“The Day of Reckoning” is headed to Anchorage on Saturday, Dec. 19, when Alaskans plan to flood Anchorage businesses that have been severely crippled  by the citywide lockdown. The planned event in direct response to Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson’s emergency COVID mandates that have destroyed much of the local economy.

Save Anchorage, which boasts more than 9,000 Facebook followers, is promoting the event on their site with a rolling countdown to Dec. 19.

“Support small businesses being affected by the tyrannical shutdown,” a notice states.

The goal is to support all local businesses that are willing to open in whatever capacity. There’s not much more information than that, as some business owners may be putting their livelihoods on the line by opening up. People are being encouraged to approach Dec. 19 as a scavenger hunt to find and back business owners who are attempting to stay above water financially.

Anchorage is currently under shutdown orders that include the shuttering of all in-door service for bars, restaurants, diners and other eating establishments. It also completely closes theaters, bowling allies and entertainment venues, while allowing day cares and day camps to operate at full capacity. Most other businesses must limit customers to 25% of the building’s capacity.

Quinn-Davidson’s order also severely limits gatherings, both private and public, and requires religious groups to operate at 50% capacity.

An organized rally is set for the same day. It begins just outside Palmer starting 2 p.m. at the park and ride parking lot on Trunk Road (across from Mat-Su Regional Hospital). From there participants will drive to Anchorage to patronize restaurants and area shops.

“’We the People’ stand with all those business owners and employees who are barely hanging on,” a notice for the rally states. “We hear you and we are going to continue to fight for you!”

Another event Saturday is for those who oppose the direction Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera has taken the city by empowering the acting mayor to continue shutting down the economy. Residents who live in Assembly District 4 can sign a petition to recall Rivera at Duane’s Antique Shop (1233 E. 76th Ave.) between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

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Alaskans to rally behind Anchorage businesses that open Dec. 19

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    Hope it’s a mask less rally
    Although might be a problem
    Can you support local businesses when paying massive hospital bills, or paying for a funeral or dead ?

    • A Constitutionalist says:

      There’s a 99.98% chance you’ll survive. Hell you most likely won’t require hospitalization either. Don’t try to blow the China Virus situation out of proportion. We know who it affects most, yet we still continue this lunacy on the entire city. If you’re scared, take precautions, but let the rest life a normal life.

      • Rights & Freedoms says:

        Mmmmm….. Asinine type of comment “We all know who it affects.” Well let me make sure I find out who you are so I can cough all over you and your sorry a$$ family. I’ll make sure I exercise my 2nd amendment right and come bearing arms!

      • Censored907 says:

        For a user name like “Rights & Freedoms” you seem to be against them both. You’re the type of person who made the School District ban all children from bringing peanut butter in their lunches because 2 of the 1200 kids had an allergic reaction to it. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC and educate yourself. You can be a coward all you want by giving up your freedoms for imaginary safety but leave the rest of us alone. BTW Trump is still your POTUS!

      • Censored907 says:

        Thank you!

    • Censored907 says:

      Good news….flu deaths are down by 86% this year! So are heart attacks, strokes, and asthma. Meanwhile hospitals get 13G for every covid related patient and 37G for anyone they put on a ventilator. Thats not an incentive or anything.

  • William Janssen says:

    Screw this fake Pandemic and Fakenews mask propoganda crap they can shove their Vaccines where the sun don’t shine not taking one in my arm or behind

  • Shane says:

    Great article support Alaskans not the tryanny, I won’t wear a musk to support the LIE!!!

  • Jani Goodman says:

    Small businesses mean fewer people inside at one time vs big box stores. Means less contact and less risk to catch a virus with 99.6% recovery rate. Right?