Phil Izon

One of the architects behind the ongoing effort to do away with Alaska’s controversial ranked-choice voting system is already working on two more ballot petitions in a multi-pronged effort to cut down on voter fraud.

Phil Izon, who spearheaded a grassroots effort of volunteers in successfully gathering enough signatures to ensure that Alaskans have an opportunity to repeal ranked choice voting this coming November, has written two other petitions that would drastically limit absentee and mail-in voting, while requiring hand-counting of ballots.

“I’ve finished writing two more petitions,” Izon noted in a recent email to supporters.

The first would mandate that precinct level ballot counting be conducted by hand – as it currently is in Mat-Su Borough elections – while also requiring that tabulation be done “asap, so we can get election results day of or next day. No more machines.”

Izon’s other proposed petition seeks to ensure that absentee voting is limited by stipulating that all eligible voters must cast their ballots in person unless they meet certain exceptions such as being 65 years of age or older, disabled, out of the county during the elections, about to give birth, or confined in jail.

Izon said the trifecta approach of ditching ranked-choice voting, requiring hand counting and limiting absentee voting would likely cut down on 90% of voter fraud.

To learn more about the current effort to repeal ranked-choice voting, as well as the two new initiatives, go to

Izon said his group needs signature gatherers, advisory board members and an army of people to get out the vote this November 5th to first repeal ranked choice voting.

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Alaska ballot petitions in the works to mandate hand counting, in-person voting

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Diana says:

    Looking forward to all of them…..thank-you!!!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    One vote in person with ID on Election Day.
    Yes Ranked Choice Voting is cheating. Please get your lazy blank out and vote to repeal ranked choice voting.

  • Sally Duncan says:

    This is so very important to our state! We need to have ballot counting done by hand and have the results the same day. Florida does it and they have millions of people. There is absolutely NO reason we can’t other than Kendall and his ilk want control to be able to continue with Murkowski and Peltola (same thing). Please join phil Izon to help heal our state of the corruption we have!

  • Bob Curtis says:

    Very thankful for the concerted effort made by Mr. Izon. I support one person one vote in person!

  • Judy Eledge says:

    The problem with this group is they now have the signatures but NO way to fight the millions coming into the state to ensure repealing RCV. I commend them for getting to this point but Instead of worrying about other petitions they should be worrying about how to get this across the finish line. I have seen no plan for how they plan to do this or raise the money. When I look at APOC reporting I also do not see the hundred of thousands of dollars we were told was raised. I assure you the person in Anchorage responsible for getting signatures there was Mikaela Emswiler. Mr. Izon seemed to spend more time running around the country talking to other states than concentrating of this petition. If I am in error would be glad to have Mr, Izon send me the above information. There are a couple of groups organized to do the above. Their sole purpose is to raise the money to ensure people VOTE YES ON 1!

    • Phil Izon says:

      It is actually Vote Yes on 2, but you again prove how little you know Judy. How about you go sit down somewhere and watch the work get done in a way that you and others have been incapable of doing.
      Best Wishes,
      Phil Izon

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Judy you have done your damage and left the stench of Your hero’s in the air! People like porcarro, damboskis, Stiren, dunleavy,and many others! I agree with the sentiment, “ sit down and zip it”!

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Judy, I know for a fact that Phil personally did a lot of work in the Mat-Su Valley and around the state and helped We The People to get the repeal ranked choice voting on the ballot. Your comment sounds really one-sided and does not speak for the people who were involved in successfully getting repealing ranked choice voting back on the ballot.
      Mr. Izon, thank you very much for all of your work. Looking forward to helping out with the upcoming petition drives!

  • Richard K CORBeil says:

    I will sign it

  • Kenneth L. Wells says:

    This actually gives me hope for the future.
    Same day voting with positive I.D. No electronic devices of any sort. Open counting observable by anyone who wishes to observe.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    People, get involved so that our state and our political parties cannot say that there are not enough people perform hand counting. Cause of America is offering ballot hand counting training to all political parties because an election using paper ballots would be used by all parties. Cause of America works closely with Mike Lindell to ensure that the next election will be an honest election. You can go to Cause of America at .

  • Citizenkane says:

    Where can a person read the actual petition?