An elephant has been creeping into the room an inch at a time for the last 98 years, and it’s time we talked about it. Decades of ‘managed inflation’ and irresponsible fiscal policy have ballooned the debt, and there is only one outcome: the failure of the US dollar.

Despite how little traction this topic gets, we all know it’s coming. All the conservatives I’ve talked to agree, and rather shockingly many of the political agnostics and Democrats agree as well! Everyone calmly admits that, “Yes, the national debt is ballooning and one day will collapse the U.S. financial system.” Over 98 years the elephant has worked its head and torso through the door, and all that’s left is the tail. We all see it – we all know it.

Why, then, are we not talking about the elephant? The answer is quite simple: we are controlled by a top-down power structure that operates out of Washington DC, that talks in lock-step with the congealed homogeneous media in this country. It is paramount that we never discuss what the elephant is destroying as it works its way forwards, so we are presented with polarizing topics to keep us at each other’s throats:

Somebody somewhere has been shot, so you’d better give up your guns or else you condone murder; We used a model to generate some interesting numbers and found out that if you don’t stop eating meat and driving your car all future children will die; Across the world somebody bombed somebody else, and you had better be very upset about it (otherwise you probably sympathize with the bomber!).

The permanent fund is in danger of being crushed by the dollar, and the answer is simple: repatriate the value of the permanent fund as physical gold and silver bullion held in vaults within the state.

In this way we are kept continually distracted and emotionally exhausted so that we don’t commit that terrible sin of talking about the dollar. We should all understand that the collapse of the USD presents an existential crisis for Alaska, but as long as we are caught up discussing how much of the PFD we ought to get we’re not discussing the fact that a collapse of the dollar will kill the permanent fund. As long as we are busy discussing how much we ought to grovel to the federal government for money we’re not discussing that a collapse of the dollar will make that magic cash-flow we’ve become reliant on disappear. As long as we are discussing whether the urban or rural populations of the state should get more of the magic dollar pie, we’re not acknowledging that our total state-wide reliance on a delicate supply chain underlain by the dollar poses a serious threat to the lives of every man, woman, and child in this state.

The essence of government tyranny has never been about physically forcing people to do one thing or another, but rather the essence of government tyranny has been forcing people to think in a way that makes them incapable of resisting. The soviet Pravda published outright lies that the people knew were lies, and the party knew the people knew, and the people knew the party knew that they knew. So why bother lying? The act of lying and accepting the lying as routine cultivates apathy in the people so that they do nothing more than try to get by, otherwise known as free-range slavery in psychological chains.

The mainstream media lies to us, and our politicians lie to us. We know they lie to us, and they know that we know, and we know that they know that we know.

…we are faced with a crisis that is unprecedented in the history of the world, that of a vast interconnected economic machine whose underlying connective tissue is dissolving.

The Alaskan Independence Party is opposed to this slavery. Alaskans should not be enthralled by the dramas of a far-off American Pravda that cares not a whit for the people of this state. We are asked to be outraged by the lamp the elephant has crushed, the end table he’s about to push over, and the floor that sags beneath his weight – and to never talk about the elephant himself. A sane Alaska would simply say, “To hell with your elephant,” grab its things, and move into the next room.

The permanent fund is in danger of being crushed by the dollar, and the answer is simple: repatriate the value of the permanent fund as physical gold and silver bullion held in vaults within the state. Many would attack this idea as foolishness, saying we’ll lose out on economic returns and be poorer for it. This is a laughable notion. If it were true the wealthiest and most powerful institutions on the planet, the central banks, would not be buying up tens of thousands of tons of gold – and yet they are. The economic vitality of the state is being drained, in part, by obscene housing prices. Divest state land to individuals so that people can afford to live.

Political dialogue in this state and country boils down to the idea that we must abide by talking points and dramas dictated by people thousands of miles away. We’ve become a flock of parrots who happily parrot those same talking points, never realizing that this is the very way we are oppressed. Liberty comes from within oneself, from a desire to see not only yourself, but your neighbor, free. Why invest so much of our energy in the problems of the lower-48 when we have more important problems here? Alaska is a unique case in the American experiment, and we have possible solutions to our problems that no other state can claim – if only we would start thinking for ourselves.

Looking at all the problems in the world today it is easy to feel hopeless. At the Alaskan Independence Party, we refuse to give up hope! We refuse to give in to the mantra of “well, what are you gonna do about it?” We refuse the tyranny of media-induced frantic complacency. We believe that as Alaskans we have a duty to stand up for our neighbors and compatriots, our fellow Alaskans, that we might all live free together. You, me, our neighbors, we inhabitants of this land have chosen to live here because we love this unique and beautiful place so dearly, but it would be foolish to say that we aren’t a part of this land. We have to stand up for our fellow Alaskans because they are an immutable part of the land that we love.

Anyone who still has eyes to see and ears to hear understands that we are faced with a crisis that is unprecedented in the history of the world, that of a vast interconnected economic machine whose underlying connective tissue is dissolving. The elephant is in the room, and now he’s ready to die and crush us all. It’s time to talk about that – not as parrots, but as Alaskans.

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OPINION: Alaskans must face the elephant – he’s about to destroy everything

Arthur Serkov
Arthur Serkov is Vice Chairman North of the Alaskan Independence Party, and a strong proponent of sound money as the basis of a functional democracy.


  • Tim Jannen says:

    All those words. So little persuasion.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Arthur, as a Conservative, I wholly agree with the fact that the dollar is going to collapse. I pray that if the collapse is going to reset everything, we need to be ready to take charge of the ship so that when it lifts off of the sandbar (collapse in this instance) we, the humanity-loving people, are at the helm steering this ship on the right course that will ensure humankind’s freedom and prosperity. I have heard that the globalists believe that they will be able to take control once they collapse everything – we need to show them otherwise. I think so many still cannot crawl out of the box that the globalists stuffed them into. So many people still cannot believe that the government in control right now (not a government btw – an illegal regime) would re-enact WWII with us being the prisoners marched off to camps to death, starvation, and slavery. Unless people wake up and join together to stand against the illegal regime, we are going to be marched off to camps to death, starvation and slavery. Individuals in the Independent Party is not the only group whose eyes are wide open, but few are speaking up and fewer taking action. Thank you for the good article!