On July 1, just four days after the Alaska Supreme Court hears opening oral arguments in a challenge to a lower court ruling that has found Alaska’s homeschool allotment laws unconstitutional, the Alaska State Board of Education will meet to discuss how the state can continue funding correspondence programs for 24,000 students across Alaska.

Homeschool families and scores of state-funded correspondence programs are in limbo until the Supreme Court issues its ruling on whether Anchorage Superior Court Judge Adolf Zeman was out of line in upending the state’s popular and rapidly expanding correspondence programs.

Alaska is undergoing a profound shift in education as tens of thousands of children are forgoing traditional brick and mortar schools in favor of educational options through homeschooling, private tutoring and courses provided by private and religious institutions and colleges. Zeman’s ruling, however, claims that the state cannot reimburse families for courses and educational opportunities that students access through private or religious educational organizations.

While the State of Alaska is asking the high court to throw out the entire lower court opinion, it is unclear how the Supreme Court will rule.

As Alaskans await the State Supreme Court’s decision, the Board of Education plans to discuss what sort of regulations it might need to pass in order to preserve some level of state-funded homeschooling.

Similarly, Gov. Mike Dunleavy is waiting on the appeal ruling before announcing his next move, which could include a state education dividend that families could use to help pay for homeschooling costs.

The purpose of the upcoming education board meeting will be to hear from the public and to discuss business items, including an executive session to hear legal advice on how to address the homeschool lawsuit through new regulations.


— The education board meeting begins at 3 p.m. on July 1, with public comments starting at 3:05 p.m. The public is invited to join online through Zoom or by phone. For details on how to participate, click here.

— The board’s meeting packet is available here by clicking on the meeting date. Those who need assistance can contact Kathijo Jolin at 907-465-2802 or e-mail

— To contact the State Education Board members directly at any time, click here.

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Alaska Education Board to meet July 1 to discuss homeschool regs

Joel Davidson
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  • DJ in AK says:

    The Alaska Supreme Court is packed with a bunch of democrats that will undoubtedly support the teachers unions and fail to overturn the lower court ruling.