Once the final tabulation in Anchorage’s mayoral election wraps up, the hard leftists candidate Suzanne LaFrance will likely have earned the vote of less than 14% of Anchorage’s overall residents and about 17% of registered voters.

That’s more than enough votes to control the mayor’s office, however, because conservatives were even more lethargic in turning out to vote.

This is what happens when conservatives decline to participate in local elections. Unions and wealthy activist groups mobilize their members and grab the power levers. In Anchorage, this has now occurred at every level of government – school board, Assembly and City Hall.

While 237,000 out of 287,000 people never voted for these leaders, everyone will live under their laws, regulations and policies. That likely means more government spending, a push for expanded taxation, persecution of businesses and nonprofits that seek to operate in accord with their religious values, aggressive expansion of the LGBTQ agenda, woke indoctrination in government-run schools, mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion training for city employees and contractors and more disastrous and ineffective “solutions” to the city’s homelessness crisis.

Perhaps Anchorage will wake up for the next election cycle. For now, the left reigns supreme over all the land.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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With only a small fraction of Anchorage support, the Left seizes control of all the land

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • VLADIMIR says:

    Move to Russia if you don’t like it

    • John J Otness says:


    • Proud Alaskan says:

      So you must of voted for the crazy lady, Suzanne?
      You probably drive around in your car with a mask on.
      Wait wasn’t that you, I saw this week in their car with a mask on, by yourself.
      O wait I don’t go to that cesspool of a city unless I have too.
      Yes, back in the day Anchorage was an awesome city.
      Ok one more question, if that’s ok. So you moved up to Alaska from Portland, now you have your wish, Anchorage is now Portland 2.0

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    I cannot believe how asleep Anchorage is. They need to quit drinking their city water. I am pretty sure that the fluoridation and/or whatever else they are putting in the city water is making the city folks lethargic or uncaring. This is going to be a very interesting time!

    • Reggie Taylor says:

      “……..They need to quit drinking their city water………”
      If Eklutna Village is successful getting Eklutna Dam removed, that is exactly what will happen.

  • John J Otness says:

    Kevin Meyers Dominion Machines… Are they still paying Dividends?

  • Sensible Citizen says:

    Vote by mail invites warped results which of course serves the purpose of the left. If you have a pulse, they want your vote…legal or illegal…it doesn’t matter to them. Ask Crooked Joe, he knows all about it.

  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    How would we possibly know how many people voted? And for whom? The results were known before the count.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Interesting point! They had to keep track so that they knew how many more ballots to add! Once again, they will get away with it.

  • Jack Roberts says:

    Mail-in voting has consequences.

  • John J Otness says:


  • Matthew Mills says:

    The Republican leadership in Anchorage isn’t really very conservative. The candidates they’ve pushed for at least a decade have been moderate chamber of commerce low taxes Republicans, with little interest in “fighting the woke,” and that’s how Bronson ran right up to the last couple of weeks. The conservative base, and especially the socially conservative base, is not going to come out for those candidates.
    Republicans can win in Anchorage, but they need to get the base energized, and I’m beginning to think that they fear us more than they fear the progressives.

    • Mongo Like Candy says:

      Republican = Democrat = Uniparty

    • AK Pilot says:

      If what you say is true the “socially conservative base” are a bunch of idiots. Because of plurality voting we are always voting for the lesser of two evils, and anyone with half a brain could see that Bronson was the lesser of two evils. If a socially conservative agenda (or at the very least the freedom to live in accordance with your own socially conservative values) is important to you, you had a far better chance of getting that under Bronson than LaFrance. But at least you have your principles…

      • Homeschoolers Told You says:

        I say its time to stop choosing the lesser evil and let the people get a belly full of corruption and taxation. We don’t want weak losers who are milk toast to represent us anymore. If Repubs don’t go MAGA, these are the results you get and they are well deserved. Have fun Anchorage as you slide down the pit of no return…you slit your own throats you weak moderates.

  • Steve says:

    Congratulations Anchorage, I hope you’re pleased with you’re high taxes, failing schools, and queer ideology. Must be a lot of lazy people in Anchorage if their too irresponsible to get to the polls.

  • Steve says:

    their = they’re

  • Akdale says:

    defend the mat su or it WILL become what Anchorage is today. if you live in that mat su are conservative and don’t vote, your the problem.

    • Jim says:

      It’s a cycle, you see it played out all over the world. Consevatives build a nice community, then leftists move in to destroy it. Conservatives leave to build a new community elsewhere. Rinse, repeat.

  • Johnny says:

    There is no victory, tribulation is the result of rejecting god, it’s the beginning of the end for Anchorage.

    • TrueIndependent says:

      God told anchorage to vote for lafrance.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Ah, I see what you are doing. You are trying to get people riled up. Your comment is not worth getting riled up about because the only god that you believe in is the god of this world. God Almighty wins in the end.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Upside: my property in the matsu just increased by thousands!

  • Steve Peterson says:

    Do conservatives in Anchorage suffer some kind of Stockholm Syndrome?

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    R there conservatives in anchorage

  • Homeschoolers Told You says:

    This is what happens when Republicans are moderates.

  • Dino says:

    Things clearly need to get worse before the Cabellas Conservatives stir. The question is how worse do they need to get? And will it be too late?

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