Tucker Tapes put leftist ‘madhouse’ on its heels

Tucker Carlson’s release of the heretofore suppressed footage of the January 6 security video prompts valid speculation. A “Deep State” operation was already suspected on that very day with abundant evidence and, of course, analyzed only in the

OPINION: The sweet lies of organized Crime in D.C. & Juneau

Lies are believed because they taste good. The truth is detested because it is sour. We now can safely assume that the default position of citizens should be that most of what comes out of both the federal and Alaska government are sweet-tasting lies. We

Alaska in 2023: Trends, predictions and prescriptions

Editor’s note: This article is adapted from a talk given for the Valley Republican Women of Alaska’s Jan. 19 meeting in Wasilla. I want to address a few major trends and developments in Alaska as they relate to our population, education and political

AK Covid Alliance: Data abounds, while truth remains elusive

By LINDA BOYLE – Alaska Covid Alliance By now, most Americans have been inundated with information on Covid but the actual facts are still nearly impossible to determine. Do you believe the government’s story? Do you believe the healthcare