With roughly 135,000 absentee and early ballots counted over the past three days (and about 30,000 still left to go), the Alaska Division of Elections released their latest updates on races Thursday night. The new numbers show Ballot Measure 2 (aka ranked-choice voting) winning by 497 votes.

The latest numbers also indicate continued steady gains for Democrats, especially in State House contests, where they now appear poised to gain six seats. Another three House seats are razor close with Republican David Nelson clinging to a 51.1% to 48.6% lead over liberal Democrat Lyn Franks, Republican Lance Pruitt holding a 50.2% to 49.5% lead over Democrat Liz Snyder, and Republican James Kaufman holding a 49.7% to 46.1% advantage over Democrat Suzanne LaFrance. If Democrats win these three races, they will have a 21-19 majority in the State House.

Here’s where things stand as of Nov. 13.


Trump/ Pence: 173,233 (53.2%)

Biden/ Harris: 138,070 (42.4%)


Dan Sullivan: 174,792 (54.3%)

Al Gross: 131,627 (40.8%)


Don Young: 175,436 (54.7%)

Alyse Galvin: 144,188 (44.9%)


Yes: 131,825 (41.9%)

No: 182,225 (58%)

BALLOT MEASURE 2 (Ranked-Choice voting)

Yes: 156,991 (50%)

No: 156,494 (49.9%)


Editor’s note: Republicans lead 8 of 11 races which would allow them to maintain a 11-9 majority in the Senate

District B: Republican Robert Myers (57%) leads Marna Sanford  (37%)

District D: Republican David Wilson (69.3%) leads Democrat Thomas Lamb (14.3%)

District F: Republican Shelley Hughes (71.4%) leads Democrat Jim Cooper (23.6%)

District H: Democrat Bill Wielechowski (57.6%) leads Republican Madeleine Gaiser (42.2%)

District J: Democrat Tom Begich wins unopposed

District L: Republican Natasha von Imhof (59.7%) leads Democrat Roselynn Cacy (39.2%)

District M: Republican Josh Revak (57.5%) leads non-affiliated Andy Holleman (42.1%)

District N: Republican Roger Holland (49.8%) leads Democrat Carl Johnson (45.6%)

District P: Republican Gary Stevens leads (64.6%) AK Independent Greg Madden (34.9%)

District R: Republican Bert Stedman wins unopposed

District T: Democrat Donny Olson (64.8%) leads Republican Thomas Baker (34.3%)


Editor’s note: Republicans are winning 22 of 40 House seats, which would reduce their ranks by six, while still giving them a 22-18 majority.

District 1: Republican Bart Lebon (55.2%) leads Democrat Christopher Quist (44.4%)

District 2: Republican Steve Thompson (69.7%) leads Democrat Jeremiah Youmans (29.8%)

District 3: Republican Mike Prax wins unopposed

District 4: Democrat Grier Hopkins (54%) leads Republican Keith Kurber (45.7%)

District 5: Democrat Adam Wool (52.7%) leads Republican Kevin McKinley (47%)

District 6: Republican Mike Cronk (56.1%) leads Democrat Julia Hnilicka (30%)

District 7: Republican Christopher Kurka (73.8%) leads non-affiliated Jamin Burton (25.6%)

District 8: Republican Kevin McCabe (81.4%) leads Democrat Alma Hartley (18.1%)

District 9: Republican George Rauscher (72.1%) leads Democrat Bill Johnson (27.2%)

District 10: Republican David Eastman (73.6%) leads Democrat Monica Stein-Olson (25.9%)

District 11: Republican DeLena Johnson (74.1%) leads Democrat Andrea Hackbarth (25.6%)

District 12: Republican Cathy Tilton wins unopposed

District 13: Republican Ken McCarty (67.5%) leads Democrat James Canitz (32.1%)

District 14: Republican Kelly Merrick (71.1%) leads non-affiliated Mike Risinger (28.5%)

District 15: Republican David Nelson (51.1%) leads Democrat Lyn Franks (48.6%)

District 16: Democrat Ivy Spohnholz (53%) leads Republican Paul Bauer (40.6%)

District 17: Democrat Andy Josephson wins unopposed

District 18: Democrat Harriet Drummond wins unopposed

District 19: Democrat Geran Tarr wins unopposed

District 20: Democrat Zack Fields wins unopposed

District 21: Democrat Matt Claman (61.3%) leads Republican Lynette Largent (38.3%)

District 22: Republican Sara Rasmussen (55%) leads non-affiliated Stephen Trimble (29.3%)

District 23: Democrat Chris Tuck (47.4%) leads Republican Kathy Henslee (43.5%)

District 24: Republican Tom McKay (56.1.7%) leads Democrat Sue Levi (43.5%)

District 25: Democrat Calvin Schrage (52.1%) leads Republican Mel Gillis (47.7%)

District 26:  Republican Laddie Shaw wins unopposed

District 27: Republican Lance Pruitt (50.2%) leads Democrat Liz Snyder (49.5%)

District 28: Republican James Kaufman (49.7%) leads Democrat Suzanne LaFrance (46.1%)

District 29: Republican Benjamin Carpenter (65.6%) leads non-affiliated Paul Dale (34.1%)

District 30: Republican Ron Gillham (62.3%) leads non-affiliated James Baisden (36.1%)

District 31: Republican Sarah Vance (53.9%) leads non-affiliated Kelly Cooper (45.8%)

District 32: Republican Louise Stutes wins unopposed

District 33: Democrat Sara Hannan wins unopposed

District 34: Democrat Andi Story (62%) leads non-affiliated Ed King (37.4%)

District 35: Democrat Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (59.2%) leads Republican Kenny Skaflestad (40.3%)

District 36: Democrat Dan Ortiz (55.5%) leads Republican Leslie Becker (43.8%)

District 37: Democrat Bryce Edgmon wins unopposed

District 38: Democrat Tiffany Zulkosky (59%) leads non-affiliated Willy Keppel (40.2%)

District 39: Democrat Neal Foster (63.2%) leads Republican Dan Holmes (17.7%)

District 40: Non-affiliated Josiah Patkotak (51.7) leads Elizabeth Ferguson (47.9%)

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ELECTION UPDATE: Alaska Democrats gaining fast in latest absentee ballot tally

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