On election night it looked as if a red wave would increase Republican control of the Alaska House and Senate. Not only were conservative candidates winning, Ballot Measures 1 and 2, backed by millions of dollars from liberal outside sources, were also losing.

Much of this has changed over the past two weeks as the state tallied more than 160,000 absentee ballots. As daily results came out each evening, Democrats have made massive gains. In some cases, they overturned impressive Republican leads. And Ballot Measure 2, which would fundamentally alter Alaska’s election system, is now ahead by more than 3,300 votes after being down by some 14,000 votes on election night.

A number of conservatives have raised questions about why these races swung so strongly in favor of Democrats and liberal causes. Some of this was expected due to the fact that Democrats spent a lot of time and effort encouraging supporters to vote early, absentee and by mail. Several national studies also indicated that Democrats were more fearful of contracting COVID than their Republican counterparts and thus less likely to vote in person on election day.

Despite these dynamics, many state Republicans have voiced concern over the massive blue tide that overwhelmed their leads.

Some of the races that swung most dramatically in Democrats’ favor include the following. These numbers compare election night to results posted by the Division of Elections on Nov. 17.

  • Senate District H: After leading by 4%, Republican Madeleine Gaiser is down 16% to Democrat Bill Wielechowski.
  • House District 4: After leading by 8%, Republican Keith Kurber is down 8% to Democrat Grier Hopkins.
  • House District 5: After leading by 8%, Republican Kevin McKinley is down 6% to Democrat Adam Wool.
  • House District 15: After leading by 16%, Republican David Nelson is up by just 1.8% over Democrat Lyn Franks.
  • House District 21: After leading by 2%, Republican Lynette Largent is down by 23% to Democrat Matt Claman.
  • House District 23: After leading by 14%, Republican Kathy Henslee is down by nearly 5% to Democrat Chris Tuck.
  • House District 25: After leading by 18%, Republican Mel Gillis is down 4.4% to Democrat Calvin Schrage.
  • House District 27: After leading by 23%, Republican Lance Pruitt is down by 0.1% to Democrat Liz Snyder.
  • House District 28: After leading by 26%, Republican James Kaufman is only up only 3.7% to Democrat Suzanne LaFrance.
  • House District 35: After leading by 4%, Republican Kenny Skaflestad is down nearly 18% to Democrat Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins.

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A look at how Alaska’s red tide sunk into a blue lagoon

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Mongo Like Candy says:

    It’s because they gathered mail-in ballots for those no longer living in the State and those just plain no longer living.

  • Dave Hall says:

    Voters Abroad, Military and Overseas Americans have doubled their voting numbers this year from four years ago. That is because groups like Democrats Abroad have worked hard to get out the vote. Also, those of us living abroad know how important American leadership is and Biden will ensure that America supports its allies and rejects dictators like Trump’s friend in North Korea and Putin of Russia.

    • Zip says:

      Bull roar.. complete socialist propaganda to justify the fraud.

      • Lee Wilson says:

        There you are soldier, on the “front lines” in Okinawa. Let me see…. a loser who had little odds of making it in the real world who joined the military to muddle your way Through life on the taxpayers dole. A “useful idiot” is how Stalin would describe you. Not defending schite for the people paying your check. You get the government you vote for Comrade.

      • CJ ROOK says:

        You just crossed the line and lost a lot of cred, you jerk. No matter what your political beliefs, he has the right to vote however he sees fit. When you attack one service member, you attack us all. You don’t want to poke that bear. And yes, I am a die hard conservative and a useful idiot. I defended your right to sound like an inbred jackass to my Army brother.

      • Lee Wilson says:

        Yup, I assume a lot based on your original statement. How much did I get right? 40 percent?
        I’ve been paying for the MIC for more than 50 years. What has the Military Intelligence accomplished? 19 years of lost soldiers lives and fortune in Afghanistan for one. I trusted that the leaders of this country and the greatest military force in history had the knowledge to get it right. Well, that has not worked out very well. Trump hasn’t started a war and he sure has whipped the shit out of Obamas “B team” hasn’t he soldier? Now we are pulling out of that Afghan shithole and If I were you, unless your are of a certain antisocial proclivity, I would be happy for my country and my brethren. Biden will get you back into it soon enough if the crooked bastard and Willies whore steal the election. Semper Fi.

      • Lee Wilson says:

        Hey CJ, Here is my take on all military being above criticism. I witnessed a planned gang rape in progress and risked my life to save the girl. Who were the perps? A crew of our “best” off of Ft. Rich. It was 50 yr old me against 5 young bucks and my 308 and 870 were at home in the locker. I DD’d out of there. They swept the drugged drink out before Officers arrived and the worthless military pricks dodged the bullets that should have ended their illustrious military careers. Probably continuing to drug and rape innocents. JUST BECAUSE YOU ENLIST, DOES NOT AN ANGEL OR SAINT MAKE YOU. IN USEFUL IDIOCY Sir. As Vlad Lenin called that type.

    • Reinhart says:

      I live overseas and know how important American leadership is and Biden is the last American I would give MY vote to. And I did NOT give him my vote. I wont vote for the likes of him until after I am dead.
      For the record, no military man I spoke to, and it is a great number, voted Biden or the liberal anti-American ticket.

  • FedUP says:

    If you keep letting the leftist commies control the vote counting and letting them get away with every type of vote fraud under the sun then you deserve the leftist hellhole that they will quickly usher in.

    This will not change until the leftists are purged from all levels of the bureaucracy.

  • Johnny Furlong says:

    Why would federal ticket final tally be 2 to 1 Republican, but in the state they are being creamed by the Democrats?

    Witness signature law on absentee ballots was illegally waived by commie judge Carney…

    What is being done about these ballots?

    This wreaks of dubious actions.

    Where is our Governor?

    Where is our AG?

    Where is the Inspector General the Governor said he was going to get?

    What can I do besides call my Reps?

  • Deathray says:

    This is what is going to happen when we the people accept these machines and mail in ballots. We’re wittiness to the theft of the Republic and watching it happen with own eyes.

  • Reinhart says:

    The experienced cheaters know just how much to cheat.
    Some ask, “If it was cheating, why did some places still have Democrat losses?
    For the same reason a college cheat only cheats in the classes needed. If she is doing well, no need to cheat, likewise, if the class does not influence her graduation. If another trick will work, like wearing her California Bedroom Slippers into the professor’s office twice a month works, no need to cheat in that class.
    We know from Both Ms. Biden’s public records and Kamala Harris’s private records that both of these candidates have been…candid dates…they never failed to disappoint! In short, they are short and experienced cheats.

  • Mike States says:

    Alaska needs a total revamp of elections. With Meyer in charge, kind of doubt that happens. We need a hand recount of this election. Who will lead the way and call for one? It will be the leader who wants to run against Murky, Young or Dunleavy (unless he gets his butt in gear) in 2022. Who will that be? Any leaders left around here?

  • Alaskan Voter says:

    Two simple words VOTER FRAUD