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Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young in condemning the actions of some protesters who broke through barricades and entered the U.S. Capital building as Congress was debating the merits of the Electoral College votes.

“The dangerous and destructive activity at the Capitol is continuing to unfold,” Murkowski said in a released statement. “I, along with other members of the Senate, are secure but the situation is clearly not safe. It is truly mob rule at the moment. My prayers are with the officers that are protecting and defending and who have gone down. Mr. President, tell your supporters to stop the violence. Stop the assault. Now.”

Earlier in the day President Trump released a video asking protesters to go home in peace. He did, however, acknowledge their anger and hurt by a “fraudulent election” which he said, “was stolen from us.”

“It’s a very tough period of time where such a thing happened – where they could take it away from all of us. From me, from you, from our country,” the president added.

A massive crowd of tens of thousands took part in a peaceful rally and march earlier in the day, with President Trump addressing the crowd before the march began. It is unclear who the violent protesters were at the Capital building, or which groups they were affiliated with.

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Murkowski on D.C. protests: ‘It is truly mob rule at the moment’

Joel Davidson
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