On the eve of a month-long citywide lockdown mandate, Anchorage residents will circle the wagons around city hall for a “rolling protest against tyranny.”

The event is just the latest in a series of peaceful protests and rallies that have swept across the city this year in response to mandates that have devastated local businesses. The latest mandate, which takes effect on Dec. 1, will once again shutter Anchorage restaurants, bars and breweries to all indoor services. It also completely closes movie theaters, bingo halls and entertainment venues, while banning organized sports and severely restricting most other businesses at a time when many finally begin to turn a profit.

On Nov. 30 Anchorage residents will drive their vehicles in a loop around city hall (632 W. 6th Ave.). Participants are encouraged to bring flags and signs.

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Anchorage to rally ‘against tyranny’ on eve of lockdown

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Kathrine says:

    Notice that we are in such a “crisis” that we have to implement “emergency” measures…but we have time to wait to start implementation until after Black Friday.

  • joe smith says:

    is the cure worst then C19 ??????????

  • Verne Rupright says:


  • Thomas Laret Jr says:

    What time is the event?

  • CryptoPatriot says:

    The time for a peaceful solution passed months ago. Now it’s time for defiance and a revolt. Your peaceful protests are just being laughed at you cowards.

    The 2A isn’t so your gun rack looks pretty… it is to be used as a last resort against tyranny. Well guess what, tyrants have corrupted our elections and entrenched themselves in power and now rule over every aspect of your lives. If you won’t fight now, when will you?

  • Jim Scott says:

    This accidental mayor and Assembly are a greater threat to our very lives than any virus. A Constitutional virus. A GENUINE crisis. They are derelict to their oath to uphold the ideals of the US Constitution: Individual liberty, NOT collectivist tripe that can mutated to fit any convenient crisis-for-power scheme. These people believe these ideals are ‘quaint traditions’ and ‘outmoded behavioral models’. ‘Safety’ – however they choose to define it for this particular crisis syllabus – is justification to shelf the individuals rights and defer totally to unelected, historically error riddled, notoriously vacillating ‘scientists’ (oft confused with ‘science’ because of the etymological association) who couldn’t care less about constitutional ideals. ‘Theory’ has usurped observation and been given arbitrary status above the thing that established and sustained this country. The thought of people to determine their own risk, as it is everyday you get in a car and drive, doesn’t ELUDE them, it runs against the elitist grain that allured them to where they are in the first place. Controlling people, parenting them, is a visceral high. Like aspiring to a higher being status. Their inability to restrain the, seemingly ‘innate’ tendency (egregiously rampant among Democrats) to react toward ‘taking’ something from the masses ‘for their own good’ is evidence. This entire reaction is a maneuver from the CCP playbook. The Chinese people have, for generations, been habituated into ‘COMPLAINT’ behavior. THAT is, in part, what is at the core of this script – and I certainly don’t believe this Assembly is far enough up the chain of authority or political awareness to even be conscious of this, but just be obedient minions to the ends. COMPLY OR STARVE. COMPLY OR SUFFER. COMPLY OR DIE. Still too early in the behavioral conditioning phase for these doors signs. And still too many ‘resistors’. This is nothing less than SIEGE.

    Political party MUST be included in future ballots. Removing that in the name of whimsical ‘unity’ diatribe was intended ONLY to divert votes from those who wont vote D. Recent history demonstrates the horrid success of that manipulative tactic.

  • Morgan Blakeman says:

    People need to Fight for their right or soon loose them! These politicians are evil scumbags and will stop at nothing unless We the People stop them NOW !!!

  • Rhonda Stark says:

    Ok, every rally that has this far occurred has been weak, with only a few hundred attending. Communication is essential and word must be spread and the numbers need to be 1000’s not hundreds. Roads need to be gridlocked, doors need to be blocked by crowds, the rally needs to be noticed. There does not need to be violence. Letter writing submitted via fax and email also needs to happen. The assembly members need to be buried in reams of paper to where they cannot ignore. I have done this before snd from my perspective Facebook has destroyed activism as you, we, all hide behind our monikers and type little short sentences complaining but do not thing significant.

    Go to the rally. Forward this article to as many people as you know and tell them to be there. Do list on Facebook but for purpose of informing of event and tell people to get into their cars to attend! We have become complacent and lazy. I will be driving in from Hatcher Pass to rally next to my Anchorage neighbors. And no, we don’t need to act like Portland Oregon Anarchists, but we do need to be present. GO!

    • Jeff Salinger says:

      Right! Any ambulances want to get through, they have to go around. And if the police try to stop us, they’ll have to kill us!

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    I’m totally there ! Been feeling a little sick lately but it’s winter, but I’m there and I can’t wait to meet all my fellow patriots – hell with masks !

  • Rhonda Stark says:

    Attending these rallies is important but physical letter writing also will have impact. Even a simple letter stating a few reasons to lift the lockdown. Alaska Watchman posted another article about recommendations from Anchorage medical professionals that is very helpful for taking action. If you haven’t read it, do. Here is the link.
    Here also is a link to all the assembly contacts on one page. Fax letters written to the assembly members to the clerk’s fax number, which is on the page. Ideally a letter for each assembly member. Bury them in faxes – it won’t go unnoticed. Then also email those letters. It will though take volume. Here is the contact link.