mask mandates

It’s happening again – a hypnosis of fear

After WWII, many German people snapped out of what they had endured and what they had instigated. To paraphrase the honest assessment of many Germans, they said, “We all seemed to be under a kind of fog, a trance, a hypnosis. We were indifferent to what

Kenai schools ditch masks for summer sessions

There will be no mandatory face coverings for students and staff participating in summer school programs in the Kenai School District. A letter from Acting Superintendent Clayton Holland addressed to the community states that as of June 14 schools will be

‘Why are masks so political? What’s the big deal?’

A good friend recently asked, “Why are masks so political? What’s so controversial about wearing a little face covering?” The answer to the first question is straight forward. Masks are political because local and state governments have passed laws