Abortion giant backs Al Gross, Alyse Galvin and 25 Alaska candidates

    The largest provider of abortions in Alaska has released its endorsements for the Nov. 3 election. An Oct. 19 email from Planned Parenthood’s Alaska Director Jessica Cler endorses candidates that will push abortion on demand, public funding of abortion, radical LGBT social causes and Obamacare.

    In addition to endorsing 25 candidates for State House and Senate, Planned Parenthood highlights four key contests it finds particularly important to advancing abortion both nationally and locally.

    • Planned Parenthood backs both U.S. Senate Candidate Al Gross and U.S. House Candidate Alyse Galvin for their commitment to support the abortion giant’s support of abortion on demand and Obamacare.
    • For House District 40, Planned Parenthood wants to see Democrat Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson defeat the politically unaffiliated Josiah “Aullaqsruaq” Patkotak. The abortion advocates say Ferguson sees abortion as “fundamentally linked to the land.”
    • In House District 27 pro-abortion advocates favor Democrat Liz Snyder in her contest against pro-life Republican Lance Pruitt. Snyder backs Planned Parenthood’s explicit sex education agenda in schools as well as the group’s abortion advocacy. They oppose Lance Pruitt because he does not believe Planned Parenthood activists should be able to  infiltrate public schools with their hyper-sexualized material and abortion propaganda.

    Below is Planned Parenthood’s complete endorsement of pro-abortion candidates


    • Al Gross


    • Alyse Galvin


    • Senate Seat B: Marna Sanford (North Pole)
    • Senate Seat H: Bill Wielechowski (Anchorage)
    • Senate Seat J: Tom Begich (Anchorage)
    • Senate Seat M: Andy Holleman (Anchorage)
    • Senate Seat N: Carl Johnson (Anchorage)


    • House District 1: Christopher Quist (Fairbanks)
    • House District 4: Grier Hopkins (Fairbanks)
    • House District 5: Adam Wool (Fairbanks)
    • House District 6: Julia Hnilicka (Healy)
    • House District 15: Lyn Franks (Anchorage)
    • House District 16: Ivy Spohnholz (Anchorage)
    • House District 17: Andy Josephson (Anchorage)
    • House District 18: Harriet Drummond (Anchorage)
    • House District 19: Geran Tarr (Anchorage)
    • House District 20: Zack Fields (Anchorage)
    • House District 21: Matt Claman (Anchorage)
    • House District 22: Stephen Trimble (Anchorage)
    • House District 24: Sue Levi (Anchorage)
    • House District 25: Calvin Schrage (Anchorage)
    • House District 27: Liz Snyder (Anchorage)
    • House District 28: Suzanne LaFrance (Anchorage)
    • House District 33: Sara Hannan (Juneau)
    • House District 35: Johnathan Kreiss Tomkins (Sitka)
    • House District 34: Andi Story (Juneau)
    • House District 38: Tiffany Zulkosky (Bethel)
    • House District 40:  Elizabeth Ferguson (Kotzebue)

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    1. Joel,
      A name on this report caught my attention. I have recently been doing research on the spread of Christianity in Alaska and found this article: “When Revival Came to the Alaskan Tundra” featuring a man who is probably the grandfather of one of the candidates mentioned, Josiah “Aullaqsruaq” Patkotak. The link to the article is Copy and paste and enjoy!

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