Old fashioned tent revival headed to Anchorage this summer

A six-week tent revival will kick off in Anchorage this week with nightly worship, prayer and preaching. The interdenominational gatherings will run from June 18 to July 25, starting 6 p.m. nightly under the theme of “Fanning the Flames of Revival.”

The specter of Catholic schism should trouble us all

One need not be a Catholic to understand that the world’s largest religion is in crisis – like just about every other institution from medicine, education, government, unions, political parties, private organizations, etc. Whether you love, hate or are

Former Anchorage strip club transformed into a house of God

Patrons of the old Fantasies on Fifth strip joint in Anchorage probably never imagined that their den of iniquity would one day be transformed into a house of God. The story of how that happened involves an inspired Vietnamese woman, a real estate agent

How Russian Old Believers keep the faith in modern Alaska

Profoundly religious, the Russian people were shaken to their core by the Russian Orthodox Church liturgical reforms introduced by Patriarch Nikon (1666–1667) who, under the reign of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich Romanov (1645–1676), had dared to correct the

He is Risen!

The world pauses today as nearly 2.4 billion Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It is the high point of the church year, marking the culmination of Christ’s mission and his final triumph over sin and death. Typically, church attendance swells