9.14 > An overridden veto

    After a salient and passionate plea not to trade one offense, namely Christian principle, for another, LGBT woke culture, the Ketchikan Borough has overridden mayor Rodney Dial’s veto of a recommendation being sent to the Alaska Legislature. Take a look…

    Jake Libbey
    Jake Libbey
    Christian, husband, father, amateur-apologist and lover of good communication, our Publisher has invested countless hours bringing the Alaska Watchman to life. Jake is responsible for operations at the Watchman, advertising, and design of the website. In partnership with our Editor-in-Chief, the content for the articles on are a product of the passion, energy and synergy between Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.

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    1. YaHoo! Too often when wishing to leave a reply or response, I can’t locate the place to post comments.
      I very much look forward to your articles. We need local news geared towards Christ based conservatives, affording us eye openers as to what is really going down in Anchorage; throughout AK. I would not have known of the LGBT agenda in FBKs/Juneau libraries; how the once healthy public systems set in place for our youth have become morally decadent,, and SOO much more such as the depraved Anchorage mayor & his pro-LGBT assembly,,,
      Your news watch & reporting are top notch. Again, thank you for being the trumpet for those who want to right be right and wrong to be called out as wrong AND TO TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTIONS for change! May God continue to expand your readership!

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