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OPINION: Cargo Cults & Lisa Murkowski

During the Pacific battles of World War II, many island nations, including Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea experienced radical, life altering changes as the largest war ever fought by technologically advanced superpowers took place literally in

OPINION: The 7 Politically Deadly Sins of Lisa Murkowski

I know many people who desperately want to support Lisa Murkowski. Over 20 years, Lisa she has made personal connections to many people I know. They have worked with her, fought beside her, and many have spoken to her or know her personally.  The folks

We can – and must – stand up to lies

We live in a world of lies, falsehoods and deliberate deception. — Men can become women by willing it so. — Unborn babies with their own hearts, fingerprints and DNA are not “fully developed,” and can be justly dismembered in the womb. —