Raising the Lamp #2 – Joel Davidson

In our second longform interview, we sit down with our Editor in Chief Joel Davidson to discuss recent stories, the latest happenings at the Alaska Watchman, and news from around the state and

Pagan America: The coming dark age

In this first long-form podcast, we unpack the recently released book by once and once again Alaskan author John Davidson, Pagan America: The decline of Christianity and the dark age to come. John is the brother of our tireless editor-in-chief and a senior

12.10 > Addressing what’s Festering

Alexis De Tocqueville visited America 190 years ago to discover what special ideals had allowed the birth of the American experiment. Like a prophet, he declared the American experiment would collapse if it lost the glue that held it together. That bond, and
Alaska Adoption

Plans to Protect Alaska’s faith-based adoption agencies

Legislation is in the works to protect Alaska’s adoption agencies and child welfare providers from discrimination for declining to provide services that conflict with the provider’s deeply held moral or religious beliefs. In a letter to supporters earlier