Emergency alarms suddenly blared from smart phones across Alaska just before 10 a.m. on Nov. 12 to announce an ominous video message from Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

His three-minute YouTube video warned residents that COVID is spreading rapidly across Alaska and suggested that immediate action must be taken while there are still voluntary options.

Dunleavy, who is being pressured by Anchorage’s acting mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson and some in the medical community to issue a statewide mask mandate, argued that first responders and medical providers had to be protected from sickness so they can perform their duties. He did not, however, provide data on the level of sickness in those professions.

My job as governor is not to tell you how to live your life.

Gov. Dunleavy

In addition to reminding Alaskans that his new 30-day emergency declaration goes into effect on Nov. 16, he revealed a new order stating that “masks and distancing are mandatory at state work sites for employees and visitors alike.”

The governor asked Alaskans to “sacrifice a little more” until the end of November.

“If you own a business that can operate remotely, send your employees home,” he said. “I’m urging municipalities to take similar action and protect your workforce and your communities.”

Dunleavy then encouraged Alaskans to order food and services via curbside if possible.

“If we are going to keep our hospitals running and businesses open, all Alaskans must return to the same mindset that worked so well this past spring,” he said. “We know from experience that distance is the primary tool that works in the battle against this virus. Please stay six feet apart from all non-household members. If you cannot do that. If you cannot stay six feet apart, I’m asking everyone to wear a mask in any and every setting.”

With regards to the holiday season in which many people hold celebrations with family and friends, the governor urged Alaskans to “celebrate differently.”

We must act now while we still have choices.

Gov. Dunleavy

“My job as governor is not to tell you how to live your life,” he said. “My job is to ensure the security and safety of Alaska. I can’t do that without your help.”

The end of the address included an ominous warning of future actions if Alaskans are unable to slow the spread of COVID.

“If we can buy time for our critical workers, if we can keep our systems operational, we can avoid being forced to take further action,” Dunleavy stated. “But if we cannot reduce the spread of this virus, we reduce our future options for how to proceed.”

“No matter what you believe about the virus, the facts are the facts,” he added. “Hospitalizations and sick health care workers are reaching untenable levels. We must act now while we still have choices.”


With an overall population of 731,00 residents, Alaska currently has 14,080 active COVID cases with just 100 of those hospitalized. The state reports that nearly 845,000 COVID tests (which is not a count of unique individuals) have been conducted so far this year and that COVID patients make up 11% of total hospitalizations.

Overall, the number of excess deaths in Alaska are just slightly higher than the three-year average from 2017 to 2019. In 2020, Alaska has seen 180 more deaths than the three-year average. Most of those are due to heart disease (33 above the average), diabetes (28 above the average), and cancer (14 above average). Total COVID related deaths in Alaska stand at 90.

In terms of hospital capacity, the state reports the following data.

  • In-patient beds available: 419 out of 1,200
  • ICU beds available: 67 out of 213
  • Ventilators available: 350 out of 380

Governor warns Alaska to voluntarily mask up before he is ‘forced to take further action’

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    Here we go again. Listen to your king or i will take away your rights. I swear every politician is in on this scam. Wear your face diaper or else! I guess immune systems don’t exist anymore. I guess king dunlevy knows better than I do what’s best for me. Must we remind you governer that 99 percent of all people infected eventually recover on their own. How much money in globalist kickbacks have you recieved this year mike?

  • Lobomalo says:

    I have been a supporter of Dunleavy. I won’t vote for a democrat challenger, but if this is the direction he chooses, I will vote for a republican challenger.

  • FedUp says:

    This blatant fear mongering is sickening. What is wrong with this guy? Glad I’m leaving for South Dakota soon, no panic, shutdowns, or mask bs there. Read the Barrington declaration, the science is not on the side of the left or our supposedly republican governor.

    So much for Alaska being a red state. Sick of the cowardly public accepting all of this.

  • Mongo love candy says:

    The only reason to do what he did was to stoke fear, irrational fear. The question is; To what ends?

  • Wake Up says:

    You all need to visit the hospitals
    Get a clue
    Talk to nurses and doctors
    This isn’t political
    It’s about public safety

    • Christine Hutchison says:

      Will Vote other than dunleavy; Hope the rank choice voting will give options. But then again I may never vote again!!!

    • FullyAwake says:

      Just talked to a nurse at a main Anchorage hospital, so I have. Majority of patients there are not in emergent condition, no reason for them to be there, beds not even full, because this isn’t even close to life threatening for the MAJORITY of people. People get sick. Our bodies fight the disease and build natural immunity for next time, just like it’s created to do. We move on. Why are we treating this so differently?

