Older Americans

Older conservative-leaning Alaskans are invited to check out an alternative to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). On Aug. 11 the Anchorage chapter of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) will hold its first monthly meeting.

The group is a conservative organization that aims to influence voting outcomes and serve older Americans at both the national and local levels. According to Robert Coulter, who leads the Anchorage chapter of AMAC, there are about 7,000 members in Alaska, which includes a chapter in the Mat-Su.

Unlike the 38-million-member AARP, which lobbied for Obama Care and is supportive of the LGBT agenda and abortion, the 2-million-member AMAC stands for traditional values.

“AMAC believes in – and stands up for – the values that have made America so great: faith, family, and freedom,” the national website affirms. “We believe in the sanctity of our Constitution – including the First and Second Amendments. We’re fighting the good fight against reckless government spending and the ever-expanding scope of the federal government. We are pro-small business. We believe in securing our borders. We support our military and respect our veterans, and we stand for our flag.”

AMAC members enjoy access to a number of benefits, products and services, including members-only pricing on things like car insurance, a roadside assistance program, and discounts on hotels, travel, cell phone plans, dental plans and more.

The upcoming meeting in Anchorage starts at 7 p.m. on Aug. 11. It will be at the Wellspring Campus located at 2511 Sentry Drive in Anchorage.

For more information about AMAC, visit or email local organizer Robert Coulter at

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Conservative alternative to AARP preps for kick-off event in Anchorage

Joel Davidson
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