Bill to outlaw abortion stuck in committee after failed vote

    A bill to establish that all Alaskans, from the moment of conception, have a natural and protected right to life remains stuck in the Health & Social Services Committee (HHS) after a failed vote to move it out last week.

    Rep. David Eastman’s House Bill 178, known as the Alaska Life at Conception Act, recognizes that all Alaskans, born and unborn, are entitled to equal protection under the law. The legislation would outlaw abortion, including in cases of rape and incest, but does not criminalize situations where efforts to save a mother’s life result in the unintended death of a baby.

    On Jan. 29, Eastman moved that his bill be discharged from the HHS Committee. The motion failed with a 25-9 vote. As a result, the bill remains in the HHS Committee.


    YEAS (to move the bill out of committee)

    • Ben Carpenter-R, Nikiski
    • David Eastman-R, Wasilla
    • Sharon Jackson-R, Eagle River
    • DeLana Johnson-R, Wasilla
    • Lance Pruitt-R, Anchorage
    • Colleen Sullivan-Lenard-R, Wasilla
    • Dave Talerico-R, Healy
    • Cathy Tilton-R, Wasilla
    • Sarah Vance-R, Homer

    NAYS (votes to keep bill in committee)

    • Matt Claman-D, Anchorage
    • Harriet Drummond-D, Anchorage
    • Bryce Edgmon-I, Dillingham
    • Zack Fields-D, Anchorage
    • Neal Foster-D, Nome
    • Mel Gillis-R, Anchorage
    • Sara Hannan-D, Juneau
    • Grier Hopkins-D, Fairbanks
    • Jennifer Johnston-R, Anchorage
    • Andy Josephson-D, Anchorage
    • Gary Knopp-R, Kenai
    • Chuck Kopp-R, Anchorage
    • Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins-D, Sitka
    • Bart LeBon-R, Fairbanks
    • John Lincoln-U, Kotzebue
    • Merrick-R, Eagle River
    • Dan Ortiz-NA, Ketchikan
    • Laddie Shaw-R, Anchorage
    • Ivy Spohnolz-D, Anchorage
    • Andi Story-D, Juneau
    • Louise Stutes-R, Kodiak
    • Geran Tarr-D, Anchorage
    • Steve Thompson-R, Fairbanks
    • Chris Tuck-D, Anchorage
    • Adam Wool-D, Fairbanks


    • Sara Rasmussen-R, Anchorage
    • George Rauscher-R, Sutton


    • Gabbrielle LeDoux-R, Anchorage
    • Mark Neuman-R, Big Lake
    • Tiffany Zulkosky-D, Bethel


    • District 3

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