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Approximately 215,000 ballot packages were mailed to qualified Anchorage voters on March 17 and should arrive by Tuesday, March 24.

Voters have until April 7 to return their marked ballots, but in light of the unfolding coronavirus situation residents are being asked to return ballots as soon as possible.

“Because current events are dynamic and constantly changing, voters are encouraged to vote the ballot and return it as soon as possible,” said Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones in press statement.

If a voter loses, damages, or does not receive a ballot package in the mail, they can call the Voter Hotline at (907) 243-VOTE (8683) to request a replacement ballot package. The hotline is operating Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Anchorage Vote Centers, locations around town where voters can turn in or replace damaged ballots and receive voting assistance, were scheduled to open on Monday, March 30, but with facility closures, some of the centers will not be able to open.

“Given the changing situation, voters again are asked to vote as soon as possible and call (907) 243-VOTE (8683) if you have any questions about voting,” the municipal clerk advised.

Voters can either mail in their ballots or return them at a Secure Drop Box or Anchorage Vote Center. The postage cost is 70 cents for two-card ballot.


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Anchorage ballots mailed to 215,000 voters

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