9.24 > Grave Voter Concerns

It’s easy to think that with the 2020 Federal Election almost a year behind us in our collective rearview mirror, that everyone must have come around to agreement that there was no ‘there there’ in the recent election. After all, the news

9.23 > Ignoring SCOTUS

If a football field were 80 yards long instead of 100, how many more touchdown passes would Tom Brady have thrown? If batters in baseball had four strikes instead of three, how many more homeruns might Barry Bonds have hit? Or, for you cynics out there: how

9.13 >

In a truly dramatic reversal, Europe has abandoned plans for Vaccine Passports while the Biden Administration is “losing patience” for those of us who have had COVID and have the audacity to simply say “No Thank You” to the

9.11 > Our first 2 Years

September 11th is a day that will forever live in Infamy. A dark day, for most of us, it may be difficult to remember what we had for lunch two days ago, but I’ll bet almost all of us remember exactly where we were the morning of September 11th, 2001
Ignoring Actual Science

8.13 > In defiance of science

In the US Congress, H.R. 4980 will make vaccination a requirement to travel on any US airline. With the recent Fox News poll showing 50% of America in support of vaccine passports on the altar of safety, the US Congress is currently considering legislation
Rise Up for Children

7.22 > Rise Up for Children July 30th

Here in the Mat-Su most of us live in a comfortable bubble. You might hear about awful things happening once in awhile but in a borough the size of the state of West Virginia, and a state more than twice the size of Texas, there’s so much that goes
Mario Bird Justice Video Cover

7.20 > Alaska Justice

Remember that scene in “As Good As It Gets,” when Jack Nicholson wants to pay Helen Hunt a compliment, and it takes an absurdly long time to do so? I’d like to pay the same sort of compliment to Democrats. Democrats used to be known as the party of

7.15 > Vaccinated or Protected?

Paid reasearch poll after paid research poll are asking Alaskans to (in this latest round from Ivan Moore) “Let us have it” tell us why you MatSu residents are not vaccinating. I don’t know the sum total of money spent bribing people ten

7.11 > Our Leftist Training Grounds

We cannot ignore the fact that Alaska’s government schools are overrun by entrenched bureaucrats bent on using their immense power to indoctrinate our kids with far-left political propaganda. Just recently we reported that 13 Alaska teachers signed an open

7.8 > A Constitutional Convention

We recently embarked on a deep dive into the possibilities, the opportunities and the dangers of what a successful vote to hold a constitutional convention next year in 2022 could look like. For conservatives, like me, it seems an endlessly frustrating