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Leslie Becker, a pro-life, fiscal conservative in Ketchikan is challenging Rep. Daniel Ortiz for his seat in the Alaska House of Representatives.

Becker serves on the Ketchikan School Board and is the former executive director for the town’s chamber of commerce. According to her campaign website she is also committed to protecting unborn human life.

“I believe protecting life from conception to natural death is required in moral law and is our duty to protect the innocent and most vulnerable,” Becker states. “And, protecting life is essential to maintain liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and wholeness for all mankind.”

The politically “unaffiliated” Ortiz backs taxpayer funded abortions and supported a failed attempt in 2018 to install a former Planned Parenthood field organizer as a member of the Alaska Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives.

He was narrowly elected in 2014 and has defeated two Republican challengers since.

A member of the Democratic controlled House Majority, Ortiz has opposed Gov. Dunleavy’s attempts to balance the state budget, and does not support the payout of a full statutory PFD.

For her part, Becker promises to be a fiscal conservative.

“I stand for life, liberty, truth, and justice and will boldly stand professing what the Word of God says about each of these tenants.”

“Alaska is facing a serious budget crisis and without the immediate structural changes necessary to achieve a sustainable budget, the economic viability of Alaska will be at risk,” she writes on her campaign website. “The mismanagement of Alaska’s resources has squandered billions in State savings, led to cuts in essential services, such as the Alaska Marine Highway system and resulted in the virtual elimination of the PFD paid to Alaskans.”


Becker moved to Ketchikan in 2016 and has been heavily involved in the community since.

Prior to coming to Ketchikan she served as a healthcare executive for 35 years, working in strategic planning and revenue growth development.

“I worked with several large hospital corporations, managed multimillion-dollar budgets, numerous departments and staff,” Becker said. “What I bring to the House Seat for District 36 is significant experience in business planning, budget management, and strong negotiation skills.”

Outside of business, Becker runs a faith-based outreach called Leslie Becker Ministries. The online ministry covers current events, scripture study and weekly prayer conferences.

“I deeply love my country and will fight for our blood-bought freedoms,” she states on the ministry page. “I stand for life, liberty, truth, and justice and will boldly stand professing what the Word of God says about each of these tenants.”

Becker also supports the longstanding historic role of religious groups in serving society through private schools, hospitals and social welfare services. This past fall she became a board member of the faith-based public policy group Alaska Family Council, which defends traditional marriage, unborn life and religious liberty.

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Pro-life conservative challenging Ketchikan’s Ortiz for Alaska House seat

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