Alaska Judicial Council

Judicial Council to hear complaints on judges up for election

The Alaska Judicial Council, a small but extremely powerful group that controls placement of all judges in Alaska – says it wants to hear from rank-and-file Alaskans regarding the suitability of 30 judges up for retention elections this year. After hearing

Feb. 15 hearing to address how Alaska selects judges

A bill that would fundamentally change the way Alaska chooses judges for the Court of Appeals and District Court is up for public testimony today, Feb. 15, at 1:30 p.m. Introduced by Sen. Mike Shower, Senate Bill 14 would roll back the power of the

Background on Alaska judges who are up for election

On Nov. 3, Alaskans will vote to either retain or remove 22 judges from across the state. This is the only time residents have any say over who sits on the bench. Unfortunately, most voters know very little of the judges before they head to the polls. The