Constitutional Convention

With 29 Alaska judges on the ballot, only one vote matters

We’ve been inundated with questions about how to vote on the long list of 29 Alaska judges up for retention this year. Like past elections, there is precious little information about these men and women, and that’s by design. While the Alaska Judicial

OPINION: Why I am supporting Convention Yes

Since launching the Alaska Watchman almost 3 years ago, I have watched often in astonishment at how corrupt the politics have become in this state.  As Senator Shower highlighted while speaking to the School of Government crowd a few weeks ago, our system is

Constitutional Convention Debate

On February 1, 2022, Bob Bird and John Coghill squared off in a friendly but fiery debate on the call to action as well as the caution of voting to hold a constitutional convention. At the end of the debate and Q&A, the in-person ballots totaled 62 for,