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    The only way people will learn is when people they love die.
    You’ll survive most likely but when the hospitals fill up and you can’t breathe at least your dying breath will be “thank god I never wore a mask”

  • CK says:

    I’ve talked to multiple drs and nurses and none of them are worried about covid-19…it does not seem to be a consistent answer from the medical community

  • FedUp says:

    Please educate yourself and read the Barrington declaration or America’s Frontline Doctors first hand accounts. Shutdowns and masks do not work and make it worse. Our governor is not following the science, this is purely political.

    Why is our supposed Republican governor following tactics from other blue states?

    • Christine Hutchison says:

      Because he is spineless. There is a woman in South Dakota with more spine than Dunleavy

    • Juanita Young says:

      I think Mike is a good governor!…I’ve sure seen a lot worse in my 55 yrs in Alaska….I think he is grossly uninformed…..he is listening to the fake news and the blue state people….go to Dr. Mercola’s website….and listen how these tests are so inaccurate…..this whole thing is a big ‘cash cow’ for the medical industry….you can be recovered from a normal cold and 6 months later show a ‘positive’ for these covid-19 tests….it is non-sense… need to get it and get it over with….the majority are not going to die and there are simple home remedies that work…..much cheaper and without side effects……watch Mercola’s website….he has many very good drs. who treat their patients with home remedies….and they work…..if you build up your immune system you are not going to get sick…..I have dealt with this Wuhan virus stuff for 9 months….and have NOT gotten sick….and I am 80 yrs old…..fear is a terrible thing….and not searching for alternatives and educating yourself is worse….

  • Alaskan Voter says:

    Sorry Governor you do not have the Consitutional Authority to tell me to wear a mask. As soon as people realize that the government officials work for us and we are not their Royal Subjects. The Power given to the government is by the People and we can take it way very easily.

  • Roy Daniels says:

    this fear of covid is used to openly violate the Constitutional rights of citizens. if allowed to continue, it will then be covid 21 and you will have no rights at all. the Bible KJV 1611 says Fear not 365 times.evil gets power from fear, so fear not.

  • Juanita Young says:

    this lockdown and masks do absolutely nothing to stop this virus….it is causing far more damage then it is stopping or curing anything… has caused many suicides
    and needless deaths by restricting needed medical care for other issues…..fear fear fear… is the New World Order elites taking control of your lives… is the democrats=socialist=Marxist=communist taking control of your lives….and making you slaves to their agenda…..we are Alaskans…..look for healthy alternatives and live a healthy lifestyle……that means stop taking street drugs….doing stupid non-productive nonsense……get a job…. be a good employee and take care of your family and put God back in the center of your family and your life….life and LOVE just work a whole lot better when God is in control……

    • Geri says:

      Ok Juanita….perhaps you should run for governor….I’d vote for you. You sound like a feisty, strong woman. I like that! May God bless us and have mercy.

  • Mature Adult says:

    How many of you anti-maskers wear fucking seat belts ? God damn you act like a piece fabric is a fucking shackle – grow up

    Tin foil hat hicks

    • Wtnss says:

      Sieg heil dösig für sich @imatureadult.. are you the mask cheerleader?!? Wow.. can you teach us how to be awesome like you!! Are you a transvestite is that why your so pro mask.!?! or are you jus a dude who is a bitch but identifies as a mature adult..?? So many questions, so little time..
      Stop believing the propaganda!! So did the covid cure the flu..? what happened to the flu, is all flu now the covid plague..!?! Believe this, when a real pandemic comes along we would need a bubbleboy suit to survive. The paper/cloth mask does nothing! At least 90-95% of people in anch wear the masks and follow the rules so now there’s another outbreak all of a sudden.. conveniently when normal flu season happens.. again..! don’t have to be a scientist to see the masks and mandates don’t stop the flu, covid, I mean plague! Just observations..! But jus obey, they know what’s best… it’s for safety you say.. and this is exactly the problem, this freedom we have, to believe in wearing a mask or not is a wonderful thing and we are free to wear a mask unopposed or not wear a mask.. because I believe a paper mask does nothing but make people look like fools I will not be forced to wear the muzzle of shame.. so when a real plague does actually happen It’d be a good idea to have canaries around and a full face respirator on hand.. not some Jinky bandito mask! Because if all we have is some Jinky paper mask when a real plague hits we’re done. but when an already struggling people are shamed, threatened with fines, forced to shut down there business/means of survival and possibly go to jail all in the name of safety, causing people to struggle even more! Forcing different beliefs upon those who don’t believe the same is literally heading in the same direction the inquisition was when they were persecuting christians.. this is not freedom but is the socialist, fascist, bolshevism that leads people to the gulag and eventually inquisition agenda.. essentially… the bad guys have been here for a while now, they can’t stand us pesky christians with our bibles, our guns and our freedom, the bad guys aren’t hiding anymore and they’re selling lies to destroy our country…! Sadly many people are buyin :\ now is a good time to snap out of it people!!!!!

  • Bree Boudreau says: