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Is the Republican Party a pro-life champion?

In 1980 Ronald Reagan got my vote and that of many Alaskans because he was pro-life. His sweeping victory had Democrats, feminists and abortionists figuring it was all over for them. Reagan Democrats were essentially pro-life anti-communists. Both enemies and
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Efforts to legalize abortion built on these well-crafted lies

How extreme is Roe v. Wade? To understand we must unmask the seldom-studied companion case, Doe v. Bolton, and also examine the false narrative that abortion activists crafted to gain sympathy for their movement. When “Jane Roe,” whose real name was Norma
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Judicial overstep in 1800s set stage for Roe v. Wade

As the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade approaches next month, many remain unaware of what made this decision such an outrage. For the moment, let’s skip over the blood of the unborn and the broken mothers and families, and investigate why Roe is utterly