybe not getting enough sleep. Is there a big nightlife scene in Juneau?

  • Jim says:

    Name 5 trans athletes in Alaska. I bet you can’t. This is just more proof republicans don’t care at all about actual issues effecting Alaskans

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Most of us are not keeping record but that is beside the point. It is occurring nationwide at collegiate and prep sport level.. It is wrong to allow males to compete as females.

    • Penny Johnson says:

      First sentence is a false argument. Last sweeping statement is patently false as the concerns for biological females (97%) outweigh the trans (male – 3% at best). So, there’s that.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    What don’t these people get.
    You were born a boy you are a boy.
    You were born a girl you are a girl.
    No matter what body parts you cut off or add or drug you take.
    Do I have to say it again. Your a boy deal with it, Your a girl deal with. God crated you

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    The blindness to biology, chromosomes, and human development is stunning. Someone who has achieved a doctorate in counseling psychology should have some level of intellect and ability to know better. The gender confusion issue certainly appears to have become cultic.

  • Jim says:

    All girls are and should be on one team– all biological girls ONLY
    All trannies should be on their own separate team—all mix and match whatever you see fit to field.
    Then there should be game play and include tournament play — the trannies have to give up a predetermined handicap to the all-girls team. Level the playing field and let the games begin.

  • Jim Minnery says:

    Getting Alaskans who agree with Rep Allard to show up or call in is difficult. Thus the disparity. Getting them to email is more reasonable. More than 70% of emails the Education Committee received on this issue were supportive. Alaskans, and people in general, regardless of other polarities, are fairly united on this common sense measure.

    • Dave says:

      That’s what I was wondering. How the email testimony fared? Not all of us have time to sit on the phone for hours waiting to possibly not even be able to speak at all. And far less can afford jet flights & motel expenses to appear in person. If emails do not count I’d sure like to know that.

  • Penny Johnson says:

    First sentence is a false argument. Last sweeping statement is patently false as the concerns for biological females (97%) outweigh the trans (male – 3% at best). So, there’s that.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    A sure way of stopping this insanity is to mandate that All athletes compete in the nude! There, it’s done! Full illumination! Fight insanity with insanity! Nothing else seems to work!

  • Daniel McCarthy says:

    We need to get the capital moved out of Juneau, post haste!

  • Larry Wood says:

    I wish I had known about that bill. I would have testified. Male advantages: 30-35% greater upper body muscle mass, 20% greater lung capacity, 20% greater lower body muscle mass. Further, the biological males who lie about their ‘confusion’ seem to have an aggression problem when they play with the girls. Time and time again, the girls are injured. Transgenderism is a lie. 83% of the girls diagnosed with gender dysphoria recover without outside intervention by adulthood, 98% of the boys do so belying their ‘gender dysphoria’ in the first place. What male in HS doesn’t want to shower with the girls?
    Enough. Time to end this lie and ban transgender affirming care for minors as was done in the UK and Tennessee.

  • Doug glenn says:

    A miracle or a world war with lots of blood shed is the only thing going to strengthen this mess out. We live in a nation of ungrateful people for the blessings we enjoy every day. Apparently we have had it to easy for 2 long. The tough will prevail and the weak will disappear.

  • Becky says:

    Its unbelievable that you can try to cling to the unscientific claim that trans athletes have an advantage and should be banned because of puberty…but you are also against trans youth being able to stop their puberties to transition without having the physiological changes.

    You can’t point to a single study that supports the claim that trans men and women are stronger or weaker than non-trans males and females. Because there has never BEEN a study like that accounting for trans people.

    Worst part is you pointed out the part that makes it bullshit. That an ‘on average’ men are stronger and women are weaker. So you can’t point to a single trans athlete and athlete and prove they have an advantage. In reality, the hormones and medications trans people take, and the much harder lives trans people have give them a disadvantage in sports.

    And the few examples we have of trans people competing completely destroys your narrative. Lia thomas won 1 gold medal in 6 events. She was far off from any records. If she were stronger and faster than the women…why didnt she win them all and break the records?

    The only trans MAN that has fought in the MMA has a 100% win rate against men. If your claim was true that men are stronger so a trans man was at a disadvantage, why didn’t he lose to the Men?

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Becky, I am looking forward to the day that trans athletes are not allowed to compete against females. The backwards-thinking comments like yours here that keep getting repeated over and over again is getting to be so tiresome. Actual, physical body builds are better scientific proof than the story that your controllers command of you to keep repeating.

      • Becky says:

        FoH…actual, scientific reality is that EVERY BODY is different. Every person’s bone structure is different. Every person’s muscle tone and mass are different. The hormones in every athlete are different. A male that works out less than a woman will have less muscles.

        Testosterone increases muscle growth, true. But female bodies produce testosterone too. Male bodies produce estrogen too! The vagina and the penis both grow from the SAME original structure. Some women produce more testosterone than some men. Should they have to compete with men? No? Howcome? They have a biological advantage! Athletes that train at high altitude have a biological advantage because their lungs process oxygen more efficiently, and their organs function with less oxygen than normal.

        Parents who raise young athletes often give their children steroids and growth hormones so they grow up bigger and stronger. Should they be forced to compete with men because they have an advantage over non-doped kids? IF you actually believed your ‘biological advantage’ position, then you would demand all these people be banned from competing, just like the trans person. But I suspect you wouldnt exclude those other athletes. In reality, science already knows the normal RANGE of testosterone women are supposed to have, and pro sports groups TEST the competitors at every competition. Lia Thomas has PASSED all those tests, meaning her body and hormones are in the same range as all the other women. The fact her frame is a little larger is a product of her birth, just like any other woman that produces higher than average testosterone or produces above average growth hormone.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Whoa! You better have some solid references for this comment of yours, “Parents who raise young athletes often give their children steroids and growth hormones so they grow up bigger and stronger.” I was an athlete and my parents did not give me steroids and growth hormones. I did the best that I could by working hard, staying lean and fit, watching my diet and getting enough sleep. Your “instant gratification” statement that I quoted here is typical of those who accept the temptation to have it all and in trade have to sell their souls to the devil.